Tuesday, June 19, 2007

He went up to be with God.

I believe the title tells by itself. I only got to know bout this guy, named Wafi from Glenn and the rest about 2 weeks ago that he is suffering from lung cancer. And to worsen things, he's being informed of about another 9 months more to live. But he just left his family and friends this morning. That wasn't even 5 months! That was barely 2 months!!! Gosh.

And, I thought I had a pretty good day today. Went to work till like 2.30pm. Headed to Cadbury for my brand executive interview, while stuck with a bunch of 20 8-9year old international school matsalleh boys. They were so cute! My interview was done at 4.45pm which I headed home with lil' jam. Everything went on smooth till I saw Tim's post on Friendster that Wafi left. I was like OMG! It was a shock, really.

I don't know him personally, was a friend's friend but yet, I feel the grief. I mean, he's only 23 for God's sake! What has he done to deserve such a short life? I read through his blog earlier in the evening and notice this post in his blog. I think was posted somewhere end of last year.
My point is, finally i am coming to become a man of my own.Having a job,drawing my own path of life,all this decision making,is of my own choice.I am totally looking forward to the future.Finally.. i am a man with a plan.
He was just thinking to start a new life where he didn't even had the slightest idea that his life was going to end. He didn't even manage to get it started! damn. It got me thinking. Life isn't as what you see it is. I might plan this and that, I might plan to run my cafe 4 years from now with Midz and Aud but where will I be in 4 years time? I won't know. Nobody knows.

Had a chat with Danny yesterday in his car. He was telling me that I'm quite a spendthrift because I keep going for holidays. Well, probably he is right when it comes to holidays. Coz, i work and work with main aim to go for holidays. But, I just couldnt agree with him saying that im a spendthrift. I don't shop, I don't buy clothes every now and then, I don't even get perfumes that I want or watches that I want or even change my HP! I look into the menu and if possible, choose for the cheapest food! And I keep those money for my holidays! I'm not a spendthrift! To me, I don't know till when would I live. I do what I like doing, I go with my affordability. My holidays are usually Thailand coz it is affordable and yet makes me happy. I don't go for holidays now, when do I go? The day when I have to be with God? And when is that day? I don't know, you dont know. It might be 50 years from now and yet it might just be tomorrow.

Whatever it is, he is now up with God and not in HUKM suffering and trying to pull through. He's now healthily with no pain there, probably a better place for him. All we can do is to pray for his peace and his family. Sometimes things happen with no notice given. We'd just have to face it. This is life. It's not always a bed of roses.