Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fucking pissed

I didn't have my pc on for awhile due to craziness of it. And today it happens to work and i happen to go to the usual sites that I visit some time ago and I happen to see some topics which I am not pleased to see. I don't know why but I am fucking pissed, I AM. Over yet? Not too sure.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The 'Bang'

I was on leave on last Friday. Thinking nothing much to do.. mights well juz go out n have a drink on thursday nite. It was after gym that i went for dinner with wee nee. Then back to her apartment coz she wanted to changed before meeting Nick and Daniel for yam char session in Bangsar. It was bout 12.15am when i drove out of Phase 5 of Pantai Hill Park. And went down the straight ONE WAY road. bout 40kph. Then, came this idiot who turned out from Phase 6 i think the place is.. without even bothering looking if there was a car coming. I wasn't able to break on time, adding to it, i was coming at 40 and it was a downslope and it was raining a lil bit, road was wet. Then... *BANG* there goes my baby saga. The fucked up lady driver driving the fucking stupid limited edition wira juz couldnt care less to stop and look! *damnit* Banged my right side headlamps and side lamps.. and dragged all the way to my door, next to me.And the idiot instead of straightening her wheels and reverse so that i can move front. She juz reversed without straightening and then bang more on my back door and side. FUCKING STUPID ISN'T SHE??? All i could do was to wind down the windows and talked to her. I TALKED, NOT SCREAMED. So not me 2 years back. I would have screened down and start screaming. She was like.. hey u were coming so fast.. bla bla.. and i was like..
"hello, miss, this is a straight 1 way road. No matter if i'm coming fast or
slow, u've gotta like look before turning out!" and she went like " hey, it's
not my fault. We go to the police station, fair k?"

in my mind, i was like.. this fler an idiot or wat? kinda obvious it was her fault. She wants the balai, the balai will be then.
We met at the balai after i waited for nick, daniel and richard to come over. Thank God they were there with me. Wee Nee and I were both like.. shite! wat the fuck juz happened.
We then met at the balai.. she started her report, den me. Then went up to see this sarjan.. Zamani was his name. She went in first n took like freaking long time, i guess to convince the sarjant that it wasn't her fault. What a dumb act of hers. After a long wait, my turn.
Sat down, he gave me 2 model cars which i laughed when i saw. Then, I started my story was of coz 1/4 of the ding dong's story. Finished my story in a few words. And chatted with the sarjant and another police fler next to me. First he asked if Daniel was my boyfriend as he stepped into the office with me, but got asked to go out. Then he said wanna check my tapak tangan, claiming he knows to see the lines on the hand. Which i juz open my palmed n shown him. He said, "Ni confirm la ada boyfriend" *wtf* Then he continued.... the convo as below,
Z : Muka cam latipah...
S : Har? Latipah? sapa? staff? *with my head looking around for
Z : Takder la! ex-gf i.
S : Oh. *duh*
Z : U duduk kat mlk, kat ner?
S : Bkt Beruang.
Z : Oh, yaker? Latipah duduk kat Bkt Katil.
S : Oh.

We then all went down to go take a look at my car. And the fucking dumb girl decided to settle and pay me. stupid freak. Shud have like paid me earlier and settle on the spot instead of wasting my time coming to the police station rite. Damn, I've yet to meet ppl so dumb. Now she has to pay for my car, her car and the summon. DING DONG!
Btw, her car was wrecked! *lol* Oh ya, my car's damage was lesser than what the bang was. *lol* It isn't that bad. But hers???? wahahahahahaha. Whole bumper dropped down, the bottom of her car went inwards. Rough est. from Nick her car was like gonna cost bout 1K or more and I believe too. It is proven that old car is better than new ones. Mine kebal like kereta besi, hers like tin milo. That made me even reluctant to sell off my baby saga.

I'll be updating on Singapore later. Was a fun trip and ADVENTUROUS one, literally!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hong Kong Dilemma

I finally got back my internet connection but my computer giving way. Guess it's on the way up to meet Jesus as well. argh. I got back from Hong Kong on the 10th of December. What a not-so-happening trip it was. The worst thing that happened was that my blardi camera actually went to up to meet Jesus first before my computer right there in China. The homeland of my camera. Stated "Made in China". THen I was using my sis's cam all the way with her new memory card. We happily took bout 1200 pictures.. juz to find that when we got back.. the pics are unable to be transfered to the pc. Which, I've yet to know the status of it til now. 10.52pm of 20th December 2006. So now, i'm sadly blogging without my PICTURES!!! OMG OMG OMG! i've got like tonnes of pictures to be uploaded here.. but now like.. freaking disappointed!!! damn.
Anyway, the whole HK thingy was a failure. A fucked and screwed up trip. We reached HK apprx 1130am on 6th december. The so called "free and easy" day wasn't that 'free' anyway. there's this optional tour that brought us to bout 3 places.. and cost us a lump sum of HK$360 = RM180. Looking at the huge amount of RM900 since there's 5 of us.. I asked d tour guide if I could take mrt around. Guess wat.. the smart bastards actually booked us a hotel practically at the end of the world. Walk out of the hotel.. and all u see is a small 7-11. Taxis? No. Buses? No. MRT? No. Fuck. So like it or not, pay the fucking RM900 n get on the 'optional' tour.
Given like 2 hours on ladies' street INCLUSIVE of lunch hour! we've practically got like 1 hour to walk the whole damn place. and it's a freaking long street. Ladies street is like only one of teh street tehre. argh. I'm so blardi pissed with the whole thing. The konon 'Lan Kwai Fong' where they brought us.. the mentioned that will bring us A-round Lan Kwai Fong. Which literally meant A-ROUND = 1 round. We went down the bus, took a walk AROUND lan kwai fong and brought us back to the bus. I was like WTF? might's well no need to bring us here. *gosh* Next day.. brought us to jade factory la, Tea factory la.. all those stupid fuckign places with overpriced goods.

Then we were on our way to Shenzhen. For a first timer in China, I have to say.. the roads there are pretty much KELAM KABUT. and drivers are very disrespectful of each other.. honking here and there with no reasons. And the cyclist there are the heroes around the road. Even the buses gotta be scared of them. *serious shit* But things are cheap there tho. But thanx to my dad who wants to get back to the hotel early.. we cannto shop. argh!!!!! I'm enough pissed, but i'm even more pissed when we actually had our own time but my dad screwed the whole thing up. Well, practically me and my sis were like freaking mad. Oh yeah.. forgot to mention about the 'free and easy' 3-hour thingy in shenzhen. same thing happend in Shenzhen as it happened in HK. this time was Renminbi240 = RM120. Juz for 3 hours of Windows of the World. Damn.

