Thursday, May 31, 2007

Get out of the bank! It is Friday 1pm!

Today felt like a Friday, I don't know why. Probably i'm a weekend freak! which employee arent??? I won't like work for the company and die for the company! siow eh.. those who work on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and SUNDAY!!! crazy. Not as if i'm like handsomely paid!

Today at work.. as the usual rush rush rush.. coz month end.. boss wanna hit branch target.. I oso wanna hit my personal target.. so rush like sial. Den.. my boss told me a big joke. She showed me an e-mail. Which I don't know if I should cry or laugh. This has nothing to do with racism n all. But, it just gets me like.. "uh???" The huge .doc file content stated,
To all Muslim customers, banking transactions on Friday between 12.30pm to
2.30pm is highly discouraged.

And, suprisingly, the bank that serves purely HLIB are to be closed on Friday from 1230pm to 230pm. I am suprised, seriously. I mean, it is in their religion that they have to do their Friday prayers but I do know of some who doens't obey to it. I mean, we can't force them, can we? Ironic, isn't it? Same goes to Christians who ponteng Church and sleeps at home. I'm not saying it's not right, but why?

Okay. Enough bout bank. Last Monday night, I bang my baby Myvi. I bent the bumper and I broke my heart. :( I CRIED THE WHOLE NIGHT MAN!!!!! damn freaking and fucking sedih wei! I've never officially banged people's car in my freaking life and now I bang someone's car with my own small carelessness with my new MYVI! I went to check out the car day before yesterdayy.. the fler's car was as good as new.. with no dent at all. Sah lah kereta lama lebih keras dari kereta baru. my car like plastic toy car. The fler driving an old iswara.. same quality cam I punya saga. Keras macam bulldozer. I remember when I was being banged by a stupid special edition Wira, the fler teruk kao kao, me only some scratches and kemek abit. this time.. i understand how the other party felt. My car was like.. quite bad in damage :( for a light touch on the iswara.. wat an expensive lesson i've got. It cost me RM260 juz coz of that kiss i had on that iswara. I hafta ketuk back out the bumper and also the side besi on top of my tire as the alignment lari d. i wasnt able to open my passenger door that day coz of the alignment. Then, I resprayed the whole bumper and now my car is back to normal. But I could still see some defects on it. It wasn't as pretty as it used to be. It is as if my car went through a plastic surgery. :(

Today had dinner with Shyam that's leaving HLB tmr. Had been a nightmare for her in TPA branch. As well as for me too. HLB scared me and I wouldnt want to ever work under any Hong Leong Group of Companies anymore. I called Klang branch today due to some housing loan shit just to find out the PFC helping me there.. is his last day in the branch. Everybody is leaving the bank, especially the financial consultants. HLBB train and Alliance, UOB and OCBC take for free. Stupid hlbb. Idiotic management with idiotic ideas and moronic 'schemes'. No wonder people leave and it's so hard to hire. Just look at the sit next to me, I wonder how long will it be vacant. Ever wondered why uh? Morons.

Now, should I tender my letter next week or the middle of the month? :( Im in a crisis. Fuck.

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Curve

Yes, I'm a Curve freak. Was there on Friday and again today. My same spot today but different book. Finished the earlier one already. Now it's "my 3 husbands". I was being forced to blog this entry by Allen Tan on whatever happenned in Curve the past Friday.

I had a perfectly fine Friday. Went to work.. chao.. went home rested and mandi.. and headed to Curve to meet up with Melia, Pig, Glenn n Allen. Had dinner in Hooked which amelia even written the comment on the comment sheet even before dinner was served which supposedly we'd be in the running to winning some shite. can't remember wat. At approximately 10pm.. we walked over to Laundry bar @ Italiannies. We yak yak yak.. n had our n out of toilet coz over loaded with liquid. At about 2am.. when i started to feel a lil unwell.. n when we were about to go back.. we stood up..

And I remember i held onto allen's shoulder with my left hand and amelia on my right hand.. and i said.. i wasnt feeling very good. Next thing i know.. i drop down , black out. just for a few seconds.. den they'd held me up n dragged me to the sidewalk. Where I sat and turned white. Well, pale would be a better word. It was a familiar feeling which I once had in the LRT when i was on these fucking crazy diet which i dont consume sugar at all, inclusive of fruits! But now, i'm on perfect meals and all.. so i dont know wat caused that. Am gona go to the doc tmr tho.

Allen n Pig got me a bottle of water from TGIF which I heard from them the supervisor was nice enuf to give it for free. Drank the water.. bla.. went toilet a lil bit.. and i was perfectly fine. Or at least I felt i was perfectly fine. But they'd didnt trust me enough to drive back. *lol* but yeah.. i drove back also at the end with wei lee tailing me at the back. I'm a stubborn bitch, I know. :)

The end of pengsan story. Now yawl can comment and kutuk as much as u want. *lol*

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tootyyy . . . I see tooty everywhere !

