Monday, September 25, 2006

Piggie's Burfdae

Today's another Monday that's painted in blue colour again, perhaps somewhere lighter then dark blue. Weekend was a good one coz got 2 donk donk frenz of mine up in KL. :D It was to celebrate Piggie's burfdae. These were the list of things we did :
  • Lepaked at Laundry Bar with the rest
  • Picked 'That' from her office in Yap Kwan Seng
  • Picked Melia from Pudu
  • Went parking hunting in Mid Valley
  • Sang out throat out in My KTV from 2pm - 6pm
  • Walk around Mid Valley
  • Shoot to Jln Ampang for Mexican food, Les Carretas on Piggie, hehe
  • Went to Friendster cafe that provide one of the worst drinks at the most unreasonable price. Highly NOT RECOMMENDED.
  • Next day.. me n melia went Matta Fair n i booked my room for singapore trip :) and i got blardi molested in the fucking matta fair.
  • and below are the fotos taken during the weekend


From left to right; Piggie, Me, Amelia and Tat erhm.. and the photographer is Jet. lol. This was the poor room that gotta absorb all of our Malaysian Idol voices. You should hear Pig sing.. she's the like the best singer in the world.. especially when she sings Siti Nurhaliza's songs. *pengsan*


That's Me and the Burfdae girl doing some muka.


This is the Les Carretas Mexican Restaurant, Piggie with her lamb shank, Tat with her somethign pizza, Jet with his.. i forgot wat thing.. but it was a wrap, me with me beef/mutton.. i forgot wat i ordered and melia with her fagitas.


This is in Friendster Cafe that I mentioned earlier to be overpriced and serving horrible drinks. I ordered a Hot Choco at RM10.50 and it doesnt even taste a single bit like Starbucks' hot choc. I think my own mixed Milo would taste alot better. Seriously, it's damn damn cair. Not just mine, amelia's Americano has the 'cheap' coffee taste. Seriously. Again, i stress this, this cafe is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED!


These are some fotos during my training with the other HLBB colleagues. It's a lil bit outdated coz i only posting it now. That's coz Ms. Busy Me got no time to transfer the pics into my pc la. From left to right, Ahmad from Internal Audit, Belle from Operations of Bangsar Baru branch, Angie from Ong Kim Wee Mlk branch, Stella from Taman Putra Ampang, Penny from Muar branch, Lai Kuan from Ipoh, and below is Yang , EMS from Kinrara and finally Connie from Greentown branch. All are PFC except Yang and Ahmad.


This was our last day during training. We had our lunch in Wisma KFC and obviously we had KFC. And Mr. Hii King Hui kept taking fotos of all of us. Nothing better to do.


Us in front of Wisma Hong Leong with the mini-fountain splashing it's water on us.
Raine, Penny, Angie, Stella, Connie and Ayumi

5 siao pohs in Bkt Bintang after consuming Lecka-Lecka. As usual the fotographer will be Mr. Onizuka Hii King Hui


I know this pic is super outdated. haha.. live with it. Taken during Convo 06 in MMU Cyber. Me kay poh there as usual :) it's a good thing anyway. It was a convo for Su Kin, Hsin Ser, Soon Hup and Chee Kiat. Others in the pic tumpang glamour oni. :) inclusive of me. Those convo flers are my close frens during high school days :)

This is Cik. Mien that FFK me for the Karaoke session for Piggie's burfdae celebration. Leaving her IC with her dearie Jason.*double pengsan*
Always FFK me mia. ish ish! One day gona kena from us d.
That's all folks for the day!


^PuRpLe BuTtErFlY^ said...

i was thinking who was that in da last photo...wearing yellow n looked so cute...and after i read ur despcriptions i nearly died it was MIEN!!! gossshhh...she look like 100% her short hair..cut short hairrrr...trend now...long hair dah OUT! miahhahaha... i miz mien sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!! =,(

aLittleMisfit said...

finally... some photos!

** stella ** said...

wah seh.. mien see this.. she pengsan kekembangan. wakakkaa.
lol short hair doesnt suit for each n every single soul k. lol

misfit, u got bored of words? lol.

geekomaniac said...

oi stella!
went to matta fair? went ther wit my parents...damn many offers, no money to go! oh hell i din even renew my passport...

anyway, i totaly agree that [Friendster] cafe is totaly #%!@#! went there once, and i swear to hell i ain't goin there again!

** stella ** said...

lol ya wei. pokai. adding to dat.. i dont have sufficient leaves for me to take. :( kenot go holi pun. :(

friendster cafe damn bodo. cacated giler. but nice to lepak la kaka coz they got Taboo card game.

^PuRpLe BuTtErFlY^ said...

we can go thr again...but order sky juices only...miahahahah...ppl oledi ask u drink da wine lohh...u dowan...ahhahaha...tuh la padahnyer...

btw..hey still got place 2 accomodate me into ur hotel at bugis kah? go do survey n plan whr u wana go in spore laa...dun go blindly w/o knowing whr 2go... bring LOTS of cash... cuz mrt n busses all kinda costly (after converting) and not mentioning food.. normal plate of chick rice can cost S$ u count la.. da 1st time i went thr wiv my mum we eat bread only and buy mc d fries share...kakakaka

^PuRpLe BuTtErFlY^ said...

btw..hav ur bf gary cheong confirmed da room wiv u?

** stella ** said...

plannning to be done later la. stil kidna far. i oredi put sentosa in. coz we all jakuns. nv been. lol.

btw, mr. gary have not confirm with me. he gona kena d. wahahahahaha.. i go UOA n find him til he pengsan oni he know wahahhaa

-midori- said...

Since when u have a bf?!

Who's gary cheong?!


^PuRpLe BuTtErFlY^ said...

midori : gary cheong is this leng cai which lat flirted wiv at the spore sentosa booth in matta da matter of fact he's very very nice 2 bully...and....he thinks lat is indon chinese....

lat : sentosa entrance fees kinda expensive...i tink if u relly wana masuk n c those things it will cost u ard s$50...better u go 2 snow city lagi fun play snow...UIK AKU TANYER U STILL CAN ACCOMODATE ME OR NOT AH!!!!

p/s lat : i support u go find gary!!! or ring him up la.. wei go kawan wiv him laaa...den next time mebe he can give us disc 2 go i tink he's a relly fun guy 2 b wiv... =p

Ashwin said...

i personally won't recommend snow city. nothing much to do there other than play with snow and go down the slide.

** stella ** said...

wahaha.. ass lets go snowing! wahha.. ass i wan real snow can? =(

glenn got korea to go dowan to go.. glenn weird donk donk. ask gimme ticket dowan to give. ish.

melia.. u're in la. we jakuns not been to sentosa b4 ma.. think can spend extra bit la since there d. esp me who's in sing for d 1st time.

midz.. he';s not my bf.. n i didnt flirt with him. amelia buli him. i juz PURCHASE room for sing from him. :) Me innocent.

^PuRpLe BuTtErFlY^ said...

excuuuuuuuse me...i didnt bully him okay...he's bullying u n im defending...wahahha or mebe u shiok being bullied by him... *sigh* ur boyf werd...yey i go tell ching u got new boyf!! wahahah..

go snow go snow...oh so ass @ ashwin is da guy we met at pahlawan dat day huh...mihahahaha

lat weekend ko balik hometown lagik ka?

** stella ** said...

i didnt leh. i buli him got la. isk. n btw.. he's not my bf.

yeah ass@ashwin@ashwini is the guy u saw. lol. the cute 1. :X

i tak balik la dis weekend. coz next weekend i baliking. :(

Karen said...

i like your fetish ~~ lol

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