Spend 2 nites in shenzhen and moved to Disneyland on Saturday. Again.. we stopped by some tea and herb shop. finally reach disneyland at bout 11am. The place wasnt that huge anyway but the humans flooding the place. Gosh! like semut!berlambaklambak! we were included in the lambak tho. *lol*Only my family and another couple actually stayed a nite in the Hollywood hotel. Which we didn't actually knew it cost like RM1K per nite tehre. and the place is as dead as putrajaya. Imagine walking out of the hotel and all u see are trees! So much of a disneyland.

Spend another half a day in disneyland the next day.. and then we headed to the airport. And back to Malaysia. What a holiday.

Went to Genting last weekend. My dad's wish tho. He and his gambling habit. Me n my sis walk walk walk and walk and at the end.. spend money on shopping. Gosh. We practically didn't do anything in Genting but walk around and shop and got oursleves tired and be on bed. And go back the next day. ONly my dad was like in the casino from the time we reached til the time we went to bed.. he was stil in the casino. The next day when we got up.. my dad's not in the room d but in the casino. What a gambler my dad is. gosh.

Now I can't wait to go Singapore this saturdayyyyyyyyyyy. Blardi jakun man. First time in my life i'm going to singapore and my hometown is in Melaka.. which is practically 3-4 hours away only. I'm gonna celebrate Christmas there and I'm like freaking excited. Even more excited then when I was suppose to leave in HK. Guess it was the itenaries. is that how u spell? lol. *me england fail* I'll be on leave on Friday and the following tuesday! yay!

And now, i'm going to go yam char with nick, daniel and nick's fren. Tata Adios!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Post Burfdae!

I had a long weekend back in Melaka. Chilled out with Midz, Glenn, Allen, Ash, Siew Lin, Gary, Chee Wee and Jamie at Pak Putra while telan-ing our pizza naan, potato naan, tandoori chicky and some other stuff. Celebrated my burfdae at home. No fotos taken but only a video. My dad had this *kepala angin* thing and wanted to get a camcorder to be brought to Hong Kong. Oh yeah, I'm flying off to HK this wed.. *excited* We'll be picked from our home at 4AM!!! Our flight is scheduled at 8am.. guess gona reach HK in like 5-6 hours.. i duno. nv been anywhere near there! Gonna hang out in Disneyland HK.. which i believe half the day will be spend on queueing up! Bad time to go to HK. den.. some parts of HK and Shenzen... places like that. Will be updating with photos later when I land back in Malaysia! :)

By the way, I had a lil' celebration today at MidValley with my ex-colleagues from KGC.. my bebudakbudak. *happy* We had a makan in All Star. Wanted to land our bontots in Pasar Ikan Manhattan but we were informed by the waiter that there's these bunch of kids who have done reservation! kids nowadays.. have realy really high taste.. and loaded too. *back then I only know KFC and McD, not even BK!* I had my chicken tachos there in All Star.. RM22 and tak sedap! *eik* Ryan who wanted to FFK couldnt do much coz the location is opposite his beloved RAM office. *lol* Thanx Theng, Az and Shannie that came for me! :) *sayang*

These are my pressies that I've got! From left to right.. greenie baggie from Amber and Datuk Az, Hershey's dark choco from Siew Lin and Gary, Bearie bear with 2 candies from Shannie and Ryan Dennis Pestana, and my brownie brownie stone cold steve austin baggie bag from Midz, Glenn, Ash, errr..allen? I hafta clarify with Midz again. *lol* Thanx yawl for the gifts! :) Another 2 gifts I accidentally left in Melaka. From my aunt and my adik! A shirt and a penguin!

The Mafias of ex-KGC. Ryan, me, Theng theng, Dtk Az and Shannie.

Mr. Blogger got kinda stucked again. Uploaded fotos but nothing came out. So, i pending here for loading of flickr. And these are the results. IMG_5776

This happens when u have camera along with you and beautiful x'mas deco everywhere! *pweety*

The artistic piece of art from Ryan Dennis Pestana

The box that Ryan and Shannie used to kidnap the bear!
IMG_5767 Ryan stealing back his gift!

And *cheng cheng cheng* couple of the year! :)

I juz done my packing for HK and gonna be dozzing off on my thinning mattress.

Nitty nites! *zzz*

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I'm a year older! I'm 23 already! argh... feeling old already.

Happy Birthday to me tho. :p

Thanx yawl for the gifts!! :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Amelia!

That's the burfdae girl! And I can't believe it that it has been a year already! that pic was taken during her 22nd burfdae last year! and it's freaking 1 year? lol. time flies really fast.
Happy Burfdae to you, Happy Burfdae to you, Happy Burfdae to Melia, Happy
Burfdae to you! Happy Burdae to you, you were born in the zoo, with the monkeys
and kangaroos, happy burfdae to you!
The pic taken was in TGIF, Jalan Sultan Ismail. *nyum nyum*.. so long nv yak in tgif. Case tarak 'lui'... aka vitamin M.

And this is amelia caught standing ON the chair while the TGIF people sing n cheer n hentak kaki on the floor. haha.. malu melia. but nvm la. we sukak! Melia.. the one melia was holding the duno wat the thing is to give speech.. no pics la! oni got video. tak sempat wanna upload to you tube! haha.

Anyways melia, have a great birthday!

Happy Happy Merry Birthday! *muacks muacks huggies huggies*

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Just thought of posting up few pics before I get my ass into the bathroom and get myself scrubed! *lol*

Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland.... did by Midori aka budak jepun. Midori's the girl kepit-ed between me n siewharong. *ops* i meant.. ong siew har aka sotong epal. Blurest chick u ever get. *lol*
We were having our yam char session in Asian Havana the other time.. but juz got the urge to post it up now. lol. sori midz.

This pulak me n my sister. eeerrr.. again.. juz some kinda urge. *lol*

Erhm... that's practically me n my sis cam-whoring AGAIN. guess it's a hobby we both share. But the cut n paste thingy is done by her! The bluish curtain is my room in kl!

Other 2 lines of pics are in mlk :) i miss mlk. suppose to b there in melaka now.. n attending the LYN gathering tonite. :(

*Hehe* Some genting pics, some kancil car pics, some beddie pics n some poyo pics. oh ya.. n my the stupid pig's in too. lol.

