Friday, July 28, 2006

Counting the Days... 3, 2, 1...

It's Friday again! Kinda fast la this week but I'm already rotting. I am done with all my reports, given all my databases to AY, more of like left it on her table. Passed some files to Tzu-Sinn, and I guess that's bout it. I don't have anything much to hand over anyway.

I am left with 5 more days to my final day in KMDC inclusive of weekends and 8 days to Phuketttt!!!!! and 18 days to new job. :( I guess the new job's gonna drain my brain liquid to the driest it can go. Is that how u spell driest? lol. I fail English. :)

My current situation in the bank is so horribly terrible. Total income saved from work here doesnt even reach a 4-figure. gosh damnit. and the company owes me roughly bout 2K? damn. I'm poor-ed thanx to Phuket, gym and the 2K. Phuket killed about 1K and gym killed bout 2.8K++. Now, kill me.

Ms. Dumb Me actually sign on a contract with California Fitness erhm.. a 2 and half year platinum card holder contract. argh! But, come to think of it, it';s gona cost like RM90++ monthly which is alot cheaper den 155 monthly. And, rationally, I would need to exercise till God knows when. Unless Marie France is willing to sponsor me free treatment. *in my dreams* However, Exercise is good anyway! *sense some sour grape?*

It's about 10.30am. Teach me to kill time.


Ang Gu Gu said...

girl going for gym ! yea..gona see me in there jk =p

anthraxxxx said...

Enjoy your trip to Phukee, ya? :P

** stella ** said...

Vince, incase u do not know how to spell, it is spelled as P H U K E T , put together, you get PHUKET. argh!!!

btw.. ang gugu.. u r?

anthraxxxx said...

incase you do not know, i did on PURPOSE :P

** stella ** said...

Oh really? I still insist of believing that you, DO NOT KNOW how to spell PHUKET.

double :p

** stella ** said...

juz admit it vince,
i wont laugh. I promise.


-midori- said...

sudah add on days lagi tu! 8 days worrr!! EIGHT FREAKING DAYS! *jeles*

lat, u sponsor me la.. can?

anthraxxxx said...

"juz admit it vince,
i wont laugh. I promise.


You just did.

anthraxxxx said...

I lurveeeee P.H.U.K.E.E

** stella ** said...

midz.. can wei.. i sponsor u :)
when my pay touches 5 figure k? without any decimal point in between the 5 figures :p

** stella ** said...


lol. u're so dead. i'm so gonna whack u. dont even harap to run an inch. lol.
be afraid. be very afraid. :p

** stella ** said...

and again.. it is




I Kesiankan u la vince. argh.

anthraxxxx said...


be afraid. be very afraid. :p "


** stella ** said...

Gud for ya! argh!
wait u. tunggu kau! waitttt!!!

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