Sunday, April 01, 2007

Xing Ming @ Cheng Beng

If it weren't for Baozzz to ask wat was my last entry, I would have forgotten that the last time I blogged was 2 weeks ago. such a long time! i used to blog almost everyday. lol. blame hong leong.

I travelled back on friday in a freaking heavy + thunder storm rain.. was really really skery.. the lightning looks as if they were sooooooooo near. It took me more den 2 hours to reach melaka. The jam was bad.. then the rain started to ease a lil' in labu, seremban. Then, I SAW RAINBOW!! :) can't remember when was the last time i saw a rainbow! :) so pretty!

Cleaned my mum, grandmother, great grandfather and greatgrandmother(i think) graveyards.. The usual 4 graves that we clean year in, year out. My dad as usual bought like so banyak benda to burn for my mum. I really wonder if they actually 'receive' those things. My sis told me dad actually bought HP also! And the person who works in the prayers shop actually asked if my dad wanna purchase a digital camera too! was like.. i dont know la.. if these things are for real that they receive or these people are juz tryign to make as much money as they could from the dead. I asked my sis, digital cam for wat? to take pictures tehre and send email to us to show the pics of her life tehre? not to say wat.. but... sometimes i feel, the things that suppose or needed to burn for 'em there is okay.. like those gold papers and all.. for their life to be better on the other world. But, laptops, digi cams, handphones.. ? digicams has not even existed when my mum was still here! I think i'll ask my grandmama when I go back melaka for her piece of thought. She is a strong buddhist, perhaps she could answer me better? But, all she asked me to do was to buy a flowers there which I didnt' coz damn late d when i reached on friday. and we went for the graveyard-cleaning activity at 7am the next day.

I was freaking tired la that saturday. Came back.. rest a lil. went out wit ching, melia, danny n danny's bro, jason. had sushi king.. and coffee bean. den back home buot almost 730.. mandi n straight shoot out to meet the others in Kota. Reach oni kena pawn. sialz. Those who were there from Malaccan Thread was Baozzz, Misfit, Ed, David, Kamwah, cockroach, catacomb, and wat-ever-his-name-is-i-dont-care. I mean, come on la, just a name rite? so hard to tell? fuck it. Hate to keep asking. You wanna tell, u tell, or esle, bah! We crawled over to Asian Havana after that.. the freaking young fler owning the cafe must be a rich fler by himself to actually have the cash to renovate the place. It is a pretty cool place to hang out.. well.. more my type. Thats my alternative to friends already. :) the only 2 place i lepak in mlk. heh. friends.. used to have the 'english-speaking' effect.. due to the crowd... but.. now.. got invaded by the aliens. ish. makes it a lil uncomfortable for me to go there nowadays... except in the noon where there's only few tables occupied. Not being stereotype, I just ... like similar people!!! no offence. everyone has their own preferences... only they dont speak up.

GOT CAUGHT IN A FUCKING HORRIBLE JAM TODAY ON NORTH SOUTH HIGHWAY. gosh! crawl crawl crawl from pedas linggi.. right up to after seremban. damnit. The roadworks will never get done. It takes forever for the UEM builders to build the damn fuckign road. i think they calculate by sq mtrs day by day when they are doing the blardi road. With the high volume of traffic today due to cheng beng and the roadworks which added to the bonus.. caused a fucking crawl. damnit.

Now, in my room ... relaxingly blogging. heh! and going to bed in awhile.. and ready for a 'fight' in the blardi stupid bank tmr. Any of you people wanna consider working in hong leong? PLEASE, I BEG YOU, THINK TWICE. I made my mistake for not thinking thrice.

Good nite.


aLittleMisfit said...

another rant post?

not he didn't tell, its just you're too blur / not observant enuff that day... we called him name more than a dozen time la....

** stella ** said...

i got headahce remember? thus, being not observant or less focus. lol.

haha.. watever la.. tak per.

-midori- said...


sorry i didn't manage to drop by :)

** stella ** said...

denda denda denda!