Piggy Ong is it's name and 'she' possess a Malaysian IC too but buatan bkt beruang by my sis. Weird sis i've got uh? Piggy's just ONE of her babies at home. i lost count. Perhaps Piggy has about another 14-15 sisters? *lol*

Okay! that's it! time to bathe and go for baby Anushri's 1-yr-old burfdae! =D

Thursday, November 16, 2006

This Sux!

Computer's still crazy, work still sucks as usual and i've got like loads to study with loads of exams. Which part of em dont suck? argh

Good Nite.

Yeah, i'm a lil cranky.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Some Random Post

Some random pics to prove my boredom which am trying hard to kill. Posting from the lembap pc of my sis' in melaka. The new and non-performing pc of hers. lol! thus, lack of dumb photos to load.
My kudos cuzzies! Mr Pretty Ivan, his sis Michelle, Becky and my donk donk sis. We were in our relative house at the beach in Melaka.. nice sun set view at the back but with horrible camera photo quality.

stel ang
My sis jiak pa boh min kia cho... did this piece of 'art'. Juz a random pic.

Juz another lapuk random pic of 2 poyo flers cam-whoring in the car.

A pucat ghostly pic taken in Renaissance Hotel during Uncle James' 60th Burfdae Party. Don't know why it came out that way.. Scary tho.

My uncle bergaya posing with his 'nightlife' baju while enjoying his meal. This is my uncle which all my friends will never understand what he's trying to say except Danny.. lol.. his claimed good friend. lol. Just a random pic.

Another random lapuk pic of my sis in Genting. Posing with a semi-naked statue. The status seems to be saying, " look at me, dont u think I'm beautiful?"
And that was the hair which i commented as tempurung. lol. =X

End of posting and prepartion of going back to KL. argh. =(

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And I Don't Know Myself

I did something which I myself dont know if its right or not yesterday. It made me feel happier, it made me feel cared for. But somehow, I feel it's not really right. But if I listen to my heart, I don't feel anything is really wrong with it. You know.. my brain and my heart is contradicting. That's what I've being told and I felt it was true.

What if you had somebody which practically don't mean a thing? What if you had somebody who you call yours but its not really yours? What if you had somebody that you call yours when all the person does is to hurt you more and more?

It's either I stumble and fall again or I just go on as how life will be.

A lost soul with a disturbed mind in search of peace and beauty of life. Heal me, guide me. I need God.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hate Entry

I hate him.

I hate where he led me to.

I hate all that happenned.

I hate how you make me felt.

I hate you.

I hate myself.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Why do I feel so empty today? Why do I feel so useless today? I felt so freaking down today. I don't know what I'm doing in my life. I feel it's so empty n meaningless. It seems like i'm living my days for the sake of living it. I work just becoz I need to earn the money to go on with life. I go to work, I come back, I go to gym and sometimes with friends. That's pretty much with my life. Every morning waking up.. and every nite before going to bed.. feeling and hating the next day coz it's a fucking working day n I gotta blardi see the idiotic customers who gives nothing but problems. Why can't I land myself in a place that I wanna be? Think it's fun switching job? Think it's fun adapting to new things? No, I dont enjoy doing all those. I envy some of my friends with proper job and not having that dreadful feeling everytime they go to work.

AND SOME PEOPLE FUCKING THINKS THAT MY LIFE IS BLARDI SMOOTH AND IT'S ALL BOUT MYSELF. And I have an attitude that someone can't forgive. DO you really think I can forgive yours too? You dont know anything bout wha'ts my life about. You don't know how I feel, you don't know bout my past expereinces. You dont go tru wat i went tru, you dont have to face thigns that I face, thus, u feel life is how u take it, life is easy. That's cause u have not seen the world. You've not seen the problems people face. Everybody is brought to this world with different fates written in front of them. Different people see different kind of worlds. I want things to be back as how it used to be, but I know its impossible. You hate me now. I hate you too. I just dont know what you want. I don't know what happenned, what's happening and what's gonna happen.

I thought I've already got a bad day, feeling miserably horrible. Till, I finally managed to come online, just to speak to someone who just made my day went worst. Think could go to bed in this situation? fuck it.

Friday, October 20, 2006


I've got a mail from Amelia.. well I don't know when but I just checked it today. It contains pictures with quotes on friends.

And I felt this is true.. this pic on the left.. well.. the quote is.. very true. Life's rule no. 1, You are never too busy to keep in touch with an old friend. Maybe this is only being absorbed by certain friends of mine and on the other hand certain people would just ignore despite of them not even being busy. Those arent what I call true friends. Have 'em or loose 'em, I now feel it doesn't make a difference. What's important is who you have around you now and who you know is a treasure that you found and that you know you must not let go.

And I believe those people who falls under both of the categories knows who they are. :)

I kinda like this one too. Not just the words but the picture too. :) But I guess the girl on the right side accidentally closed her eyes. Childrens are cute, aren't they? I dunno what's wrong with Mien. :X haha.

Kill me mien, I know you want to. :p

And I liked this one too!
But somehow, the 2 pictures looks more like a United Colors of Benetton ad. to me. haha.

*Friends are my treasure and you guys know who you guys are and I treasure
yawl alot*

Thanx peeps for all the good times we had. :D
*muacks muacks muacks + bonus huggies*

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Life, A Series of Drama

Don't you think life's a drama? or will it be more like a game, is it how u play it? I personally think that life's a set of drama that sometimes fall in our control but most of the time it does not. It's way out of our control. We think that we are capable of controlling it but the fact is that we failed to control it and we do not wanna admit our mistakes. We sometimes think that we are strong freaks living in our own world and that we are in control of our lives. No, we are not.

When you think that you are doing the right thing, it turns out to be wrong. When you think you're with the right person, it turns out to be so wrong. When you think you've stepped your foot into somewhere right, it turns out to be somewhere you do not wanna be at too. At times, we just take for granted on what gonna happen in the future and we only care bout what is now. That's when the phrase comes, enjoy now, suffer later.

Life, for me, has been a complete set of drama with ups and downs, with tears and laughter, with happiness and pains. The first phase of my life, the childhood life which was pretty much perfect with a dad and mum ruined when my mum passed away in 1991 when i was only bout 7+. The end of chapter 1. And my life moved on living with my both aunties and I am grateful to say that I have them. Without them, I don't know really where will I be now. And life went on till I finally ended Std6. That's the end of another chapter and the beginning of a whole new chapter.

