Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Happy Chinese New Year to my family and all my friends! It has been a great 1 week for me in Melaka.. although this post came in a lil late.. on the ..11th day of chinese new year, but hey! it's still cny wat!

This year economy crisis.. ang pow alot lesser than any years before. I took leave the entire week thus, not getting angpow from customers in the bank. Loosing perhaps bout RM70-100. geezz.. i collected like RM40 in these 2 days only while my senior collected like RM500. *geez*

Had a good time on the 2nd and 3rd day of CNY. Spend my 2nd day with my mum's side, always a better way of spending chinese new year.. which really felt like CNY.. coz my dad's side will never celebrate cny the way that's .. like a thing to celebrate. It's just like another day with more deco at home. It's a lil' boring, well.. not a lil.. but VERY. Mum's side's always the best. :)

Had open house at Siewharong's place.. with DIY satay celup and had a small gambling session after dat.. made me loose bout rm4 which turned out that allen won rm4.. so, he telan-ed my money and midz menang RM23, penelan terbesar.

Celebrated the next day with allen, glenn, and the gbs flers.. some i kenal, some i tak kenal.. thus.. the conversation took part like this when i stepped into their houses;
Hi! Happy Chinese New Year! I am Stella!
Sounded embarassing tho! Like muka tak malu come collect angpow! lol! Anyway.. we had laksa at glenn's place, we had shepherd pie and tortillas at collin's place.. and found out that Collin was an ex-PFC with HLBB, left the co after 2 mths coz it sucked. *lol* at least i had someone who understands my feelings! haha.

Other den dat.. it's all lepaking.. and visiting few close fren's houses. And, oh yah! I got bitten by ching's dog.. CHESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Grrrrrrr* isk!
Monday morning.. left home bout 5.45am.. picked up Kee and officially left mlk at 6am, heading straight to work, and lemah like a donkey.
And now, blogging coz too bored and waiting for time to sleep! *lol*
Good nite all!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007


My latest and most recent trip was to langkawi. It was suppose to be a small alpha gang gathering.. which suppose to consist of 5 of us.. but one juz crawled to singapore.. so no news. So, it was me, weilee, tat and melia flying off to langkawi on our air asia fight.

Trip was good, was fun, was chocolatish, was alcoholicish, and definitely seafoodish. we had seafood 2 nites in a row. Thanks to the crazy piggie fishie *glub glub* Piggie actually thought she has reunited with her bros n sis in the sea of langkawi, eventually then, thought herself should have been a fish by nature instead of a pig. But somehow, she possess more of a piggie's characteristic den a fish. She sleeps like a pig is a major comparison there. Fishes.. erhm.. they sleep too.. but with their eyes open and I really dont think they are comparable to the original piggie. Well, if piggie fishies feels home, be it, we shall let her be happy with the fishes. As quoted,
"Been there, saw it...Glub Glub"

We rented a Wira for 3 days for RM140, quite a good deal.. and RM30 brought us around n lots places. Reached and wallop Chang Beer which cost dirt cheap which i can't finish. It's warm beer man! Chilled beer oso i kenot finish, ask me to drink warm beer. geez.

Our first seafood night was accompanied with few cans of tiger and carlsberg. That effect on me only took about half to 3/4 a can of TIGER. I'm useless, i know. It's a good thing! :p

We went snorkelling the next day.. spend a day at Pulau Payar.. was a marine park.. lots n lots of fishes.. who were trying to bite us while we snorkelled! Thank God the sharks didn't come after us, with me having a open wound on my leg thanks to the damn coral. The corals weren't beautiful too. The water was dirty and I paid rm110 for dat. But, at least it was fun. I managed to overcome my fear better den Phuket time. Phuket.. i was shit scared!

Image Hosted by

The 2nd night was after the snorkelling trip which me n melia was obviosly over burnt. And that was after our seafood again.. while waiting for our 1 n half hour pizza to get ready.

The cable car was awesome! This was taken on the high bridge there.. swinging a lil due to some engineering n physic thingy involved.

Image Hosted by

It was definitely a hard way to climb down and climb up the steps in order to get to the bridge. But it was all worthwhile. :)

Image Hosted by

Taken near Awana Porto Malai.. very very beautiful and the sun was burning hot. killing my skin even more after the sun burnt dat i had on the previous day.

Image Hosted by

And that's all folks. We are back to KL.. working and suffering. :(

Oh yeah,... and not to forget Piggie Fishie's abstract photo.

Image Hosted by

Very the abstract la konon. I do better abstract photos okay! fishes has fins only :p wait, but i have wings and legs. heh!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I just got my new baby on last Friday, with my dad inspecting the car while me working hard in hong leong bank.. konon, forced to. My car is white as i really really wanted. Even tho people adviced me on the problems i will face, i mati-mati also wanted white. *hehe* i've got nobody else to blame now but me. The car is.. FREAKING HARD TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN THE CLEALINESS!!!!!! I just drove the car like the 4th day today.. Got a lil' rain yesterday.. and foooo wahh.. this morning.. the car like.. white with black patches around. =( damn senang dikotorkan man. But still, it's my current baby at the moment. At least I dont need to hear tikus sound radio in my saga, I dont have to worry if the car can't start everywehre I go now, unlike the saga days. But, myvi is not as powerful as I thought. The pick up is kinda slow and not much of energy. My saga has more power to say, even tho it is like 17 years old. :) Been a very very good car and trully a tong besi. Damn hard and solid body. Myvi? I dunno and I don't wanna know. :) Here's me posing with my car.

*with the courtesy of Amelia taking pics of my baby.