Tuesday, July 29, 2008

HP Notebook for RM799!

I received a letter today from Citibank. I opened it and saw a promotion.

Exclusively for Citibank Dial For Cash customers! Only RM799 for the blardi HP laptop lo! If i know.. i wouldn't have gotten my BenQ for RM2400 leh!

Jialat. Awal-awal dowan send the promotion. isk!

Damn kek sim. :| super the 'pei' i tell u!

*kek sam*

Off the post abit... I'm craving for this thing down here :|

All Wong's fault for going to Sakae yesterday! Wah lao.. now i feel like eating the salmon :(


Vince said...

Oh gosh!! I so totally missed that particular Salmon Sushi. It was a long time since I last visited Sakae. Sigh. So so yummy hehe!

** stella ** said...

yeah man. lol.

i used to think dat the 5.90 plate was expensive.. lol. till one day i had lunch with linnet :|

and den i tried.. and den...i'm dead stuck to that particular one. everytime i go sakae.. sure take dat!


Armitage said...

Hey Stella got a quick question abt ur fairly old post abt Citibank DFC. Have u recieved any new offers from Citibank DFC that has to do with paying off ur cc? Basically a cash advance. I'm trying to find out of its legit.


Armitage said...

Hey Stella I just noticed ur blog while researching Citibank DFC, I have a quick question, have u recieved any new offers from Citibank DFC in reguards to paying off ur credit card, like a cash advance that u would have to pay back in a certain period of time?


Armitage said...

Sorry for posting twice, I got kicked out of my acct and I thought it didn't post.