I got into SMBB which I practically hated coz my dad was there. Finally gotten myself into St. David's High which I was really delighted but I was thrown into the 10th class. FYI, there was bout 12 classes of form1 in my sch last time. There was like... berlambak students. I was moved to the 3rd class coz 1st n 2nd class is fully occupied by straight As students. And things went on happily and in form4 we had the floating class. It practically means we do not have a class. All we do is hop n jump to empty classes to have our class. It's fun actually. :) and then came the SPM year which i practically had LOTS of fun. I played truant, i ran out from school, i fought with teachers, i fought with SU KIN. lol. I was so carefree and there's nothing for me to worry and think about. Relationship at that time? Never even came to my mind. Till SPM is over, that's the end of the high school chapter.

Studies in MMU was quite fun too with my bunch of frenz, pig, tat, melia, mien. :) we did crazy stuff, we sang BSB song al the way back from Auyin Hill. I know it sounds pathetic, but seriously it was fun. It was the company that playes the major role. :) I finally graduated and that was the end of my uni life.

And bam, I got into the fucking working life. A beginning of a bumpy journey which I'm still fighting in now. A journey that's so bumpy that I couldnt even find a proper highway for me to get on! And after all these chapters and being at this stage now, I feel so useless and pissed with my life. I thought of my life in alot of aspects, from family to work to relationship. And I dont find any of them i ever had a smooth journey before. I really wished that I could turn back the clock and I wanna be in high school forever. I miss the life back then bcoz I dont feel burden on my back, i dont feel pressure on myself that I have to do something with my life.

But I've decided to put things behind me. To put all the failure and all the memories that breaks me down behind me. I will proceed with my life and what's over is over. I have to fucking get on my gears and look at the better future. I don't wanna be hanging and clinging over the clift unsure if I'll fall down or someone will save me. I have to save myself because I know, there's no one there to save me.

Monday, October 16, 2006

LYN Malaccans V.7

LYN Malaccans V.7

The above pic taken in the new McD at Padang Pahlawan.. the newly build shit la. The pic from left to right.. me, kamwah, kels, alilmisfit, baoz and david.

a lil misfit @ adam con me and made me believed that he IS adam and thanx to the others i really thought he was til the end of the gathering. Thank God kels informed me. bolo mia misfit. jaga jaga engkau. beta shall never let u go! argh!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kocek Kosong

Today's a holiday for Selangor state, so wat i practically did was stay home whole day. coz all of my friends are working. hrmf. They all somehow fall under KL. argh.

I thought since I had time today, why not go do my car tire's alignment and balancing. And guess what? the bill came up to RM666.25. The bill is as evil as the number. damn. Now, i'm officially declared bankrupt for the month. Rob me and you'll cry. Coz, i'm living on overdraft! I'm owing the bank now. damnit.

These are the breakdowns of the damn charges

  • Alignment RM15
  • Camber both side RM90
  • Balancing RM20
  • Brake Lining/plate RM60
  • Driveshaft RM160
  • Gear Oil RM35
  • 2 pcs.. cant read the writtin RM280
  • service tax 6.25
  • total = RM666.25

blardi evil. Now my pocket got lubang d. damn. Car's a liability damnit. And my blardi sales are still pending with HQ's approval.

Damn, i need money. Anybody knows of anywhere dat need partimers on sat n sun? :(

I'm officially broke.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

What if ...

I have crazy thoughts sometimes that can be really.. erhm....... crazy.

I was thinking to myself last Friday...

Each and everytime I make my trip back to my homie Melaka, I'll give my grandma a call to inform her that I'll drop by before I go home to my house in Bkt Beruang. And she'll go prepare dinner for me and sometimes for my frenz who are following my car as well. Just that last Friday, after speaking to my grandma over the telephone, I had this gush of feelings.

I was thinking to myself.. what if I never ever reached her house that night? What if something struck me along the highway and I was never able to make my way home? I was thinking and I couldn't imagine the pain they will go through if it happens.

Imagine cooking dinner for your grandchild and the next thing u know, she'll never come back for your dinner anymore. I duno why.. but I kinda sad when I had this thinking.

I told you I can have crazy thoughts sometimes.

Am I crazy?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Piggie's Burfdae

Today's another Monday that's painted in blue colour again, perhaps somewhere lighter then dark blue. Weekend was a good one coz got 2 donk donk frenz of mine up in KL. :D It was to celebrate Piggie's burfdae. These were the list of things we did :
  • Lepaked at Laundry Bar with the rest
  • Picked 'That' from her office in Yap Kwan Seng
  • Picked Melia from Pudu
  • Went parking hunting in Mid Valley
  • Sang out throat out in My KTV from 2pm - 6pm
  • Walk around Mid Valley
  • Shoot to Jln Ampang for Mexican food, Les Carretas on Piggie, hehe
  • Went to Friendster cafe that provide one of the worst drinks at the most unreasonable price. Highly NOT RECOMMENDED.
  • Next day.. me n melia went Matta Fair n i booked my room for singapore trip :) and i got blardi molested in the fucking matta fair.
  • and below are the fotos taken during the weekend


From left to right; Piggie, Me, Amelia and Tat erhm.. and the photographer is Jet. lol. This was the poor room that gotta absorb all of our Malaysian Idol voices. You should hear Pig sing.. she's the like the best singer in the world.. especially when she sings Siti Nurhaliza's songs. *pengsan*


That's Me and the Burfdae girl doing some muka.


This is the Les Carretas Mexican Restaurant, Piggie with her lamb shank, Tat with her somethign pizza, Jet with his.. i forgot wat thing.. but it was a wrap, me with me beef/mutton.. i forgot wat i ordered and melia with her fagitas.


This is in Friendster Cafe that I mentioned earlier to be overpriced and serving horrible drinks. I ordered a Hot Choco at RM10.50 and it doesnt even taste a single bit like Starbucks' hot choc. I think my own mixed Milo would taste alot better. Seriously, it's damn damn cair. Not just mine, amelia's Americano has the 'cheap' coffee taste. Seriously. Again, i stress this, this cafe is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED!


These are some fotos during my training with the other HLBB colleagues. It's a lil bit outdated coz i only posting it now. That's coz Ms. Busy Me got no time to transfer the pics into my pc la. From left to right, Ahmad from Internal Audit, Belle from Operations of Bangsar Baru branch, Angie from Ong Kim Wee Mlk branch, Stella from Taman Putra Ampang, Penny from Muar branch, Lai Kuan from Ipoh, and below is Yang , EMS from Kinrara and finally Connie from Greentown branch. All are PFC except Yang and Ahmad.


This was our last day during training. We had our lunch in Wisma KFC and obviously we had KFC. And Mr. Hii King Hui kept taking fotos of all of us. Nothing better to do.


