Friday, July 28, 2006

Counting the Days... 3, 2, 1...

It's Friday again! Kinda fast la this week but I'm already rotting. I am done with all my reports, given all my databases to AY, more of like left it on her table. Passed some files to Tzu-Sinn, and I guess that's bout it. I don't have anything much to hand over anyway.

I am left with 5 more days to my final day in KMDC inclusive of weekends and 8 days to Phuketttt!!!!! and 18 days to new job. :( I guess the new job's gonna drain my brain liquid to the driest it can go. Is that how u spell driest? lol. I fail English. :)

My current situation in the bank is so horribly terrible. Total income saved from work here doesnt even reach a 4-figure. gosh damnit. and the company owes me roughly bout 2K? damn. I'm poor-ed thanx to Phuket, gym and the 2K. Phuket killed about 1K and gym killed bout 2.8K++. Now, kill me.

Ms. Dumb Me actually sign on a contract with California Fitness erhm.. a 2 and half year platinum card holder contract. argh! But, come to think of it, it';s gona cost like RM90++ monthly which is alot cheaper den 155 monthly. And, rationally, I would need to exercise till God knows when. Unless Marie France is willing to sponsor me free treatment. *in my dreams* However, Exercise is good anyway! *sense some sour grape?*

It's about 10.30am. Teach me to kill time.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Quiet Morning

It took me like 1 hour plus to reach office today which usually will take me bout 40 minutes! Damn! the farking jam is so horrible today. Thanx to the 1 pajero and 2 kembara. argh! But I really do not understand the jam earlier that started before I reached Kepong! omg! Despite the jam, I still reach earlier than my boss. As usual. I was thinking to myself should I just go to mamak and have my breakfast first before entering office since even if I enter now, nobody will be there? Fyi, i reached office at about 9.10am. Then, I thought again. Why would I wanna pull down my attitude of punctuality to of hers? Note that 9.10am is due to the unusual crawl along LDP. It's 9.47am and she's not here yet. AY? She'll never be early. I've never seen her in office at 9am in my 6 months work here. lol. And, she's a manager???? lol. big joke. !@(#*!@(*@* X( I'm here in Damansara office today to pack my stuff and leave! Won't be coming back to this office unless needed. Will be reporting to work in KL Sentral for the last few days. The other Paramount staffs seems invisible to me. Or, is it the other way that I seem invisible to them? oh, fuck them. I'm leaving anyway.

Gotta go and pack my stuff and do my final reporting. Need to get signature for clearance and get my full claims. And my RM 621.70 claims has yet to reach Finance department. Blardi AY is still sitting on it. Damn! How long she's gonna take, I don't know. It was bad enough the length of time she sits on it when I'm here in office still serving this company. Once I leave, I guess it'll take even a longer time. Blardihell.

I met Chris yesterday. She's doing good and happy that she left KMDC. lol. Had a long bitching session focusing on AY. I can't help it! She's a disaster. Seriously. That explains why all of us leaving one by one with more to go. It is just a matter of time.

Till then. Peace.
A rush of emotions ...

Just felt a lil' .. hrm.. 'sentimental' for the night. Listening to music that lowers down my blood pressure and music that puts me into a deep relaxing mode. I'm listening to Kenny G at the moment. Don't ask me why, it happens once in awhile where you feel so ... happy + relax + erhm and sleepy. :p it's 1.04am now. Just something hit me that forced my fingers into typing in the address bar.

I am left with exactly 5 working days in KMDC. It was a rather bad experience working with her but 6 months passed by quite fast. I have this mixed feeling of sad and happy. I am definitely happy that I will not ever have to see her face again but I am totally sadden that I am leaving my bunch of colleagues in KL Sentral. People that I've known and that have left foot prints in my heart. Faces that will always stay in memory that I've known these people in my short stay here. People like Alistair, Kavi, Mas, Sharm, Siauw Ing, and Uncle Noel are the few people that actually made a difference to me in that 6 months. I guess the resignation would be earlier if wasn't bcoz of their presence. They've listened to all my complaints, and listening to my complaints.. which are never ending, is a challenge. lol. Sharm, thanks for being there to always listen to me. :) appreciate that alot. These 5 days will be the fastest days that will pass by me in my half year stay here. Mon-Fri has always been a dreadful thing to me but these 5 days? lol. man, u'll see it on Tuesday. Plz prepare a box of tissue. I know I will bocor. Warning, I'm a cry baby. I'm serious.

