Friday, May 04, 2007

Knowledge Group

As I looked back at my photos in KGC, how I missed those times I had there. Tho the management sucks, still not as sucky as KMDC. I enjoyed my time there despite the stupid rules of not being allowed to go toilets or make coffee half an hour after work start and half an hour b4 work ends. I had friends, YOUNG ONES, unlike HLBB now. Every weekend, i look forward for the Monday. Why? Coz I enjoy being at work, not doing the work. I enjoy the company that I get at work, I enjoy the taboo sessions, I enjoy the charade sessions and I enjoy the satisfaction of closing a deal. :) I've learn lots there esp. on how to get rid of secretaries! Getting a deal and the whole floor celebrates for u.. nothing beats that satisfaction. The happiness you feel within you, I have never felt the same in all the other sales that I closed in any other companies. Imagine 1 sale and other 30 flers celebrates with you. If that's not satisfaction, tell me wat's satisfaction.

Man I miss KGC, so blardi much. I missed team building and I miss X'mas parties! :) I miss bowling times and I miss pool times. I miss Friday meetings and I miss lunching in the stuffy place. Knew good people from there and of coz a few lousy ones too. But hey, I could keep the good ones with me, always. :)

I miss Theng theng, I miss Az, I miss Ryan, I miss Ben, I miss Suren, I miss Prakash, I miss G, I miss Eugene, I miss Michelle, I miss Shan, I miss Yasmin and I even miss JC and Suresh! Though some of em gave a very bad impression to all, I still feel withouth 'em, then there's no fun! Like how the "company" name, Alpha-Q was being pronounced by Yasmin over n over again and still not getting the meaning.

I had a great time in KGC, times which I will never forget. Times which I can't get anywhere else.