Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am feeling mediocre.

And I hate it.

Why the fuck am I a mediocre? WHY?

I cannot be a mediocre.

How can I change things to not be mediocre?

How can I change myself to not be mediocre?

I really hate it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Crazily Irresponsible Parents!

Quoted : The Star Online
Friday March 27, 2009

Baby dies, drunk parents forgot to feed him


MIRI: A baby boy, less than a month old, starved to death after his parents allegedly forgot to feed him because they were too drunk.

The baby died in the intensive-care unit of Miri Hospital yesterday morning and a police report has been lodged.

Police now want to question the parents, in their early 30s from a longhouse in southern Sarawak, who came to Miri to work and were renting a house at a low-cost housing scheme near the Sarawak-Brunei High­way, some 12km north of the city centre.

Relatives found the baby unconscious in the house and rushed him to the hospital at about 3am on Wednesday.

Miri deputy OCPD Supt Ismail Paduka Idris confirmed that the baby died in the morning.

“We are investigating claims that the parents had indulged in a prolonged drinking spree and had neglected the baby.

“Initial investigations show that the baby might have been so severely neglected that he suffered fatal consequences.

“We want to find out whether this was due to carelessness,” Supt Ismail said.

The couple also have a three-year-old daughter.

What's wrong with parents nowadays? U GOT YOUR KID STARVED COZ YOU BOTH WERE DRUNK? WTF IS THIS? u're being so irresponsible and u calling yourselves parents, why the heck u even bother making babies when all u are bothered with was to get drunk and left ur 1-month old baby starve to death?crazy bastards. i wonder what they have done to their 3-year-old. Carelessness cannot be an excuse. How careless can a parent be to actually have neglected a one-month old child to be starved till death? TILL DEATH!!!!!! HOW BAD CAN THAT BE??? They should be getting the right judgement for their selfish actions!!!! Crazy assh*les!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Hectic Weekend!

One weekend, One Saturday, One 21032009...

Two good friends, Two Wedding, Two Merging of Life...

And One Dad's Birthday...


I ended up going for Su Kin's wedding dinner, but was there during Misfit's pre-wedding day kay-poh-ing and 'helping' around a day before his wedding.

Kay-poh-ed again on his wedding lunch. But attended Su Kin's wedding that night. That was becoz Su Kin invited me wayyyyyyyyy before misfit invited me! *booo misfittttt*

My saturday's eventful day....

got up, went to Misfit's house, came back at 2pm...

quickly glanced through my contract and was at my client's place at 3.30pm... and came back home at 4.30pm.

At 5pm, ran out of the house to Jusco to get my dad's birthday present and reached home at about 6.15pm.

Took my bath, changed, make-up and gotten ready for Su Kin's wedding dinner where Kin Choong picked me up at 7pm.

Wedding dinner from 7-10.30pm... reached home, took my car and met Benny, Midori, Ong CS and Shirley(or smth like that) at Acalante(something like dat) at Jonkers.

Wah,.. can die wei schedule like that everyday. but at least i didnt die of home boredom though :p

Pictures removed as per request - privacy issue.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I wanna blog. But, I don't know what to blog about.

Sometimes, I've got tons of things to blog about and have no time to blog. But, now, I felt like blogging but I got nothing to blog about.

Company's going through some major obstacle but I'm confident we will get through it and be better. With the fact that I went for an appointment earlier proudly telling that my company got raided and we did a huge 1 pager ad 2 days later stating our huge returns, make the prospect to be on my side, stating the obvious.

I'm fine.

I guess.

I am not sure.

I don't know.

I'm tired.

In everything.

I'm not sure.

Of everything.

I am tired.


Friday, March 13, 2009

A Plagiarized Drama
- courtesy of Khoo Hou Haw

Long long Time Ago, In An Airport Juah-Juah Away...
It was a cozy Saturday morning. Since Ryan is suppose to fly to China for a contract work and Jolyn hasn't move into my house yet, I was taking my time enjoying this peaceful morning on my bed... Suddenly, ring... ring... Who the fuck is that...? Ryan Lee calling?
Picking up my phone...

HH : Huh? What What happened?
Ryan : SHIT! My friend PPK me! He's suppose to send me to LCCT but until now I still cannot get him! SHIT!
HH : Where're you now? Alamak!
Ryan : I'm on my way to KL Sentral station, can you come and fetch me to LCCT? SHIT! SHIT!

