Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cho Seung-Hui

I bet everyone heard about or seen the scene on cnn or watever local news about the Korean guy who murdered 32 college kids in Virginia Tech. I don't know really to think of Cho as a murderer or pity him. But, a big portion of me.. feels pitiful for him tho. Even tho he killed 32 others. From what I seen, I felt that he has nobody to turn to, nobody to talk to and nobody even loved or cared for him. Most prolly they were all bullies around him, making him a laughing stock that made him feel so low about himself. Everyone has their limits. Even when one work.. one can turned psycho due to overstressed from work. Probably same went to him. He was down with mental illness, probably due to the stress he gets from his peers and those that look down at him, not being an American who's living in America. He did it because he hated them, the Americans. He was filled with anger and hatred. And yet, nobody he could face. Making him a quiet and reserved person, as what being told by him suitemate. Probably this could bring a lesson to those bastards out there who doesnt watch their mouth, who doesnt give a fuck about how people feel. Those that their brains are stucked in their ass. It's advisable to take 'em out of their asses and fix it back in their head. If they had been a better person, this wouldn't have happenned.

On the other hand, I would have to say that Cho was also wrong in randomly murdering all 32 students. He could probably like murdered the bastards instead of young innocent kids in the college. He did that out of anger and clasifying all of them into the same category which he was obviously wrong. Not all Americans are the same. And definitely killing 32 was a huge wrong-doing. But again, he was mentally unstable due to all these exterior factors.

I was so into the case today.. out of no where.. thus, go and look into youtube and all for videos and all. There's this one titled, "Rest In Peace Cho Seung-Hui" which I wanna share here. But wasn't allowed to be embedded. Thus, the link is

I quoted this from The Star online which again, I wanted to share. Source :
"I just wanted you to know that I am not mad at you. I don't hate you,"
read a note among flowers at a stone marker labeled for Cho. "I am so sorry that
you could find no help or comfort."

Some hated him while some pitied him. As for me, I pitied him. He would have been a happier person if given the chance to. He was only 23.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday, April 22nd 2007. *edited version*

Had a tiring weekend. Wasted my whole saturday in Midvalley Exhibition hall selling fucking credit cards which are unsellable. I kena this thing from a random guy i spoke to;

Me : Afternoon mister, do you have a credit card?
A : Yes, I have. Thanks.
Me : Wattabout HLB?
A : No, thanks.
Me : Why not give a try to our service?
A : Okay, tell me bout it. What are your gifts?
Me : Erhm.. mug, umbrella or pouch! Then, u get to spin the wheel and if u
hit the stars, u get additional gifts!
A : erhm.. errr. mug? umbrella? tell me your most expensive gift
Me : Thermos!
A : Nah.. not intersted .. the gift not attractive at all! Wat bout the
annual fees? free for life?
Me : Errr.. no.. waive for 2 years but u can just try us out first.. if we
really provide a good service to you, or else u can juz cancel the card
A : Why no free for life? even citibank offer me free for life!
Me : err.. i can't control that. Depends on management!
A : haha.. i know.. it's okay..
Me : Aight.. no probs.. u have a nice day! :)
A : you too.. bye.
How to sell la?? u tell me? all weak points. stupid hong leong bank. fucking pathetic cheapskate! stupid marketing people. doing fucking job. when will the management ever hears? fucking deaf.
okay enuf bout stupid hong leong.
THEN! I left the fucking pathetic roadshow at approximately 6pm. Headed to gym to mandi n make up.. and den. headed to allen's place... and then we all sama-sama headed to Bukit Jalil!!!!!!!! for ... GOOD CHARLOTTE CONCERT!!!!! :) We had a good four hours there in bkt jalil.. but somehow or rather.. i think 70% of the audience there arent genuine GC fan. like me. heh. and melia. heh. and wei lee of coz. allen i duno. :p we enjoyed more of Jason Lo den GC. damn. hahaaa.. dats coz i only know few songs of GC.. haha.. and jason lo sang the songs wehre we practically know all. kaka.. one buck shot.. wasnt'... entertaining for us tho. lol. but Estrageds' "Itu Kamu" was damn gud la. very nice song :) others.. errr... not relaly tho. unliek jason lo's OLD NEWS PAPER! lol. stupid song.. but sing-able. heh! coz it's stupid. lol. he seems to like to sing alot on environmental friendly songs. heh. After all ended.. we minum at the mamak opposite allen's place. Allen and his all time favourite indomee as the usual. I dont know what is with he and indomee. it's juz maggi + telur mata kerbau. He seem to be like eating it in all the mamak he goes. like me, drinking ice cappucino in all cafes i go. At least, im normal .. haha. it's coffee .. not MAGGI MEE. why huh allen? why? it's unhealthy, it taste normal.. like .. well.. maggi. so, why? hrmmm.. weird allen. At the end, i oso ordered indomee. heh. im under influence, that makes a whole lot of difference. Allen's possessed by the indomee spirit.

Today had a great time out in curve wit melia.. she hurt my legs by making me walk the whole curve.. ikea and then even tesco! End up i bought more groceries in tesco den her. damnit! pokai. Had our lunch in this place called Zone. Quite a nice place in cineleisure.. pricing also okay.. for finger food and all.. it's not bad. Customer service was quite nice.. the cashier fler was quite nice too.. juz their service was a lil' slow.

