Thursday, December 04, 2008

Melia's 25th Birthday!

I'll update my birthday once I get the pictures from Jason! :)

ANyways... we celebrated amelia's bday in Quattro! Such a nice place. It has 4 seasons with Autumn being the club, Spring being the open air band music stuff, Summer being the restaurant and im not sure wat was Winter. lol.

Anyways.. we were hanging out in Spring with REALLY good live band. They played very nice music from jason mraz to old rock music! :)

Anyways.. later on came this drunk guy fromt he next table .. started making friends with us. asking our names and stuff like that. His name was GARY. :|

And i think he had some hots for Wei Lee. lol. The usual wei lee goes around beating people. but this time around.. Gary was the one beating wei lee and suprisingly wei lee didn't beat back. heh! i wonder why! hahahhahahaha.

Gary made a stupid statement.. when he asked amelia to drink a cup of alcohol. it went like this:

(In cantonese)
Gary : You half, I half!
Melia : Dowan laaaa... I driving la.
Melia : (*#&@(#&!(#*&@!&&^*#!@^

Anyways... cut the Gary part, we actually had agood night out and a nice place to lepak :)

Some pictures!

Happy Birthday Baby Melia!!!

I must say.. this photo is priceless!! Damn nice shot la. Goh wei lee.. for the first time! :p

Myself and the birthday girl!

Goh wei lee, danny (everybody's boyfriend for that night), birthday girl, myself. i think the camera person was chaiyen.

This is a good shot la! wahhaha
Dan : Nah! Come, I show u man!!!
Chaiyen : Wahhhh!

And this is Wei Lee's beloved Gary! lol!!!!!

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