Us in front of Wisma Hong Leong with the mini-fountain splashing it's water on us.
Raine, Penny, Angie, Stella, Connie and Ayumi

5 siao pohs in Bkt Bintang after consuming Lecka-Lecka. As usual the fotographer will be Mr. Onizuka Hii King Hui


I know this pic is super outdated. haha.. live with it. Taken during Convo 06 in MMU Cyber. Me kay poh there as usual :) it's a good thing anyway. It was a convo for Su Kin, Hsin Ser, Soon Hup and Chee Kiat. Others in the pic tumpang glamour oni. :) inclusive of me. Those convo flers are my close frens during high school days :)

This is Cik. Mien that FFK me for the Karaoke session for Piggie's burfdae celebration. Leaving her IC with her dearie Jason.*double pengsan*
Always FFK me mia. ish ish! One day gona kena from us d.
That's all folks for the day!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

:: Me dUn wAnnA wOrK ::

Me have been lazy-ing at homie for the past 4 days. Let me see what Have i been up to
  • Seeing the doc
  • Going for Physiotherapy daily
  • Watch tv
  • Makan
  • Having Glennie, Allenor, Ass n Mr. Herbalife visit me n my spine

Finally after 4 days at home.. I drove back to KL today.. with so much of distrations on the highway. damn.. the highway is under repair like.. FOREVER. in the day worst.. they close the road here n there.. n the blardi lorry drivers drive like it's their grandfather's road. fuckers! I nearly bang into a lorry earlier thanx to the bastard who juz simply cut into my lane without realising i'm coming at 110 kph making my handbag n stuff fly onto the air *fucking bastard* Morons like that causes accidents on the highway everyday. damnit.

I reached Sheraton Subang at bout 1.30pm and registered myself as applicant and only got my interview at 4pm. Geez.. long wait. The interviewer was a nice indian lady.. hrmf.. well.. i don't know if she's nice enough to give me the job tho. lol.


Slipped-Disc *spelling mistake*

And so I thought this wil be a usual weekend for me in melaka. Till Sunday morning, when i got all dressed up to meet amelia in MP, I got a hit on the lower part of my spine. Damn. Was painful but it was bearable.. i thought it was nothing much and just a small twist on my back.. so happily i can still go to MP.. n meet up with amelia.. till i felt kinda pain when i was in Coffee Bean.. Then, my rescuer came.. WEI SHUN! She called out of no where.. enquiring on my location. and so, i told the problem to her... and she recommended me Dr. Yong, a singseh in Melaka Raya. Went over there..n waited like damn long. imagine the clinic, got numbering. meaning to say.. i was at number 26 n display is oni number 14. That many patients they have. So, my turn finally came.. den doc touch jer den told my urat lari.. den went behind n got this blind malay man.. he urut my back.. sampai i terjerit jerit kesakitan.. den after a whole long term of suffering... they did acupunture on me. using the botol botl to suck my back. and til now i still have the bulat signs on my back. argh.

Next morning, i was stil in pain. when i decided to actually go consult a specialist, an ortopedric.. how the heck to spell dat? -the bone specialist. he told me dat i'm having a slip disc. Now, people will start asking me wat's a slipdisc? argh. It's the spine... where the spine is made up of a series of bones.. between the bones, there will be some sorta 'cushion' in order to elakkan geseran between the bones.. and the 'cushion' on my 4th bone of my spine, ran out of position and is hitting towards my nerve. Doctor then told me to go for physiotherapy. I felt like a sick idiot. My first day of physiotherapy.. i was given an ultrasound treatment and then some infra-duno-wat thingy.. den next was traction. It's where my body is being tied tightly to the board/bed i was lyin on .. and the thing that was tying me is conected to a machine. The machine will pull and pull and pull.. the function is to straighten my spine. when it was pulling, i dont feel much pain.. juz felt like being pulled. then, the 20 minutes of pulling is over, the terapist came.. and she realeased me from the thing.. and thats when my body kinda like dropped on the bed.. and that's when i felt 1 blardi sharp pain.. well.. pain enuf to make me drop tears. The terapist seeing me in such pain, took out the traction part for me for the following days. I didnt the ultrasound and the infra thingy.. till today.. today i m feeling a lil better.. i m not sure if it's coz of the therapy or is it coz of the pain killer? hrmf.

Tmr i hafta drive back to KL with this blardi pain in my back. :( and to attend a walk-in intervew in sheraton subang.. anyfurther ah? Thanx to Glenn. lol. but it's a marketing executive position. a post that i was looking for. :) not blardi sales exec. :)

Anyway, wish me luck on my journey tomorrow!


Monday, September 11, 2006


I had a great weekend! :)
  • I clubbed on Thursday in Rum Jungle
  • Makan-ed 'dai-lok-min' in Petaling Street
  • Went shopping in 1 Utama on Saturday
  • Had dinner in Italianies
  • Clubbed in Thai Club
  • Slept over in Crown Regency
  • Got up at 12pm n went out at 3pm to Jaya
  • Shopped in Jaya and went to Sunway
  • Waited almost an hour to be fed in Yuen Steamboat opposite Sunway Pyramid
  • Laughed til my tummy burst thanx to Mr. Akinozawa Hii. lol.

Sadly, the training ending on Wednesday. meaning to say, Wed is the last day for me to see all of 'em :( sad sialz!!!!!! it was fun la this training thing. Get to meet so many new frenz :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Training 6-9-2006

Additional head-crashing info -
  • Islamic mortgage loan and Calculation
  • Islamic Letter of Offer
  • Conventional Mortgage Loan Letter of Offer
  • Reading of Title(geran), Sales & Purchase Agreement, Letter of Offer
  • Credit Card types and sales

That's only today. Have not even include wat i absorbed yesterday. Gosh, i'm running out of space in mind! Going to club with the other consultants tomorrow. lol. budak budak HLBB ni.. memang nakal semacam. lol. Tmr is another day of full training. Pengsan. Budak tepi aku.. namanya, Yang.. he tido like nobody's business. lol. den can wake up n inform me dat he slept off. lol. Was like blardi obvious. haha.. but farnee fler la. kept me entertained during the boring lectures. lol. I am seated in between an ex-budak HSBC and ex-budak OCBC. All da traitors. lol. Siap Yang using HSBC pen. lol. nasib i tak pakai KMDC pen. whaah..

