Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Birthday!


My birthday was on the 2nd of December but today's the 30th! And, i'm only posting it now. damn tight wei my schdule! :|

i was like busy working from 1st - 13th December... ok i lied. from the 4th december -13.. kinda an ok month. i closed my deals.. in that first 2 weeks and then my hectic schdule started.

I flew to Beijing on the 14th and was there for about a week. My flight back was on the 20th. best part of the whole trip was.. it didn't snow at all! and it snowed on the 21st! FARK! =X the very next day when i left la. damn men-ci-bai-kan. :|

Anyways... the moment i got back from beijing on the 20th.. my dad wanted to go Genting.. and here we go on the 21st.. I drove my dad's Vios to KL and stayed a night in my place and the next morning I drove again to Genting. Now driving like pro to go up Genting. There were like TONS OF HUMANS in Genting Highlands. I won't even bother going up if it wasn't coz of my dad. we had to wait like almost 3 fucking hours just to check in. My jaw dropped when i saw the number i took to check in was about 200+++ numbers away from the current serving number! :| and my dad nicely chuck his bag with us and went to gamble. :|

When we got back on the 23rd, it was a day before X'mas Eve! I met up with Jason and we lepak-ed the whole day. Next day we went to Holy Family Church Kajang for the evening masque for X'mas. And then went yam char with jason's friends... till late. we went back to jason's place and i accidentally fall asleep already in the house :|

next day X'mas day! went to my church, GTPJ. =) i *heart* my church >.< Anyways... the next day after X'mas we went down to Seremban. Jason was the bestman for his friend, Raymond's wedding. We stayed in Klana Resort which was previously known as Allson Klana. It was a actually a nice 4 star hotel. :) VERY HUGE POOL! it made wanna jump into it!

The wedding was on the 27th. and we officially got back to kajang on the 28th. In which, that night we had a pot luck dinner in Jase's house. Had quite abit of fun during the pot luck , especially the tanni session. We chao-ed at about 4am from Jase's house. Stayed over in kjg and got back now only to my place in PJ!


Jason cooked my lunch on my birthday! hehe.. wait yawl see the picture also air liur meleleh. it was his homemade beefballs fettucine!

i eat till can die :| sooo banyak :|
And..... Jason suprised me to Rakuzen on my birthday! :*)

salmon salmon salmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn



flowers :)

and my Lancome Magnifique from my aunt :)

Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm in Beijing!

Typing and blogging and chatting from my hotel lobby.

Damn freaking cold man here :

in the range of about -2'C to about 10'C

Coming back on the 20th!


Friday, December 12, 2008

*AaaAaAAaaaaaHHHhHhhhhhhhHh* (shouts out loud)

I am so damn busy that I'm dead tired.

I feel like I'm gonna break. Can? :|


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Melia's 25th Birthday!

I'll update my birthday once I get the pictures from Jason! :)

ANyways... we celebrated amelia's bday in Quattro! Such a nice place. It has 4 seasons with Autumn being the club, Spring being the open air band music stuff, Summer being the restaurant and im not sure wat was Winter. lol.

Anyways.. we were hanging out in Spring with REALLY good live band. They played very nice music from jason mraz to old rock music! :)

Anyways.. later on came this drunk guy fromt he next table .. started making friends with us. asking our names and stuff like that. His name was GARY. :|

And i think he had some hots for Wei Lee. lol. The usual wei lee goes around beating people. but this time around.. Gary was the one beating wei lee and suprisingly wei lee didn't beat back. heh! i wonder why! hahahhahahaha.

Gary made a stupid statement.. when he asked amelia to drink a cup of alcohol. it went like this:

(In cantonese)
Gary : You half, I half!
Melia : Dowan laaaa... I driving la.
Melia : (*#&@(#&!(#*&@!&&^*#!@^

Anyways... cut the Gary part, we actually had agood night out and a nice place to lepak :)

Some pictures!

Happy Birthday Baby Melia!!!

I must say.. this photo is priceless!! Damn nice shot la. Goh wei lee.. for the first time! :p

Myself and the birthday girl!

Goh wei lee, danny (everybody's boyfriend for that night), birthday girl, myself. i think the camera person was chaiyen.

This is a good shot la! wahhaha
Dan : Nah! Come, I show u man!!!
Chaiyen : Wahhhh!

And this is Wei Lee's beloved Gary! lol!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kakiis - Friends ++ Connected

A mini-outing to Singapore with my Kakiis!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Facebook - Face2Face

Our gambar glamour. lol!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the wayyy


The christmas-y feeling is sooo nice :) Hearing christmas songs tickling your ears while u walk in the mall, humming and singing to it.