Putting down my phone, I immediately jumped from my bed, brushed my teeth, changed my shirt, combed my hair, (all done in 5 seconds) and shot out to KL Sentral in my Supercar with Superman speed & Fast & Furious style...
half way through... phone rang

Ryan : Where are YOU!!!
HH : Coming! Coming!
Ryan : Wei! Faster lah! I'm reaching KL Sentral already!
HH : OK, OK! Cool down man! I'm almost reaching light speed liao! What time is your flight?
Ryan : 12:45pm! SHIT!
HH : WTF!!! Now is already 11:40! You think can make it?!
Ryan : Aiya! Faster lah, don't talk so much!

Following this were numerous times of "Where are you!" & "Coming! Coming!" calls - Skip that!

Finally Ryan was in my car. After all the langgar red lights and illegal U-turns, we finally broke out from the KL traffic jam and reach the highway...

Ryan : I think cannot make it already...
HH : Ya... that's why we learnt how to read the clock in primary school...
Ryan : Shit! How to explain this to my client.....
HH : Just tell them the truth lor...
Ryan : You think they will believe it?...
HH : Up to you lor...
Ryan : Or should I tell them my car broke down half way...
HH : You think they will believe it?...this excuse very old school ler...
Ryan : Up to them lor...Yalor... very old school excuse...

Reaching LCCT at 12:15, as expected... couldn't make it.
So, Ryan called his client... and started to do what we've been rehearsaled in the car - old school excuse + suara kesian of Ryan.
It works! His client agreed to pay for him the second flight ticket. So, Ryan bought the ticket of 1:30 flight. He was so relief that he don't have to bear the flight ticket, and was smiling tak habis-habis there.

Ryan : Come, we go McD to have our lunch, I belanja!
HH : Ok

Sitting down there, we were relaxingly taking our lunch and chatting there. When it is about time I parted with Ryan to go back my car. When I was out from LCCT, phone rang again... Rayn Lee calling...
Picking up...

HH : Huh? What What happened?
Ryan : SHIT! I can't BELIEVE it! I missed the flight AGAIN! SHIT! SHIT!
Ryan : I can't believe it... i can't believe it... i can't believe... (sounds like mumbering to himself already...)
HH : HEY! I'm turning back now! Wait for me! Don't do anything stupid!
Ryan : shit... i can't believe it...shit... (still mumbering to himself)
HH : Wait for me! Coming now!

Reach LCCT again, park my car beside the road, rush to the entrance... I saw Ryan standing there holding his suitcase...
His eyes were soulless... his body was like half melted already... and his surrounding has been greyed out and moving in slow motion...

HH : Hey... you ok?
Ryan : shit... i can't believe it... shit... how can I explain this to my client again... shit... what happened to me...shit...
HH : (very carefully...) how you...missed the flight...again...?
Ryan : I'm suppose to check in 45 min earlier. Yet, I was taking my time eating McD and surf net somemore...
HH : I think you should call your client again...you know...explain to them...
Ryan : How the fuck should I tell them? I missed the flight again? Will they believe it?
HH : Well... it just happened... I can be your witness.
Ryan : Shit, even myself can't believe this?

Again, after few rehearsal, Ryan called his client again - guess what? They accept this! They must have know Ryan well enough to know that this thing can actually happened to him...

So, we bought the flight ticket on the next day morning, since no more flight available on that day already... and Ryan have to pay for himself this ticket...

Getting my car... I saw a summon coupon on my car and a policeman standing beside it. Shit! Illegal parking!

HH : sorry boss...
Police : U punya road tax sudah expired lah.
HH : (Alamak! Forgotten, my road tax just expired and I'm suppose to renew it on Monday!)
HH : boss, macam mana ni...
Police : Ini offence besar ni, kena issue summon. Kasi IC dan driving lesen.

Policeman took my IC and straight away issued a summon already! This is the first policeman in my entire life that didn't ask for rasuah! End up I have to pay for my summon, then have to come back to Sepang to attend the police court for not renewing my road tax...

Inside the car...

Ryan : What a day...
HH : Ya... What a day...
Ryan : I will never forget today...
HH : Ya... I will never forget today...
Ryan : ...
HH : ...
HH : Hey, you think we can report this to Malaysia BOLEH Record?
Ryan : Fuck you... hehehe
HH : ... you think we can break this record again tomorrow?
Ryan : FUCK YOU!!!

Continuation Upon Reaching China

Long long Time Ago, In An Airport Lagi Juah-Juah Away...

The plane was flying on the sky of China... One happy man was enjoying this comfortable flight. Although a lot had happened on the previous day, Ryan felt like the worst had happened in his life... from now on, nothing else bad will come close to that...

Reaching the Airport of Zhuhai, China, Ryan was walking alone with his luggage going out from the airport. His welcoming crowd was no longer there... and he had to make it to the hotel by himself.

Suddenly, one chinese middle-age man approached him. (from now on we call him chinapek)

Chinapek (in mandarine): Where are you going, sir?
Ryan (in his broken mandarine): I'm going to the Zhuhai Hotel.