Life is alright as I am concern now. Hopefully all turns well and i make lotz n lotz of cash here. :D

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Today Stella started her training in the HQ in Jalan Perak, KL together-gether with the other Personal Financial Consultants(PFC) and the Executive Mortgage Sales(EMS) people. I get to meet loads n load n lotttttttttttttts of people all over Malaysia. The PFCs come from all over.. sabah, sarawak, kedah, penang, johor, melaka.. lol. :) It was quite a fun experience I can say. It was obviously kinda weird in the beginning n like so damn kekok coz like duno anybody. But, to my suprise, Tze Lay is also a PFC! She flew all the way from Sarawak! Tze Lay is my ex coursemate. :) Went around and made frenz with a number of 'em. :) But frankly, I forgot some of their names, the chinese names.. it takes quite alot of 'ram' in my head to remember all the names in like less den 5 minz? lol. i guess 10 days will do good in remember em. :)

Today's training is bout work ethic, dress code, vision n mission.. bla bla.. history. I nearly fell asleep. Guess, i doze off at some point. lol. A 2-3 second head knock down .. like how the jet plane goes up n down.. there's how my head went for awhile during Bryan's training. lol. But Raj was farnee, farnee trainer.. from the BPO division doing AMLA. The 3rd trainer today.. Mr. Low i think.. i forgot :X he was kinda boring too.. but it became interesting when he started to talk n how to identify the cheques. Lol. at least somethign in my job scope that I need to know. :)

Tmr's the beginning of the real hard core training. Today was juz a mild introduction of HLBB. Tmr is the start of mortgage sales. Here comes the leasehold, freehold, conventional, islamic.. bla bla bla that will come bombarding to my head. Need to add extra 'ram' into my brain tonite. Need some installation to be done. I wish i was stayin in the Crown regency with the other outstation PFCs. i bet they had fun in the apartments. :( further to add, do not need to get stucked inthe blardi jam of KL early in the morning. Damn. If i would have stayed there, i could juz get up for work at 8.15 n b in office by 8.45. syoknya. The fucking jam in Jalan Ampang was killing this morning. I left home at 730am. I reached the turn off from MRR2 into jalan Ampang at 8am. and the short distance took me like almost 45 minutes from jln ampang to HQ. Damn!

Today after al the training.. Dr. X, i forgot his name.. paiseh.. the Head of Training gave a short briefing to us new PFCs. He asked bout our background n where we came from and all. When it was my turn, i told i used to be a sales and marketing executive. The convo went like that :

Dr. X : What were u doing before this?
me : I was a sales and marketing exec.
Dr. X : Wat were u selling?
me : I was selling training programmes to corporate clients.
Dr. X : Oh! Which company?
me : KDU Management Development Centre
Dr. X : Ooooooooohhhhhhh!!! Ms. MIEN!!! Mien is a nice lady! Why did you left her company?(laughing)
me : Yeah, Mien is a nice person but the problem is the manager that I'm reporting to is not nice. (cheeky smile)
Dr. X : (laughing) Mien juz changed her corporate look right? She juz took a new snapshot for her new bulletin!!! am i right?
me : Yeah, she did (laughing)
Dr. X : I gonna tease her.

Gosh.. he knows mien! and to add to that, he even know another PFC's secondary school's headmistress! and she is from Muar! gosh.. and he actually admited that he knows alot of ppl. Best part, he even said.. i might even know your parents. then he laugh away. lol. Farnee HOD i must say. but seems like a nice person. :)

HLBB isn't that bad afterall. :) starting to like it bit by bit. :) will learn to like wat i'm doing and learn to make money out of it. :D

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Jiwang Attack

Some songs just bring out the jiwang in you. Phrases like;

Lying close to you feeling your heart beating
And I wondering what you are dreaming
Wondering if it's me you are seeing
Then I kiss your eyes and thank god we're together
I just want to stay with you in this moment forever and forever

I don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I miss you baby, And I don't want to miss a thing

I'll Be the greatest fan of your life

You're My Survival, You're My Living Proof

When I look at you, I see something rare, a rose that can grow anywhere. There's no one that I know that can compare. What makes you different, makes you beautiful.

Whatever it takes or how my heart breaks, I will be right here waiting for you

Now tell me. How to not feel jiwang when u have lyrics like these? Fyi, me damn emo n fucking sensitive. Explains it all?

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Being un-Malaysian.

Congratulations Stella Ong Suk Lin, you are 63% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Hrmf.. i stolen that thingy from Glennie's website.. being how un-malaysian or malaysian are u. Suprisingly Glenn is 3% un-malaysian and i'm standing at 63% of un-malaysianized. wtf? lol. am i that un-malaysianized? lol. i duno. we shall find out. But I actually celebrated Merdeka yesterday nite. lol. With Allen n Glenn at Ikano. Some stuff there la.. some performance n some so called 'fireman' and a 10-minute fireworks show. and now, i'm 63% un-malaysian. pretty weird ain't it? Adding to that, i'm compared to Guy Sebastian! gosh. weird. We were in Ikano for the countdown.. and den.. i was like.. assisting the guys in chick eye washing. i know that sounded not right. lol. But, i was just assisting! i'm straight. lol. Shud have seen the wolf-faced allen n glenn yesterday. lol. sampai air liur meleleh!!! lol!!!!!

Anyway, i'm gonna drive to the gym in awhile. Meeting up piggie for salsa claz in California n den meeting up with Danny later on. And I'm still wondering where the heck is Glenn. lol. GLENNNN.. kau menghilangkan diri kerrrr??? lol. Mr. Clean Cut a.k.a Glenn. Guess I've gotta start dirty-ing Glenn from today onwards. watever sampah i can find, i'll juz throw onto him. lol! Glenn! start to be dirty, would ya? And these 2 guys will never let ass ashwini ashwin alone. Pembuli besar!

That's all folks with me n how un-malaysian am i n how comparable am i to Guy Sebastian. Gym-ing time! Chaoz.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Take That - Back for Good

I guess now it's time for me to give up
I feel it's a picture of you beside me
Got your lipstick mark still on your coffee cup
Got a fist of pure emotion
Got a head of shattered dreams
Gotta leave it, gotta leave it all behind now

Whatever I said, whatever I did,I didn't mean it
I just want you back for good
Whenever I'm wrong, just tell me the song
And I'll sing itYou'll be right and understand

Unaware but underlined I figured out this story
It wasn't good, but in a corner of my mind I celebrated glory
But that was not to be
In the twist of seperation you excelled at being free
Can't you find a little room inside for me

Whatever I said, whatever I did,I didn't mean it
I just want you back for good
Whenever I'm wrong, just tell me the song
And I'll sing itYou'll be right and understand

And we'll be together
This time is forever
We'll be fighting and forever we will be
So complete in our love
We will never be uncovered again

Whatever I said, whatever I did,I didn't mean it
I just want you back for good
Whenever I'm wrong, just tell me the song
And I'll sing itYou'll be right and understand

I guess now it's time that you came back for good

Can someone explain the meaning of this song to me? Bcoz I somehow don't get what it means.. not literally. I just logged on to the depression mode. The song carries a strong meaning and I really think one should not dedicate that if one do not mean it.