In my earlier post, i spend my whole day in curve. Den.. that same night.. pig asked me if i wanna go yamchar or not? coz the weather was so hot.. she wanted to have some lolo! Infact, the day before.. the saturday.. there was a conversation that took place like that over the msn.
Pig : wei.. isetan got sales man!!! go buy heels!!! I bought wei.. 70%
Me : oh.. izit? wah how much arh?
Pig : Mphosis! Only RM21!!!
Me : wah!!! so cheap ah? u sure or not? Not RM210? i dont trust u.
Pig : Yeah la idiot. Eh.. since got nothign to do now.. wan go klcc
or not? I Bring you go buy.
Me : :/ uh huh! *fyi it was 1.40pm* err.. sure orn ot? den i go mandi
Pig : sure laaaa. wann or nottt?
Me : Ok la.. i go mandi now..
Pig : but hor.. wait let me calculate some time.. by the time i come out
from the house.. i reach your house oredi 2.10.. den reach klcc 2.30 den 4 pm i
must be home.. so meaning 3.30 must go d. I think we go tmr la.
Me : !f#($&*#(*#$#($*)($*!!!!!!!!!
So.. when conversation like that can take place.. i don't .. err.. put much hope on a sunday night at 11pm when we both got work the next day! But miracally.. she came!

Just before taht.. we were also talking over msn.. n she went like that.. eh u know ah.. this place in kepong.. call jinjang wei! got nice lolo! come we go eat.. but hor.. i not sure wehre is it.. it's somehwere where have to turn down.. dont go up flyover.. got roudabout.. must turn 3o'clock... hrm.. wanna try? classic wei! ask me wanna try. *pengsan* so .. my replied to her was... "why don't you try while i sit in?" *heh*

So.. we drove all the way to kepong.. n believe it or not.. we sesat. hrm.. konon stupid carrefour signboard.. written there 5km ahead.. we follow jer la.. ended up in mrr2. like bodo. till i hafta call my friend. and finally .. i think after 40 minz.. we foudn the place. gosh!

As the name was.. jinjang.. we sat down to have our lolo. Then.. came this couple.. where the girl.. dressed.. errrhm.. something like tinker bell.. but just.. errr.. uglier. :X 1st prove of jinjang-ness. den.. next thing we know.. this konon drifter.. came n drifftttttt the car before turning into the corner. damn! crazy.. 2 nd prove of jinjang-ness. Enough is enough. *gosh*

Then.. on the way back.. we ta pao-ed Limau Barli... sedap wei.. then we minum minum before getting into the car.. den best part is on the way back.. I had the farniest 'joke' in my life wei. And the conversation went like that,
Me : wei .. i think u shud start boiling some barli limau at home
Pig : yes man! Den.. i give u the char.
Me : Woi.. must only give me if nice.
Pig : but hor.. i think if i boil .. i dowan to put in the bijik bijik
Me : @#&@#*!@#&
Me : but hor.. i think those bijik bijik thing are called BARLEY!
I rest my case.

And.. i wasnt allowed by her to blog about it. And if I do, i must censor her name to *toot* and thus.. she changed from a pig, to a fish and now a tooty. Which, she obviously wanted to be the mini yellow tweety bird. But, i think tooty suits her more.

So, the end of tooty story.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

A wonderful Mother's day to all mothers out there! And to all of you out there, appreciate ur mummies!!! Tell 'em you love 'em!!!! And make sure u do! Probably.. make 'em a home made card or even home bake cake! Tell 'em!! Show 'em!! when you get to becoz it's when you don't get to that you'd want to. So, tell 'em, show 'em that you love them before you are unable to. There were alot of mummies in church this morning and pastor prayed that they would be able to take good care of their families, be a strong mum and to be dependent upon God in their home. And I prayed that my mummy be happy up there in heaven. :) I wanted to wish mothers a happy mothers day.. so i sms-ed all the mothers in my handphone a wonderful mother's day. Happy Mother's Day, mummy!

I was a lone ranger today, even in the church.. hehe.. coz i got up late and was unable to go for first service where my ah yee was in. So, I went to 2nd service at 11am alone. Had lunch in kayu with nick for abit den went off to Curve, the usual routine, Curve. I'm practically there on weekends either with frenz or alone. You'd probably believe it that I have a share in the Curve's stakeholder list. *gosh* Had my time going through clothes in Nichi and Borders. Ended up buyin books in Border.. RM40 flew off. Decided to have a Macciato. Thus, landed my ass on Starbucks' chair @ Borders. Sat there for a good 3 hours while reading through 'My Best Friend's Girl', an interesting book with an interesting story line.. and yet not so long winded. Met Shaun for a bit as he was working upstairs in Cosway. He came down n had a cup of coffee with me and of coz a small chat before he rushed back up to sell more cosway products! *heh*

I then walked over to O'Briens' to pack sandwich for dinner. They serve damn good sandwiches. They cost bout RM13 each but once you've tried 'em, you wanna try 'em again. :) trust me. I'm not a person who would pay RM13 for a sandwich! But, I did. So.. yeah. :)

Came back home.. and gave my grandma a call to wish her a mother's day too. *lol* and she complaining I didn't come back. *hehe* And.. yeah.. now I'm seated in front of my PC, blogging. And, tomorrow's another blue monday.

Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

- Malaccan Thread ™ : Edisi Cuti-Cuti MT v1 -

Malaccan Thread grew and grew!!! It was our first cuti-cuti MT for the spammers of Malaccan Thread! Our destination was Port Dickson, and we stayed in Corus Paradise Resort. Apartment was so-so.. we were 'upgraded' to the penthouse.. the so called pent house.. which the tangga sounds as if it's gonna runtuh. *lol* But, all in all, we all experience the same thing, FUN. =D

I love this sunset one. very nice!

I see me n another 2!

Prolly, this is Eddy's hidden talent. hrm...

Scenic Photos, courtesy of Eddy! Nice photos taken with his canggih HP!

We chilled there.. literally chilling. We lepak-ed in the apartment most of the time during our PD trip. We reached, we checked in and we lepaked by playin cards. Till dinner time.. we had a good seafood dinner.. den back to apartment, and chilled by playin cards, beer a lil here n there and tid bits a lil here n there. Then.. we played cards whole nite n chatted whole nite.. den tido.

Next morning.. i woke up at bout 7am.. sleepily walked down the stairs.. had a card game with em.. while facing the beautiful wide sea.. with morning breeze.. den came misfit, toink toink.. ehhhh rainbow! den.. only i looked.. yea lah!!! rainbow wei.. from the middle of the horizon.. i can't explain how relaxing and beautiful it was :) We met chee leong, misfit's fren for breakfast of half boiled egg with roti bakar at a local kopitiam.. damn! u know how slow is dat town??? damn rilek wei! but den.. if i stayed there for a month.. i think i'll rot. :x

Can you see the rainbow!!! Soooo boootiifulllll!!!!
When we got back to hotel.. we went to the sea to main air.. first david and kamwah went down.. n celup themselves in the sea. den me and eddy came tagging along.. eddy straight jumped into the sea.. while me see left see right.. konon la.. duno to swim.. den dis dumbdumb david swam towards me.. den slowly walked out the sea.. and said this to me,
"Bu, ini di mana ya?"

Bodo mia david! konon.. swam all the way from indon!

Then, i went into the water. And got attacked! See, I'm surrounded and attacked as I was protecting myself. *poor me* Sorry if im exposing some sexy bodies here. *lol*

Then, we had a 'group' celup air photo with the guy behind me.. having the 'superman' pose. The others.. kurang sporting.. dowan to celup themselves into the water. ish!

And, i wasn't just attacked in the water! I was also attacked in the apartment! Seeing is believing!

And finally, a group photo of different versions.. and readyyyy....
clik clak!den.. another time... by misfit.. tak sempat nak senyum.. he oredi chik chak!
then.. another time.. ready...... chik chak! this time ok abit. *lol*
.. but i didnt realised those dumb dumbs were doing somethign on my head till i saw the photos!

It was all fun. You'd better not miss out cuti-cuti MT v2!
*TwinKle-tWinkLe StAr*

Twinkle-twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the sky so high

Like a diamond in the sky

okie, good nite.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Knowledge Group

As I looked back at my photos in KGC, how I missed those times I had there. Tho the management sucks, still not as sucky as KMDC. I enjoyed my time there despite the stupid rules of not being allowed to go toilets or make coffee half an hour after work start and half an hour b4 work ends. I had friends, YOUNG ONES, unlike HLBB now. Every weekend, i look forward for the Monday. Why? Coz I enjoy being at work, not doing the work. I enjoy the company that I get at work, I enjoy the taboo sessions, I enjoy the charade sessions and I enjoy the satisfaction of closing a deal. :) I've learn lots there esp. on how to get rid of secretaries! Getting a deal and the whole floor celebrates for u.. nothing beats that satisfaction. The happiness you feel within you, I have never felt the same in all the other sales that I closed in any other companies. Imagine 1 sale and other 30 flers celebrates with you. If that's not satisfaction, tell me wat's satisfaction.

Man I miss KGC, so blardi much. I missed team building and I miss X'mas parties! :) I miss bowling times and I miss pool times. I miss Friday meetings and I miss lunching in the stuffy place. Knew good people from there and of coz a few lousy ones too. But hey, I could keep the good ones with me, always. :)

I miss Theng theng, I miss Az, I miss Ryan, I miss Ben, I miss Suren, I miss Prakash, I miss G, I miss Eugene, I miss Michelle, I miss Shan, I miss Yasmin and I even miss JC and Suresh! Though some of em gave a very bad impression to all, I still feel withouth 'em, then there's no fun! Like how the "company" name, Alpha-Q was being pronounced by Yasmin over n over again and still not getting the meaning.

I had a great time in KGC, times which I will never forget. Times which I can't get anywhere else.