Ryan showed him the photo of the Hotel on his handphone which he took his own sweet time to googled and downloaded at the LCCT McD.

Chinapek : No problem, just follow me.

Chinapek grabbed Ryan's luggage from his hand and started to walk away already. Ryan had no choice but to follow him.

Ryan : Where's your car?
Chinapek : Not far, not far, just around here.

But after some distants of walking, Ryan still hasn't see any taxi around. And they were walking to a kampung area already, with a lot of chinapek sitting beside the road, looking at him... weirdly...

Something is not right!...Ryan thought to himself...What does he want from me?...Is he going to rob my luggage, rape me, murder me, then sell my organs...?! I must run away now! But my luggage is still with the chinapek! My precious MacBook is inside it!!! How!!!

Then they reached a small lorong...

Chinapek : My friend is a taxi driver, he's staying in here, we go in and get him.
Ryan (pretending to be relax...) : No problem, I'll take a cigarette here and wait, you go and get him first.

So, chinapek left his luggage there (Ryan : yes!!!), and walked inside the lorong by himself. Ryan quietly looking at the chinapek walking until he turned into a corner...

Threw away his cigarette! Grabbed his luggage! Keeping his head down, Ryan immediately ran as fast as he could! While all the other chinapek still sitting there watching quietly as this man running away like a rabbit...

Running past a corner... walau Holy-God!!! There was a real taxi coming towards him. Quickly stopped and jumped into that taxi, and showed the driver again the hotel photo... I want to go Zhuhai Hotel!

Ok! Reply the driver. Then he started to drive already... wait, no!!! He's driving to the road Ryan just escaped from...!!! He could see he was going towards the lorong and the chinapek was coming out from there.........

(Camera changed angle)

The chinapek came out and found out his rabbit was no longer there... There was a taxi driving past him with no one inside the car...

Back to inside the taxi...

Ryan was hiding under the level of the window as the taxi drove past the chinapek...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Going against global warming!

It is an event where we switch our lights off for 1 hour/60 minutes. This event started off in Sydney, Australia in 2007. 2.2 million home and business switched off their lights for an hour! in 2008, they reached the mark of 50 million people!

In 2009, it reached a whole new level. Where, it has reached globally. Our goal this year is to have 1 billion people to switch off their lights for an hour!

For a better planet, switch off your lights for an hour and join the Earth Hour 2009.

Saturday, March 28, 8.30 - 9.30pm.

I understand from Nicole's blog that there will be a march in Cap Square on 28th march. Still trying to get more information. Anybody's up to it? :)

I'm looking for kakis!

Show your support and sign up on Earth Hour !!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unforgettable Drama at 3.40am on 9th March '09

I am tryin to cut the whole drama short.

We had 2 buckets of beer in Bali Cafe @ Jetty. Our beloved friend, Kit, ops... did i mention his name? =X oh Benny's ex bestest as claimed... had slightly a lil' more drinks than all of us. At approximately 3am, midori did a statement, " boring la. let's do smth. my house got beer, we go take beer and go beach drink"

We did not achieve to any agreement. Thus, benny took his car with us in it and went rounding in melaka raya aimlessly. btw, Benny was the driver, Kit was the co-driver seat while midori and myself at the back.

Half way around town, we decided to go as midori's suggestion. On the way to Klebang... Kit openned his mouth, " eh i dont feel like going la. can send be back ah?"

Benny : !*@&#(@#&(!( "get out la... walk back home laaaa" (jokingly)
Kit : ok. used to it d. *walks out the car and walks off on the opposite direction*
Midori and me: *LOST*


Mid & Me : Benny! CALL HIM LA!!!
Ben : He not pickin up!!!
Kit : *cooly walks on*


Sampai Junction.. Kit continue walking "macholy"

Me & Mid : *pusing kiri nampak police patrol car* SHIT! POLICE! TURN LEFT!!
masuk taman

*turn into taman... while our eyes watching behind our car"


Turn one round fetch Kit quickly and zoomed off. Happily thinking we have lost the police.

Tiba tiba!!! *blue lights flashing from the back*

kena potong on the faster lane and kena stop ditepi.

At approximately 3.40am, 9th March 2009..... we dihenti di tepi.

Asked for all 4 ICs and Benny & Kit's license.