I'm listening to Cik. Amber's Ungu and Dygta songs.. they sing good songs and damn jiwang lagi. Depression mode turns deeper. isk.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

842006_FON_120 YOGYAKARTA!!!

I reached Mont Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort at bout 5 today. Was kinda dead til later.. it became a lil' better. Not till the emergence of Pop Shuvit. Or else, everybody wil be seated down on the wet grass field while watching the concert. So much of a concert. Had quite a dead crowd today. But later on.. became slightly better. Nobody was practically at the DJ Stage.. well.. I dont know later on dat nite.. coz i was at main stage only. Nothign much around.. Paintball was suppose to be named mini-paintball. erhm.. nothing much done.. juz a concert lo. :) but the Indonesian artist was gud la.. cannot deny.. they have powerful voice. serious shit. Adam was trying hard to entertain the crowd which I don't really find him entertaining. But Sarimah Ibrahim was quite a good host. She did made me laugh. :D However, i missed out on Kris Dayanti and Disagree. :( Blardi smart la.. they put these people all at the end of the show.. argh! juz to make people stay. donkk. I didn't manage to go on the hot air balloon ride.. duno wat gas n technical problem were they having la.. at the end.. i don't even know if the thing went up. isk. That's pretty much about it. Not really worth RM80 but it's all going towards a good cause. lol. i hear too much of that already for the day. Anyway.. if anyone would like to donate to the Yogyakarta Quake victims.. do type fon 5 and send the sms to 32782,i think :x . Each sms will donate RM5 to the Yogyakarta Quake donation.

That's all for the nite. Time to sleep and church tomorrow morning and freaking work after dat. 2-10pm tmr roadshow in Low Yat.. Humans please come and support me by signing up credit cards n personal loan and.. erhm housing loan and erhm.. investment.. and erhm.. unit trust.. and erhm.. car loan etc etc etc. lol.

Good Nite!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

YOGYAKARTA Quake Aid 2006

I am a Force of Nature

Guess wat??? I was on my way to work today at about 8am... n den.. cheng cheng cheng... well.. i was waiting for the chance to call for the Yogyakarta concert free give away tickets. I knew it was coming so I got ready's number on my mobile. The moment i heard.. dial 03-95433311 to win tickets to bla bla.. i terus tekan call button on my fone. and it got trough!!! lol!!! and i sorta like have to fight for the tickets with this girl, Sabrina. Each of us must say a detail on the concert turn by turn starting with me coz i called first.. it went for awhile.. n den cheng cheng cheng, I WON!!!! lolz! 2 tickets to Yogyakarta concert!!! man i can't wait! lol. I can only collect the tickets from ASTRO between 10-12pm tomorrow. jialat. gotta run out from office. kekekeke.. happens. :) RM80 per ticket man..I won tickets worth RM160! yay! I'M GOING TO YOGYAKARTA CONCERTTTTTTTTT!!! lols! Juz too excited that's why kena blog bout it.

On the other hand.. i had roadshow today in Lowyat.. was full day for me today from 10-6.. with extra.. i finished at 7+. but only so lil sales. :( 4 credit card signups and a personal loan worth of 10K.. n that is with 2 handover from CheeSeng.. yang baik sangat. If not i'll stand at 2 only. Now, I feel what the other direct credit card sales people feels. Damn. It sucks so badly. The amount of rejection u get in like 10 minutes can reach 50. damn. worst den KGC's cold call work. damn. But I feel lucky la to have Chee Seng as my snr in my branch. He's one guy who can give u all the support n encouragement. Willing to share...arhhhh.. pokoknya.. blardi nice guy :)baik maximum. Glad I do not meet ppl like AY anymore. My boss.. Rosalind a chinchai lady n very very nice person n willing to talk n teach me as well!! :) unlike my ex-fucked-up-boss. :)

That's all folks for the day! =)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Day . . .

Today is my first day at work in HLB, Hong Leong Bank, Taman Putra branch. argh! I left home like 7.15am.. thinking that the jam will be horrible. Oh yes, it was horrible at the front part towards the turn off to kl town.. but in cheras.. miracally.. no jam! lol. n i reached office at 8am .. i start work at 8.45am. :)

It was an alright morning.. defnitely better den the first day in PCB. People welcomed me and it was quite warm.. with Chee Seng's introduction.. telling ppl not to bully me.. n den ppl told him not to manjakan me. hrmf.. lol. quite an ok morning :) Den Chee Seng went for roadshow in Low Yat,... erhm.. sellign credit card.. which i will be doing tmr.. lol. hopefuly la.

At the laterpart of the day... i went over to HL HQ. Had training in HQ today.. but training was only at 4.30. but me n my boss were there like.. 3.40 pm! lol. den we didn';t know what to do.. went yam char with my boss at the opposite malay stalls. Till bout 4.15 we started walking into the training room.. with other PFCs and Branch managers. Had a session of training with CIMB Principal.. den had refreshment.. den training continuessss.. TILL 8PM!!!! .. imagine.. first day at work til 8pm. lol. argh! haha.. but worst part was.. JT International gave me a call today to ask me to come for an assesment n interview session with them on this thursday! i was like What The FUCK!!!! i had like 2 weeks holiday and no company bothered calling me for what ever fuckin interview or blardi assessment. Must all these happen on my first day at work? argh! donk! It was a Trade Market Analyst position!! I WANT IT. but i can't go for the asseemnt.. it's like dis thursday.. a.k.a 4th day at work.. wat go on MC? Crazy shit. That'll b a fucking bad impressino on me. argh! wat if i didnt get the trade analyst shite job? :( argh! I applied for the position like.. some donkey years ago.. n now onli call me for interview? i almost fainted when i got the call! argh! luckily i didn't thanks to the boredom of the training. Who wanna call me next on my 2nd day job? BAT? lol. farking shite. I was being told last time that i was shortlisted by BAT for the trade marketing executive.. n den bam! no interview. kah donk. double donk. argh! I guess I'll just stay with this PFC thingy.. n see wat i can do here.. wat opportunities i can have here.. argh! hopeufly i MAKE MONEY. i had to reject JT. argh :( so the sedih. :(

anyway.. i've gotta go sleep now.. n go to work tmr morning hopefuly with a happy feeling. lol. :) Good night everybody.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Finally i'm updating on Phuket. Been kinda bz dis few dayz.. when i'm in mlk.. i dont have my pics wit me! argh! PHUKET is like damn lawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. freakingly beautifulllll.. cantik giler giler .. duno how to express d. damn lawa la. argh! haha.. i wanan go there again! but the sayang thing is i duno how to swim. kah donk. wasted.. :( or else u see la.. i telan 1 gallon air laut. lol.