I actually can't wait for Mas to get the hell back from Korea! Gosh, for heaven's sake, U'll be left like 2 days to see me! Would you like fly on the earliest plane back to malaysia? lol. oh, and I want my stuff! :p

Man, I'm so gonna miss you guys. :( I'm feeling it already. :(

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Phuket!!! Here I comeeeeee. Finally I'm out of Malaysia. Did my flight booking wit piggie today. Confirmed flying on the 4th Aug and will be back here on 7th Aug. 4days n 3 nites. :) Gonna spend a day in Phi-Phi Island.. watever that is.. piggie suggested it. I gonna stay in a resort by the name of Salathai Resort. :) exactly in front of Patong Beach! :) But the Resort is TBC la. to be confirmed. wil get the confirmation tomorrow morning! :) The pix above is Salathai Resortttttt :D man, i can't wait!!!!!

The pix on the right will be my roommmmm!!! not bad eik?
oh gosh, i really really can't wait to resign! Had a meeting with her today.. lol.. giving me this n that task.. haha which will all be Bye-bye in 2 weeks time :) well, obviously she havent come to know that I'm leaving YET. Not til this friday.. hehe. :) the big letter day! :)

Phuket phuket phuket... here i comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! i'm like blardi excited! lol. happens u know. :p hey, you dont need credit card anymore to book the flights online. Can be done tru auto debit with your bank account. Pandai company generate wang tunai. Gosh, i'm gona be so broke after this trip. Gotta eat oats for lunch again? :( lol. that;s the after story. What is more important is now! Excited giler! :D

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Your First Name of: Stella
  • Although the name Stella creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it can cause a superior, interfering expression whose favorite expression is "I know" when not combined with a balanced last name.
  • This name, when not combined with a balanced last name, can also frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses through worry and mental tension.
  • Your name of Stella gives you a clever mind, good business judgment, a sense of responsibility, and an appreciation of the finer things of life.
  • You are serious-minded and not inclined to make light of things even in little ways, and in your younger years you had more mature interests than others your age.
  • Home and family mean a great deal to you and it is natural that you should desire the security of a peaceful, settled home environment where you can enjoy the companionship of family and friends.
  • Whatever you set out to accomplish you do your very best to complete in accordance with what you consider to be right.

*Your full name creates the overall conditions in your life as well as your destiny. It is a very important factor. *

I stumbled upon this kabalarians thingy on Az's blog again. Az, you're the culprit.

Interesting stuff there but how true is it? Well, maybe partially. It's a money-making site anyway. Needed some cash to be flown into their account in order to have your last name report. Thus, I don't know if I have a 'balanced' last name or I don't. So far as my life has brought me, I guess it's an un-balanced one.


:: Quoted ::

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.
Sing like nobody's listening.

I noticed this while browsing through Afdlin Shauki's blog, linked by Az's blog. I guess this is some kinda philosophy that I'll never and ever be able to follow for the rest of my life. Well, perhaps if I finally landed on a job that i lurveeeee. Current moment, I AM working for the money, and it's killing. Be in my shoe, and you'll know what I mean. Nobody ever really understand what I'm going tru. People think, it wouldn't be that bad being in here, but don't judge till you experience it yourself. I have my reasons and I have my problems that I face here.

How could someone love like they've never been hurt? Every experience hits a person hard and you'll never be the same again. Once hurt, it'll stay in the memory because one do not want to be hurt in the same way ever again.

Just a piece of thought.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Italian Training

No wonder they won. They've been trained to cheat!!!!!
Take a peep!">Italian Training
Freaking Italians

I've been like MIA for the pass few days, due to my event in Hotel Equatorial KL. Didn't have any internet connection. Felt like out of touch from the world. :p lol. Was in the hotel since Monday and stayed there on Monday and Tuesday night. Monday was a zombie-ish day for me. Imagine watching footie, a 2am match but ended up at 5am due to the extra time and penalty case. Just to see the Italians won the damn match. Argh!

