Friday, July 04, 2008

I did door to door. Would you?

Yes. I drove down to Seremban with Tsin Ai and Wong to do our door to door invitation to next Thursday seminar in Royale Bintang Seremban. It could probably be a 'image-destroyer' to do door to door as it appears sales-y but heck! If it adds value to me and it adds value to my client who sees the point of the investment, there's nothing to loose. =)

We started off our day in Columbia Asia Hospital. wasn't too good coz the system was too good. lol. doctors weren't in individual clinics that we could walk in door to door. But all doctors are in separate rooms and only being allowed to see them once u register at the nurse counter and once the doctor AGREES to see you. We managed to only see 1 - a consultant surgeon.

Without wasting more time, we moved to Oakland business park.. or watever u call the place. We drove around slowly watching for signboards of lawyer firms and clinics. We tried going door to door for clinics but it doesn't seem to work. They have this perception of "sales man not allowed". But they've got no idea how would this "salesman" here could have added value to their lives. Maybe not that huge humongous addition but I bet it could have changed their life in a certain manner, if not that little bit. Please, come back to the basics. YOU ARE ALSO A SALESMAN. you are selling your service to the public. In a way or rather, all of us are, nothing but a salesman. Even Lim Goh Tong was a salesman. Don't bull me with "salesman not allowed".

Anyways... we proceeded to the Oakland area.. passed by a lawyer's firm.. ran upstairs... juz to find that it was locked! thus.. we went down with disappointment. But, we met this malay-looking-but-was-an-indian guy downstairs.. named Kumar. He was waiting for the lawyer too. Thus, he asked wat we wanted. We told.. he called the lawyer. And we waited like dungus listening him to his MLM talk for about half an hour.. waiting at the corridor of the place. Finally he arrived.. and BOY! He is gonna come next week with his partner and his friend. Adding to that, he have heard of it. Worth the wait, ain't it?

We went lunching in Jusco, Seremban 2 in Hongkie Kopitiam. And proceeded to Seremban Specialist Centre. We wasted a lil of time waiting for the doctors.. but we've met 2 specialist.. An orthopedic and trauma surgeon and also a physician and neurologist.

If you had that extra time to spare, I don't understand why aren't you open to opportunities? Just becoz we came right to your door step? If salesman is what you're thinking of, you'll never open yourself to opportunities.

Along the way.. we've stopped at so manyyyy lawyer firms, accounting firms, clinics and even construction companies! But, yeah.. number game. :)

Anyways.. it was a fruitful day for us. Hopefully everything goes well. Hopefully they see the value of the investment next week and we all would be heading into the same direction. =)

Got home bout 10. Was dead tired. Lied down on the bed and slept till 1130. :| bathed and was so refreshed.. thus.. typed this entry. lol. anyways.. my battery's gona die off soon. lol.

Till then. Adios.

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