Me n melia was deciding to watch eitehr tornado, sunshine or Catch and release. We made some .. i choose this u choose that.. guess this guess that.. ended up with sunshine. Which was a lil' too 'technical' for me n melia. We dont really understand the whole damn thing. haha. first, we reached a lil late to the cinema.. thanx to melia bodo mia seluar :p

Out of no where.. was this scene.. den suddenly another scene. but overall.. it was okay la.. story line was there.. juz dat people like us.. dont appreciate much of those kinda movie. thanx to melia i watch that movie. heh! :p i didnt even know wat the heck was that movie bout. lol. Probably we should have went for Tornado or Catch and Release. lol.

Had our dinner in Chef leong.. or chef loong.. or some chef shite in ss2. Some finger food.. quite interesting cafe.. that serves only thong sui and finger food.
I reached home.. hujan lebat kao kao.. just to get into my house.. get upstaris for a lil bit.. den it stopped raining. idiot.
And.. tmr is another fucking working day. damn.
Good nite everybody.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good Things in Life

I am referring to the previous post. That Saturday.. we hung out in Asian Havana.. sempena birthday siewharong. I managed to tangkat allen to sit beside me. Then suddenly he sound me!
"Eh, i read ur blog on the good things in life. I wanan scold you already." I
was like.. why? memang wat! " I really wanna scold u! WE ARE THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE LA! "

Well.. when he said that.. it actually sounded my mind.. true enough :) they are my good things in life. :) Guess it's all fate. Was in the same uni for 4 years.. and i didnt even knew they existed! but thanx to midz! that I met them.. that they are part of my life now. :) and yes.. THEY ARE INDEED the good things in life. :)

And now, i can't wait to go Bangkok with all of 'em! :) well.. erhm.. except Gary. *lol* sorry gary, i didnt mean it :p

Monday, April 02, 2007


I try to see the good in life.
The good things in life are hard to find.

Was just thinking bout this phrase for a few days already. The good things in life are hard to find.. or rarely could be found. Or at least, for me.

Comment if you agree or don't. I agree.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Xing Ming @ Cheng Beng

If it weren't for Baozzz to ask wat was my last entry, I would have forgotten that the last time I blogged was 2 weeks ago. such a long time! i used to blog almost everyday. lol. blame hong leong.

I travelled back on friday in a freaking heavy + thunder storm rain.. was really really skery.. the lightning looks as if they were sooooooooo near. It took me more den 2 hours to reach melaka. The jam was bad.. then the rain started to ease a lil' in labu, seremban. Then, I SAW RAINBOW!! :) can't remember when was the last time i saw a rainbow! :) so pretty!

Cleaned my mum, grandmother, great grandfather and greatgrandmother(i think) graveyards.. The usual 4 graves that we clean year in, year out. My dad as usual bought like so banyak benda to burn for my mum. I really wonder if they actually 'receive' those things. My sis told me dad actually bought HP also! And the person who works in the prayers shop actually asked if my dad wanna purchase a digital camera too! was like.. i dont know la.. if these things are for real that they receive or these people are juz tryign to make as much money as they could from the dead. I asked my sis, digital cam for wat? to take pictures tehre and send email to us to show the pics of her life tehre? not to say wat.. but... sometimes i feel, the things that suppose or needed to burn for 'em there is okay.. like those gold papers and all.. for their life to be better on the other world. But, laptops, digi cams, handphones.. ? digicams has not even existed when my mum was still here! I think i'll ask my grandmama when I go back melaka for her piece of thought. She is a strong buddhist, perhaps she could answer me better? But, all she asked me to do was to buy a flowers there which I didnt' coz damn late d when i reached on friday. and we went for the graveyard-cleaning activity at 7am the next day.

I was freaking tired la that saturday. Came back.. rest a lil. went out wit ching, melia, danny n danny's bro, jason. had sushi king.. and coffee bean. den back home buot almost 730.. mandi n straight shoot out to meet the others in Kota. Reach oni kena pawn. sialz. Those who were there from Malaccan Thread was Baozzz, Misfit, Ed, David, Kamwah, cockroach, catacomb, and wat-ever-his-name-is-i-dont-care. I mean, come on la, just a name rite? so hard to tell? fuck it. Hate to keep asking. You wanna tell, u tell, or esle, bah! We crawled over to Asian Havana after that.. the freaking young fler owning the cafe must be a rich fler by himself to actually have the cash to renovate the place. It is a pretty cool place to hang out.. well.. more my type. Thats my alternative to friends already. :) the only 2 place i lepak in mlk. heh. friends.. used to have the 'english-speaking' effect.. due to the crowd... but.. now.. got invaded by the aliens. ish. makes it a lil uncomfortable for me to go there nowadays... except in the noon where there's only few tables occupied. Not being stereotype, I just ... like similar people!!! no offence. everyone has their own preferences... only they dont speak up.

GOT CAUGHT IN A FUCKING HORRIBLE JAM TODAY ON NORTH SOUTH HIGHWAY. gosh! crawl crawl crawl from pedas linggi.. right up to after seremban. damnit. The roadworks will never get done. It takes forever for the UEM builders to build the damn fuckign road. i think they calculate by sq mtrs day by day when they are doing the blardi road. With the high volume of traffic today due to cheng beng and the roadworks which added to the bonus.. caused a fucking crawl. damnit.

Now, in my room ... relaxingly blogging. heh! and going to bed in awhile.. and ready for a 'fight' in the blardi stupid bank tmr. Any of you people wanna consider working in hong leong? PLEASE, I BEG YOU, THINK TWICE. I made my mistake for not thinking thrice.

Good nite.