On the first day when we reached phuket.. we ran for the meter taxi.. which cost us bout 408Baht.. apprx. RM40.80 for the trip to hotel.. those taxi drivers who come n bug us will usually charge us at rm60.. nasib piggie pandai n know bout the meter taxis. :D
Reach my Salathai Resort... got ppl help to carry bag to room all.. damn nice.. damn gud service n damn lawa. argh! that's my resort!
=) sawadeekap. :D .. den.. on dat day.. we went n shop along Patong beach.. lol. the people there damn minat malaysian. trust me. lol. we shopped like hell at patong there.. n damn lotz of kwai lou.. blardi lots of ang mo lang.
and that's me swallowing some mushroom soup.. their specialty la.. but kinda sedap even tho it tasted weird.. it was 30Baht. :)

Next day.. we went to Phi Phi Island!!! lagi lawa.. adohai!Believe or not.. i actually went snorkelling. lol. but holding on to piggie. and i really meant HOLDING on to her .. not even a chance of letting go her hands. lol. I can't swim! forgive me! argh! but it was really beautiful. We went on a cruise for 1 n half hour to Phi Phi Island.. trying to burn ourselves at the rooftop of the lil boat. Which we obviously berjaya burned ourselves. my skin is peeling now. lol. sendiri carik pasal.. but fun wat! lol. That's how we barbequed ourselves under the hot burning sun... lol. We had a long day out playin under the sun dat day. next day we went to dead-phuket-city. Practically has got nth there esp when it was a sunday. everything was practically close. Oh ya! i sat a brand new Isuzu 4WD as my taxi from salathai to the city. Gudness. their taxis are like.. damn blardi gud.. erhm compared to malaysia's taxi? malu sialz. :p Reach the city we met another taxi driver.. his name is Dang.. n 1 blardi nice guy la. brought us all around.. paid like 400Baht la. but ok la.. for whole dya. brought us to their 'pasar malam' which like we spend most of our money on stuff n food. u juz get excited with their food coz they look so.. WEIRD. lol. n things are cheap! damn cheap! and u think 4 for RM10 earings are cheap here? U get 1 for RM1 there! lol. den we went to Chelong for Sea Food! lol. We had lobster, crab n fish for 1500Baht. lol. yes, i'm broke after that. look at my lobsterrrrrr..and oh yes.. those are the ah kuas.
Then the next day.. we packed.. n headed to Phuket International Airport. :( so sad.. coz i didnt wanted to end my holdiys so fast.. thinking bout work the following monday is enuf to kill my thoughts. argh! :( n oh ya.. i sat an Altis Taxi to the airport. lol. damn clean n lawa k.


and.. End of journey. :(

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Lil' Party!

Finally!!! TIME TO BLOG! lol. had been pretty bz spending my holidays :D .. Let me babble bout my party in KMDC! lol. Actually I blog the other day oredi but the damn connection showed the next page... CANNOT FIND SERVER. damn mr. server.

First shot...

Before During After
That's a yummy mango cake by Secret Recipe! sedap giler.. fresh giler.. syok giler.. n fattening giler! lol. damn the calories. Da cake is da bomb! lol.

Free Image Hosting at
Poyo me and my mango cake! :)
My colleagues in KMDC had dis cake cutting ceremony to celebrate me being out of KMDC. lol. haha.. So sweet of 'em!!!!!! muacsk muacks muackss.. like it or not.. i'm giving kisses to yawl! lol. pls imagine some saliva on your faces aight? lol. meleleh-leleh!!! wahhahaa....

My sayangness colleagues came up with mango cake at bout 530pm! :D and oh! i blew candle! but i didn't grow a year older k. i'm STILL 22. And, Sharm reminded me to not wish for the wrong stuff. wahhaa.. i didn't sharm! i didnt waste my wish on her. :p

See Below!! Those are the pretty faces who celebrated for me! :D Tapi Kavi takda :( she gigi sakit. keke.. kesian kavi.. kavi went back early on dat day.. but ganti-ed today with KFC. argh. 5000 calories down my tummy. lol. for all the hard work i did in california. lol.
The damn foto wouldnt load..i'm kinda stuck at this part of my blog..argh!

Free Image Hosting at ok.. from left to right.. from top to down.. start with Kooi Chin, Shuyi, Siauw Ing, Sharm, Noel Solomon!, Kelly, Alistair!, Maslinaaaaa, Tzu-Sinn, Nicole, the celebrity for the day and Leena. :D and at the front is my mango cake. lol.

Sorry! I had to use imageshack to load the fotoz.. coz the stupid blogspot image uploader can't upload my pics! argh!!

These are the people in kmdc and pcb.. u guys know that you guys are coming into my blog d rite? u are all prepared rite? lol.

That's Uncle Noel!!!, i'm in between kak yatie and gopi, Mas hugging me :p, and siauw Ing!!!! :D

Don't be malu-fied with da pics k. lol.

SOme pix i load using blogger picz n some picz i load using imageshack again.. coz of some stupid stuff with the server thingy again.. it's killing me.. 3.19am and i'm struggling to upload the pics. argh!

Free Image Hosting at

The above pic.. is Mien the ED, the celebrity, Kavithaaaaa and Sharmmmm.. smile! u're seeing urself on my blog. :p

no, i'm still not done. :)

Free Image Hosting at

And.. this is Alistair.. tengah meng-kayu while i tengh meng-pose.

Free Image Hosting at

On my right is ms. Tzu-Sinn,my proclaim 'superior' from my blardi boss and on my left is Mr. Raj. :)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

And... this is my resource centre a.k.a the library. Ms. Maslina is the Ms. Librarian.. the fierce ms. librarian.. dat starts staring n shouting if anyone mysterious goes near the books. lol

and... the final piece.. the videooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. lol.