Materazzi has erupted the volcano in Zidane that caused Zidane to head-butt him. Poor Zidane. For nothing, my boyfren got a red card n being sent off the field. Thanx to Ma-ter-raz-zi. argh! I read the papers this morning that Matterazzi insulted Zidane's mum during the game that caused Zidane to act such way. How true, only both of them know. But, I guess it would have been something really horrible for Zidane to act that way. Blardi Italians. What a saddening situation during penalty kick with Zidane being sent off, Henry out, Ribery out, and the other good players and left the one and only Wiltord. hrmf.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Broken Rainbow

I spend my day in KMDC today, trying to deal with a screwed up document for me to print the labels. The blardi Minolta machine is enough to drive my blood up to my brain. I never worked well with administrative stuff anyway which explains why I'm not a human resource executive or an admin executive, Tzu-Sinn will know why. lol. And the lady from EDS offered me a job as a PA to a big boss, joke ain't it? double lol.

Had a bad day today. Explains why Kelly asked why I'm extra quiet today. I felt like .. I don't know how to even put it into words.. juz like the title, like a broken rainbow. Something that is so beautiful and the next thing u know, it's broken. It's not even a crack, it's broken. Something so colorful combining all 7 colors juz breaks apart. It did, it did took a huge part of me today. A mind that couldn't sit still today and not not wonder and think more. Yes, I'm hurt, enough to make me cry. And yes, I'm jealous enough to even not stop thinking bout it. If those are the intentions, I believe you've passed with flying colors. If that's what makes you satisfied, be satisfied coz you did it.

Is it me or wat? I don't know. Where is the mistake? I wanna know. What was the point that cracked n broke the rainbow? Have I not given enough? Have I not cared enough? Or did I cared too much? I admit, I'm quite of a not-so-positive person, thus, assuming lots and you know it. I need to be informed and told that I'm assuming the wrong thing, but you never did. I am weak, very weak. I do assumptions and I make lots of wrong decisions alot bcoz I am not strong enough to even think positively in things.

Dislike me, hate me, regret knowing me but I'll never.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Yow Kin Choong! A happy happy birthday!

*knew him since i was like.. erhm.. 12++? Hated you during my first few months in st. david.. den became damn close frenz.. den ended up in my dad's tuition, and ended up being my dad's fren instead! n then ended up hanging together with others. :) miss the moments all of use to have alot. Take care and have a great birthday, drunkard! :p *

Sunday, July 02, 2006


The Brazilians are going home! oh yay! especially Roberto Carlos. He is officially "packing his bag and go home" after tonite's match. :) Overconfident kills. There you go, home. :) Watch what you say Mr. Carlos. It comes true once awhile, like this time.

Zidane looking as gud as ever and playing as well as ever. Well, Ribery and Henry were good too. :D In conclusion, there were all good. haha.. juz bcoz i didn't like the Brazilian team thanx to their stuck-up attitude. gggrrrr...

England-Portugal match was rather boring. My eyes was like.. trying its best to be open. At the 90th minute, it was stil 0-0. With the extra half an hour, it was still 0-0. Till penalty... Portugal won 3-1. Ordered my nescafe tarik, and i bcame awake during the France-Brazil match.. and now, I'm blogging coz I can't really sleep. hrm...

Anyway, it was a gud 3am game :D .. so far.. paling 'chi kek' game i've watched in this period of world cup fever. :D

Guess I'll try to get to bed now. Nitty nites n sweet dreams! :)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

1st July baby,


AU KENN!!!!! Happy Birthday to you too!!!
*when you coming to KL pulak? Import all come here la. Started wit Hup.. den next you n den sukin :p lol.*

30th June babies,

Kee, Happy Happy Birthday!
* life will come smooth soon. Work and and strive for the best. May all of us succeed. Thanks for everything all these while, your advices and help and also those ears that always listens to me. Oh, and thanx for Yuen Steammie-boat! * :)

Shan, A Very Very Wonderful Birthday to you!
*hey shannie, it's all gonna be alright. Thanx for the treat earlier in Ohana. And you know it.. that I'm always your friend and I'm always there for you. So, cheer up! Ring me or watever, I'm there when u needed me k? :) Take care and flush down in the toilet that sourish face of yours. You look alot better with that smile on your face. :) Take care and see ya on the 26th! *