Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Couch Surfing!

I came across this website some time back. Introduced by a fellow friend on msn. Browse through the site and was amazed but FORGOT to proceed further. Anyways, I visited Nicole's blog earlier and read about her latest post on her trip to Australia and she's using Couch Surfing(CS) also! Damn kao interesting lo i tell you! Especially for people who loves travelling like me :P Ask Regan if u wanna clarify. I bug him day and night about holidays and resorts and sun tanning and more Air Asia's promotions!

It's where you can go travelling at a lower cost coz most of the time, accomodation is the main killer of your pocket which indirectly puts alot of people off from the idea of travelling. Travelling to me is such an enjoyment one cannot miss. The new culture, the food, the people, the environment! Everything is different! I wanna travel the whole world if given the opportunity to! CS is such a fantastic idea!

I've taken photos of my couch to be offered on CS! 2 couches and a mattress! :D Don't worry so much on the safety of it. Drop by CS Project 2 website and u'll understand why! :D

It's damn cool man!

The pictures which I uploaded on CS.
My cheerful living room in my humble apartment

My lazy couchhhh

Another lazy couch which turned me into a potato sometimes.

The extra mattress whenever friends come by :)

HP Notebook for RM799!

I received a letter today from Citibank. I opened it and saw a promotion.

Exclusively for Citibank Dial For Cash customers! Only RM799 for the blardi HP laptop lo! If i know.. i wouldn't have gotten my BenQ for RM2400 leh!

Jialat. Awal-awal dowan send the promotion. isk!

Damn kek sim. :| super the 'pei' i tell u!

*kek sam*

Off the post abit... I'm craving for this thing down here :|

All Wong's fault for going to Sakae yesterday! Wah lao.. now i feel like eating the salmon :(

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jamming wit' Daughtry!

Vince has been asking me to 'jointly' text in to hitz.fm in order to win the tickets to the Daughtry's concert coz the ticz weren't on sale. You can only get the ticz either by buyin a sony ericsson phone or by winning them via hitz.fm. Wasting many RM0.50 sms(s) trying to win the ticz but to no avail.

Then.. on Friday when i was in Bill's morning event... i had a call from Nick. didn't know what he wanted as it was quite early and he doesn't call me in the day. Only night, for yam char. Called him back during the break and he asked if i wanted to attend a "party".

Nick :Wei... got this street jam party thing this Friday you wanna go?
Me: Wat street jam party?
Nick : Some street party la in 1u. want or not?
Me : Free ah?
Nick: I get the ticz for u. how many u want?
Me : erhm freeee den ok! :P wait i confirm the numbers

Nick did not mention the important word, DAUGHTRY. And so i thought.. oh-a-street-jam-party. watever.

Then.. I booked my ticz and told nick. Then.. we left crowne plaza to go home after Bill's talk, with Regan and Vince in my car. And i went like..
Me: hey vince.... the daughtry thing.. where is it this saturday?
Vince: 1U
Me: FUCK! you mean..... the daughtry is the some street jam party shit?


Cepat-cepat i called nick.. lucky got the ticz for Vince, or he'll hate me forever. *lol*

Anyways... it was fun. The concert was fun.. moving under the rain. And.. they had performances from Liang, Daniel and 3 DJs, forgot their names. but the RnB songs from the 3Djs were awesome! DAMN LAYAN SIAL. were damn nice songs. goncang giler. :| but the crowd abit the sien. they weren't shaking to the music. :|

Allen was jumping and jumping and jumping. Vince were so into the songs of Daughtry, Melvin was....erm..standing? :p Renan was tumpang-ing someone's umbrella and Wee Nee was trying to get some view. :|

Daughtry was awesome! He has a great voice, very entertaining :D THanx to sony ericsson!

Friday, July 25, 2008

J.Co Donuts! *random*

And.... we didn't hear their names clearly.. and we came out with George Clooney, Shaun Connery and even Rob Thomas! :|

Anyways... right after meeting.. we ran to Pavillion. Thanks to regan who wanted to eat KFC so much.

