Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Zealand

I didn't had a thing to visit NZ till recently. I've seen alot of nice and beautiful scenic photos of the beautiful country. The serenity feeling that I obtained from the pictures are simply magnificient and indescribable. I have attached 5 photos which I've gotten from a friend's friend that went to NZ recently for a track walk.. stuff.. but all i know is that it is gorgeously beautiful.

Now, my 3 mission by 2009 is
1) get a downpayment ready for a blardi house.
2) RM20K ready for Europe
3) extra money for holidays in NZ? lol
Can someone be crazy enough to tell me that the natural beauty, the work of God which are in
the photos below aren't beautiful? You can't resist it.

This is all in Mildford, New Zealand

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