Isn't it fun and pretty to see the beautiful decorations in the malls? :) the beautiful christmas tree with colourful thingys hanging on them. such a beautiful sight!

Oh! Imagine if you were in a country with snow... walking down the streets in your thick furry coat while listening to an mp3 with nice christmas songs with Christmas decorations and lights beutifyin the road as you walk on them. How beautiful is that! :)

makes me wanna travel even more. :) Hopefully I'm not in Malaysia during christmas next year! :)

I still remmeber the fun that I had back in Knowledge Group days. They just made Christmas so much more fun! :) we had guardian angels... and my guardian angel was the boss of the company :|

that year the whole company celebrated in finnegans with the theme of 70's. :) afro head! :)

and all of us are suppose to form teams and make performances.. and my team by far.. i guess had the best song and lyric. lol!

Ryan balls, ryan balls, hanging on the wall...

those only i remember. dead funny. lol.

Anyways.. some pictures that feels christmasy to me! :)

Decon sunway phyramid is up already!!! Curve is on the way.. saw them putting up stuff but not sure bout midvalley!

Even Santa's here already! lol

A gift wrapper that I bought earlier to wrap the lil' pressie i got for my sister. lol. A combination of a Christmas gift + a super belated birthday gift. lol


all the way imported from USA ok! thanks to jason. :D

SNOWMAN! I Wish there were snowman here in malaysia. :(

why are we near Garisan Khatulistiwa. :(

Snow is falling all around. It's the season of love and understanding. Happy Holiday everyone!

And, the present that I am gonna wrap in abit. :p

Face2Face by Facebook!

I was disappointed with the crowd and number of people that attended facebook party in SOHO KL, Solaris, Mont Kiara!

I thought the confirmed guest was 5K + humans. but turnout probably like 100+ only. :(

But, anyways.. we still had fun :)

dancing right in front of the DJs, waving our heads left and right. and hands up and down. with hips going left and going right. :)

we had fun, despite the sad crowd. :p

Humans : Me, Wei Lee, Allen, Jac, Aud, Vincci, Chai Yen, Jet.

Me doing the "waving our heads left and right. and hands up and down. with hips going left and going right" thing. lol.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do u realise that 2008 passed by so quickly? I am turning 25 in 2 weeks. It was in a glimpse of an eye. I felt like I celebrated X'mas in Calvin's place last month! but it was 11 months ago!

I was telling Tsin Ai.. i'm going Beijing next month! and she was like.. WTF? I thought u just got back from Taiwan! and i went like.... errrr.. i went to Taiwan December last year? Remember? U called me during my birthday when i was in Taiwan???? and she went, WAH! ALREADY ONE YEAR???

And I thought, what have I done for 2008. Think about it. Nothing much, really.


Work, travel, family, financial, personal development, physical, mental, nothing. But, I made more friends.

But, I have a plan for next year. And, my plan is to travel. I finally found a mate to travel with! :) She's none other than Fizlee, my colleague. A cute, bubbly, hyperactive, pretty chick. She has backpacked across Thailand and Indonesia ALONE! and leaving in an airplane to Australia for a good 2 months in December!

We're making plans for Thailand beaches next year in May. A good solid one month of backpacking across Thailand. And, i'm doing a research still on the Work Holiday to New Zealand. If everything's on the bright side, i'm away for a good half a year. :) or maybe more :)

And I thought all i'd fancy is a good material life. But, I guess i was wrong :) certain experience in life, can't be bought with money. It takes that lil' push to take off somethings. :)

Right now, i'm home. waiting for my next appointment. Wilz' makin me laugh my ass off. Taking away my attention from the travelling thingy I was having earlier. This is what happens when 2 idiots are bodo-bodo-ly waiting for the next appointment.

Now, back to my travel plans. Hope 2009 will be a good year with me doing something I really wanted. Not a repetition of 2008. I'll be devastated if it was the same. just another year. damn.

Too many things, too many plans but too lil' time. I wished there was Stella-2. to do 2 things. argh.

Anyways, just a random post. To blabber out whatever that's inside of me. I can do like 4 posts in a day and i can do like none in a month.


My mind wonders alot today.


that it confuses me.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Somehow or rather, I feel that Jason and I tend to take very boring photos. lol.

I'll prove my point.

camwhore 1.

Camwhore 2.

camwhore genting attempt 1.

attempt 2

attempt 3

attempt 4@!!! and i actually had i think about 10 or more attempts. but malas wanna upload :|


after alex's wedding dinner also camwhore in car. aihhhh
again :|

see!!! all also take ourself! :|