Police : Apasal tadi jalan sana.. nampak kereta you reverse lepas to masuk taman?
Kit : Angkat kereta la bang
Ben : nak angkat kit pergi minum
Me : Terlepas junction nak angkat Kit masuk kereta
Police : dia cakap ambik kereta, abih naik kereta ni?
Ben : Tadi ingat nak pergi balik, tapi last minute nak pi minum. so call kit, cakap pi satu kereta, itu la angkat kit.
Kit : Betul bang, takda hal. betullll
Police : Kalau dah buat salah tu, takkan nak mengaku! takkan nak berak tepi jalan!
Ben, Kit, Mid & me : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA loudly.
Police : tadi dari mana?
Ben : Mlk raya.
police : minum?
kit : sikit jer bang.. sikit jer.
police : kalau test mesti kena tau
ben: takda la bang, sikit saja laaaaa
police : kalau test ,,, mesti kena tau
kit : tak da la.. tadi minum sikit saja..
police : *in another way telling kalau test mesti kena tau" then continued with "kalau kena.. mesti ada mahkamah semua tahu:"
Ben, Kit, Mid & Me : *buat duh*

Finally after longgggg time.. he let us go.

We laughing and laughing and scolding kit... we.. accidentally....

turned left at junction, langgar the red traffic light :|


Then... kit Ber-drama again.

Kit : eh! where my license ah?
Ben: not with u meh? he never give ah?
Mid & Me : *find find korek korek find find*
Me : Benny, stop car aside...

*Car stopped tepi jalan while Kit came out and find under his seat*

While looking for the license... The same patrol car have to pass by :|
Stopped in front of us again :|

Police : Aper ni?
Kit : Bang .. tadi bang ada bagi balik lesen ah?
Police : aderrrr.. *muka chuak*

*korek korek korek and i foudn it under the chair at the side*

We terpaksa turn right to klebang coz we oredi told police we going klebang as they were behind us.



Friday, March 06, 2009

Panas, panas, panassss... HOT!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jason Mraz is SOoooooooooooooooo HOT!!

I just got back from Jason Mraz's concert earlier in Stadium Negara... and he'sss oooohhhh soooo hoooottt...

My ticz to Mraz :)

he's like damn damn hot. freakingly hot. and his sempoi guitar playing and singing with him dancing to his own songs makes him even hotter! and did i mention that jason mraz is sooooooo HOTTTT???

He's so toned and damn HOT. ok enough of hot.... but he's really THAT HOT!

Even melvyn and vince said this , "my heard is melting for him". sounded gay, i know.

Jason Mraz was crazily engaging his crowd... he was so damn blardy good at it! He made us sing, he made us copy him, he made us feel engaged to him!!!

Walked up the stage with a khakis pants and a blue plain shirt with his guitar.. and just making his magic with his guitars and his wonderful voice.. did wonders to the crowd. THE TICKETS WERE SOLD OUT! The relaxed guy does not only come with a good voice, but a good package of good guitar skills, freaking good showmanship and those sexy dance move he did on the stage. :") makes me droooolllll.....

Jason Mraz performing. ;) my fone cam sux. thus, the quality :)

Oh yeah... btw... damn drama.. vince picked me from my condo at 5.30pm.. at approximately 6pm where we wre about 5 minutes from stadium negara.. i realised i forgot my ticz! lol. did a u-turn back to damansara.. and one hour later, 6.30pm i was still at my condo. haha.. but reached there at 7 and manage to still be on time for everything. =)

Back to jason mraz.... he's just soooooooooooooooooooooo good!


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Jason's Burfdae!

Last Monday was Jason's birthday.. 29 year old d. old man d :P hheee..

I wanted to blindfold him from damansara to the hotel.... but he didnt want to be blind folded. i also sked wait he trip n fall den i hafta carry him :|

We celebrated his burfdae in a fine dining restaurant in Bintang Restaurant, a revolving restaurant in Federal Hotel. Surprisingly there isn't any jam at all going to bukit bintang at 7pm from Damansara. =D

Anyways... the view from Revolving restaurant was just ok la.. nto that great. i wanted the kl tower but it was like freakishly expensive.. which i think i'll have like a permanent hole in my pocket sial. And, according to damn huge huge huge amount of comments i found over the internet and also from my friends, the food in the KL Tower revolving restaurant is not great at all for the price u pay. We had tenderloin steak in federal revolving restuarnt instead. :)

We sampai there.. only got 1 table with humans sial. i dont think they even need reservation for a dinner there.. coz its practically SO SO SO damn empty. The ambience was nice.. dinner over candle light =)

Here are some photos of the night :)

and oh yah! i was the driver for the day. lol.

the lunch that supposedly i was cooking for him.. end up cooking together gether. lol

that's my gorden bleu chicken.. with cheeseeee flowing out of the chicken.

cheese omellette.

chicken cream soup :)

jason trying hard to act cute :p


Bintang Revolving Restaurant @ Federal Hotel
the "appetizer"

starter - chicken shredded tortilas

the restaurant.


the driver

End of the night :)