And.. worst of all.. after makan.. we wanna walk to our car... and we passed by J.Co Donuts. I know i damn jakun loh, never try J. Co before.

So.. i went like.. "wei! Wait.. since there';s no line at J.Co.. wanna buy 1 and try leh, never try before leh"

And.. Vince went like... ermm i also want one la. Then.. suddenly Regan went like.. eh I also want one! .. then worst.. suddenly Hoon Hoon pop out her head from no where.. EH I ALSO WANT.

Out of a sudden became 4 donuts. Den.. the fler promote promote.. became 6 donuts :|

heh. 2 mine and 2 hoon hoon la. and 1 regan and 1 vince :P Hoon Hoon as u can seeeee.. is a fan of choco. blardi chocoholic girl.

Mine was some nut choc or something and the other was tiramisu,. Tiramisu was damn kao sinful. It's like creamy on the top and when u bite.. a whole chunk of cream is in the donut. OMG. I felt like i swallowed 1000calories in a mini donut. :| but tiramisu was ok-ok only. nothing much. won't be going for a 2nd round for that.

Not sure bout the other one. I took home and it's still in the fridge. I was dead full. :|

The top 2 are the tiramisus!

Vince did the honour by taking first! :D

NGAP! He puts it into his mouth!
Regan shy! Hiding behind his roundy donut. Shy konon. lol!! like he knows how to shy :|

Vince was enjoying his tiramisu so much.. that he made himself so dirty :|

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Familiar Feeling

I was in Seremban today. Carrying a cheque of RM124,032.00 back to KL. I was happy. I was happy I found Mr. D as my latest client, a very unexpected one and yet a very nice one indeed. One of the nicer clients one can ask for. But, somehow or rather... the enjoyment had it's limits. It has a barrier.

I reached home at 6 in the evening. As my usual, stuck my hands into my laptop bag and pulled out my white lil laptop and log on to P1. I was dead tired, thus, I tugged myself onto bed for abit. And, all of a sudden, I got up at 8.30pm and I walked straight to my lappie.

And, I had this familiar feeling, that I rather not have.

A feeling that I'm all alone in this world. A feeling that makes me wonder if anyone really cared. A form of loneliness that I sense from and around me. A feeling that I wanna hide from the rest of the world in order for me to not feel vulnerable, to not feel sympathized, but to be felt as confident and full of strength. A smile that I put on when I see an individual, anyone, anybody. A smile that hides away all the vulnerability in me, that hides away all the fear in me. A smile that can make others smile while I cry from within. And, nobody knows.

That is the familiar feeling that I rather not have. A feeling of being lost with no directions. A feeling, nobody wants to have.
Dictionary 2009

I thought this was funny. Got it in my fwd email.

A possible plan of inclusion of a new word in the Oxford dictionary and Webster. *lol*

badawi [baa-daa-wee] (noun): To start something full of promise but end in disappointment, failure and/or disaster.


'I'm trusting you to perform this task well; don't do a badawi, ok?'

'Whatever I do, I will always find a way to badawise it.'

France badawied their Euro 2008 campaign. England pre-badawied theirs, while Italy were guilty of over-badawification.

*No offence.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Zealand

I didn't had a thing to visit NZ till recently. I've seen alot of nice and beautiful scenic photos of the beautiful country. The serenity feeling that I obtained from the pictures are simply magnificient and indescribable. I have attached 5 photos which I've gotten from a friend's friend that went to NZ recently for a track walk.. stuff.. but all i know is that it is gorgeously beautiful.

Now, my 3 mission by 2009 is
1) get a downpayment ready for a blardi house.
2) RM20K ready for Europe
3) extra money for holidays in NZ? lol
Can someone be crazy enough to tell me that the natural beauty, the work of God which are in
the photos below aren't beautiful? You can't resist it.

