Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Holidays

It all started when devilish Wei Lee came to my house in Taman Melawati... one day... and came up with a smart ass question. "wei lat! Wanna go phuket ah?"

Hrmmmmmffff...... thought it was a good idea since my 5 year old passport have not gotten any single chops on it. Or in a simpler term, I've not gone out of the country before in my life. Even my then 15 year old sis has already went out of the country.

Thus, we made a few calls to our frenz, NOBODY could confirm. We both ended up doing research and buyin the flight tickets on the spot that nite.

I must say.. it was the best holiday i ever had so far. Damn relaxing. And.... I love the beaches! as opposed to cities la.

So, that was how the travel bug attacked into my system and got tagged onto my DNA. And traveling becomes a part of me. I save money just for the sake of traveling. And, it all started with Phuket, the beautiful island with lotsa interesting activities.

Patong beach!
August 4, 2006

You wouldn't know how much I loved the sun tanning. I know i'm already enough 'Malay' but heck! I like the color :p

Next.... we proceeded to Langkawi.. just a local holiday.. where melia suggested and did allll the booking for us. :)

February, 2007

Remember what I told bout sun tan? Look at my color. heh. i *heart* it!

My family then decided that end of the year to actually go for an oversea holiday instead of being stucked in boring Genting Highlands which my dad will never ever fail to go EVERY end of the year. Well, everyone knows the obvious reason.

Hong Kong
December 2006

In december of 2006, my friends and I as seen in the picture, have decided to celebrate Christmas, no where else, but SINGAPORE! It was i guess.. by far.. the most 'happenning' christmas ever I had on Orchard Road :)

25 December, 2006

Then my Malaccan Thread members of Lowyat Forum decided to go for a mini cuti-cuti MT. And... we decided on a location between the KL flers and the Mlk flers. Thus, PD as the location

Port Dickson

Then.... me and my friends decided again to go for a holiday in 'bulk'. We chose Bangkok as our destination. And this time.. the group was huge! there were 12 of us!

July 2007

And,... at this time of the year.. my family decided on another trip outside of Malaysia.. but it's always my sis that made the trip "chinesey". you know.. me being banana.. i would want a "english" country instead of a "chinese" country which i cant read a shit they write on their boards. And yes, it was Taiwan. Tell me how chinese is dat! lol.

December 2007

That is the end of my trips at the moment... TILL OCTOBER COMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Fuck i can't wait for October. damnit. felt like i have not gone holidays for 10 years. Gosh!


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