Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

A wonderful Mother's day to all mothers out there! And to all of you out there, appreciate ur mummies!!! Tell 'em you love 'em!!!! And make sure u do! Probably.. make 'em a home made card or even home bake cake! Tell 'em!! Show 'em!! when you get to becoz it's when you don't get to that you'd want to. So, tell 'em, show 'em that you love them before you are unable to. There were alot of mummies in church this morning and pastor prayed that they would be able to take good care of their families, be a strong mum and to be dependent upon God in their home. And I prayed that my mummy be happy up there in heaven. :) I wanted to wish mothers a happy mothers day.. so i sms-ed all the mothers in my handphone a wonderful mother's day. Happy Mother's Day, mummy!

I was a lone ranger today, even in the church.. hehe.. coz i got up late and was unable to go for first service where my ah yee was in. So, I went to 2nd service at 11am alone. Had lunch in kayu with nick for abit den went off to Curve, the usual routine, Curve. I'm practically there on weekends either with frenz or alone. You'd probably believe it that I have a share in the Curve's stakeholder list. *gosh* Had my time going through clothes in Nichi and Borders. Ended up buyin books in Border.. RM40 flew off. Decided to have a Macciato. Thus, landed my ass on Starbucks' chair @ Borders. Sat there for a good 3 hours while reading through 'My Best Friend's Girl', an interesting book with an interesting story line.. and yet not so long winded. Met Shaun for a bit as he was working upstairs in Cosway. He came down n had a cup of coffee with me and of coz a small chat before he rushed back up to sell more cosway products! *heh*

I then walked over to O'Briens' to pack sandwich for dinner. They serve damn good sandwiches. They cost bout RM13 each but once you've tried 'em, you wanna try 'em again. :) trust me. I'm not a person who would pay RM13 for a sandwich! But, I did. So.. yeah. :)

Came back home.. and gave my grandma a call to wish her a mother's day too. *lol* and she complaining I didn't come back. *hehe* And.. yeah.. now I'm seated in front of my PC, blogging. And, tomorrow's another blue monday.

Happy Mother's Day!


aLittleMisfit said...

ahahahahaha.... tu la... ask come back yamchar don't want... eksyen... now alone at kay el... XD

** stella ** said...

eh.. it's not a very sad thing k. :)

it's quite nice to sit in starbucks n read a book k. try! :D

Allen said...

Many ppl are doin tat actually..and i agree its quite nice to sit in starbucks n read a book, or surt net :)

** stella ** said...

me tarak lapie topie.. so i readie bookie :)

yeh.. see allen pun agree ngan i!

not a usual sight k for him to agree wit me.. hor allen? kaka :)