This is all in Mildford, New Zealand

Monday, July 21, 2008


I've literally watched all the movies on cinema. :| now dat i wanna watch a movie also nothing to watch. :|

In July, I've watched,
  1. The Dark Knight
  2. Doomsday
  3. Get Smart
  4. Hancock
  5. Hellboy 2
  6. Journey to the Centre of the Earth
  7. Wanted
  8. Kungfu Panda
:| Wat else to watch? :| It's funny sometimes when i wanna watch a movie.. and nobody wanna watch at that moment or someone has watched with someone.. or someone has watched coz i have something else to do and nobody was there to watch with. And.. at times.. the same movie 3-4 people asked u to watch. :| how ironic.

But... Upcoming.. there's alot of movies coming tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yooo hooo!!!
We have!!!
  1. The Mummy 3
  2. Wall-E
  3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  4. Mamma Mia!
ANd...i really can';t wait for Mamma Mia! lol. but i think forgetting sarah marshall wouold be nice too :)

ngak. movie freak.

Saturday, July 19, 2008



like serious shit!

Kena serang on Tuesday early morning at about 5am. Got up.. rushed to the toilet and... "brrraaaappppp" all water come out :| damn geli loh. and also damn alot lo.

Den.. tried to go back to bed. and woke up again at 7... anoter round of "brrrraaapppppppp"... but this time.. i puked as well... and this time.. is when my wohle body became cold.. and i nearly black out. too dehydrated d kot.

wah lao. the whole day i was like dead sotong.,

lemah can die.

called jason at 8am... tell him i almost wan mati d. :| lol. whole day i slept... coz there's nothign much i cud do. and best part.. on that day.. i was suppose to have damn lotsa activities. 2 meetings in the office, meeting up a friend and night got networking member meeting. :| all cancel thanks to "brraaapppppppppppp"

930pm jason came n bring me go doc. :|

take medicine d... til today still got "brrraaapppp" jialat. but not so bad la. now not like dead sotong d. :)

Tmr travelling back to mlk lagi. :D

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bukit Putih!

I found someone's blog with alot of photos of the trail in Bukit Putih!!!

Bukit Putih

Monday, July 14, 2008


In particular October 15-19!

Coz... i'm finally going for my holidaysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


i wish i can swim. den can learn surfing.... and go divinggggggggg :(


cant wait d...

I hate THY and don't you even dare ask me why.


Friday, July 11, 2008

I *heart* Seremban!

Hardwork does pay off. =)

Friday, July 04, 2008


I was walking by Jusco in Seremban 2 yesterday and passed by Guess. And GUESS WHAT!!! They are having their salesssssssssssssssssssssss up to 50% OFF on their handbags!!!!!

I checked with them, it's nationwide. So, it applies to the stores in KL too! :D GO GRAB THEM TILL YOU CAN!!! Well.. at least till your pocket can. *big grin*


IF YOU ARE A HSBC Card member... you are entitled to another 10%. *bigger grin*


4-6 July

Up to 50% discount


I did door to door. Would you?

Yes. I drove down to Seremban with Tsin Ai and Wong to do our door to door invitation to next Thursday seminar in Royale Bintang Seremban. It could probably be a 'image-destroyer' to do door to door as it appears sales-y but heck! If it adds value to me and it adds value to my client who sees the point of the investment, there's nothing to loose. =)

We started off our day in Columbia Asia Hospital. wasn't too good coz the system was too good. lol. doctors weren't in individual clinics that we could walk in door to door. But all doctors are in separate rooms and only being allowed to see them once u register at the nurse counter and once the doctor AGREES to see you. We managed to only see 1 - a consultant surgeon.

Without wasting more time, we moved to Oakland business park.. or watever u call the place. We drove around slowly watching for signboards of lawyer firms and clinics. We tried going door to door for clinics but it doesn't seem to work. They have this perception of "sales man not allowed". But they've got no idea how would this "salesman" here could have added value to their lives. Maybe not that huge humongous addition but I bet it could have changed their life in a certain manner, if not that little bit. Please, come back to the basics. YOU ARE ALSO A SALESMAN. you are selling your service to the public. In a way or rather, all of us are, nothing but a salesman. Even Lim Goh Tong was a salesman. Don't bull me with "salesman not allowed".

Anyways... we proceeded to the Oakland area.. passed by a lawyer's firm.. ran upstairs... juz to find that it was locked! thus.. we went down with disappointment. But, we met this malay-looking-but-was-an-indian guy downstairs.. named Kumar. He was waiting for the lawyer too. Thus, he asked wat we wanted. We told.. he called the lawyer. And we waited like dungus listening him to his MLM talk for about half an hour.. waiting at the corridor of the place. Finally he arrived.. and BOY! He is gonna come next week with his partner and his friend. Adding to that, he have heard of it. Worth the wait, ain't it?

We went lunching in Jusco, Seremban 2 in Hongkie Kopitiam. And proceeded to Seremban Specialist Centre. We wasted a lil of time waiting for the doctors.. but we've met 2 specialist.. An orthopedic and trauma surgeon and also a physician and neurologist.

If you had that extra time to spare, I don't understand why aren't you open to opportunities? Just becoz we came right to your door step? If salesman is what you're thinking of, you'll never open yourself to opportunities.

Along the way.. we've stopped at so manyyyy lawyer firms, accounting firms, clinics and even construction companies! But, yeah.. number game. :)

Anyways.. it was a fruitful day for us. Hopefully everything goes well. Hopefully they see the value of the investment next week and we all would be heading into the same direction. =)

Got home bout 10. Was dead tired. Lied down on the bed and slept till 1130. :| bathed and was so refreshed.. thus.. typed this entry. lol. anyways.. my battery's gona die off soon. lol.

Till then. Adios.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Holidays

It all started when devilish Wei Lee came to my house in Taman Melawati... one day... and came up with a smart ass question. "wei lat! Wanna go phuket ah?"

Hrmmmmmffff...... thought it was a good idea since my 5 year old passport have not gotten any single chops on it. Or in a simpler term, I've not gone out of the country before in my life. Even my then 15 year old sis has already went out of the country.

Thus, we made a few calls to our frenz, NOBODY could confirm. We both ended up doing research and buyin the flight tickets on the spot that nite.

I must say.. it was the best holiday i ever had so far. Damn relaxing. And.... I love the beaches! as opposed to cities la.

So, that was how the travel bug attacked into my system and got tagged onto my DNA. And traveling becomes a part of me. I save money just for the sake of traveling. And, it all started with Phuket, the beautiful island with lotsa interesting activities.

Patong beach!
August 4, 2006

You wouldn't know how much I loved the sun tanning. I know i'm already enough 'Malay' but heck! I like the color :p

Next.... we proceeded to Langkawi.. just a local holiday.. where melia suggested and did allll the booking for us. :)

February, 2007

Remember what I told bout sun tan? Look at my color. heh. i *heart* it!

My family then decided that end of the year to actually go for an oversea holiday instead of being stucked in boring Genting Highlands which my dad will never ever fail to go EVERY end of the year. Well, everyone knows the obvious reason.

Hong Kong
December 2006

In december of 2006, my friends and I as seen in the picture, have decided to celebrate Christmas, no where else, but SINGAPORE! It was i guess.. by far.. the most 'happenning' christmas ever I had on Orchard Road :)

25 December, 2006

Then my Malaccan Thread members of Lowyat Forum decided to go for a mini cuti-cuti MT. And... we decided on a location between the KL flers and the Mlk flers. Thus, PD as the location

Port Dickson

Then.... me and my friends decided again to go for a holiday in 'bulk'. We chose Bangkok as our destination. And this time.. the group was huge! there were 12 of us!

July 2007

And,... at this time of the year.. my family decided on another trip outside of Malaysia.. but it's always my sis that made the trip "chinesey". you know.. me being banana.. i would want a "english" country instead of a "chinese" country which i cant read a shit they write on their boards. And yes, it was Taiwan. Tell me how chinese is dat! lol.

December 2007

That is the end of my trips at the moment... TILL OCTOBER COMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Fuck i can't wait for October. damnit. felt like i have not gone holidays for 10 years. Gosh!