Monday, September 25, 2006

Piggie's Burfdae

Today's another Monday that's painted in blue colour again, perhaps somewhere lighter then dark blue. Weekend was a good one coz got 2 donk donk frenz of mine up in KL. :D It was to celebrate Piggie's burfdae. These were the list of things we did :
  • Lepaked at Laundry Bar with the rest
  • Picked 'That' from her office in Yap Kwan Seng
  • Picked Melia from Pudu
  • Went parking hunting in Mid Valley
  • Sang out throat out in My KTV from 2pm - 6pm
  • Walk around Mid Valley
  • Shoot to Jln Ampang for Mexican food, Les Carretas on Piggie, hehe
  • Went to Friendster cafe that provide one of the worst drinks at the most unreasonable price. Highly NOT RECOMMENDED.
  • Next day.. me n melia went Matta Fair n i booked my room for singapore trip :) and i got blardi molested in the fucking matta fair.
  • and below are the fotos taken during the weekend


From left to right; Piggie, Me, Amelia and Tat erhm.. and the photographer is Jet. lol. This was the poor room that gotta absorb all of our Malaysian Idol voices. You should hear Pig sing.. she's the like the best singer in the world.. especially when she sings Siti Nurhaliza's songs. *pengsan*


That's Me and the Burfdae girl doing some muka.


This is the Les Carretas Mexican Restaurant, Piggie with her lamb shank, Tat with her somethign pizza, Jet with his.. i forgot wat thing.. but it was a wrap, me with me beef/mutton.. i forgot wat i ordered and melia with her fagitas.


This is in Friendster Cafe that I mentioned earlier to be overpriced and serving horrible drinks. I ordered a Hot Choco at RM10.50 and it doesnt even taste a single bit like Starbucks' hot choc. I think my own mixed Milo would taste alot better. Seriously, it's damn damn cair. Not just mine, amelia's Americano has the 'cheap' coffee taste. Seriously. Again, i stress this, this cafe is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED!


These are some fotos during my training with the other HLBB colleagues. It's a lil bit outdated coz i only posting it now. That's coz Ms. Busy Me got no time to transfer the pics into my pc la. From left to right, Ahmad from Internal Audit, Belle from Operations of Bangsar Baru branch, Angie from Ong Kim Wee Mlk branch, Stella from Taman Putra Ampang, Penny from Muar branch, Lai Kuan from Ipoh, and below is Yang , EMS from Kinrara and finally Connie from Greentown branch. All are PFC except Yang and Ahmad.


This was our last day during training. We had our lunch in Wisma KFC and obviously we had KFC. And Mr. Hii King Hui kept taking fotos of all of us. Nothing better to do.


Us in front of Wisma Hong Leong with the mini-fountain splashing it's water on us.
Raine, Penny, Angie, Stella, Connie and Ayumi

5 siao pohs in Bkt Bintang after consuming Lecka-Lecka. As usual the fotographer will be Mr. Onizuka Hii King Hui


I know this pic is super outdated. haha.. live with it. Taken during Convo 06 in MMU Cyber. Me kay poh there as usual :) it's a good thing anyway. It was a convo for Su Kin, Hsin Ser, Soon Hup and Chee Kiat. Others in the pic tumpang glamour oni. :) inclusive of me. Those convo flers are my close frens during high school days :)

This is Cik. Mien that FFK me for the Karaoke session for Piggie's burfdae celebration. Leaving her IC with her dearie Jason.*double pengsan*
Always FFK me mia. ish ish! One day gona kena from us d.
That's all folks for the day!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

:: Me dUn wAnnA wOrK ::

Me have been lazy-ing at homie for the past 4 days. Let me see what Have i been up to
  • Seeing the doc
  • Going for Physiotherapy daily
  • Watch tv
  • Makan
  • Having Glennie, Allenor, Ass n Mr. Herbalife visit me n my spine

Finally after 4 days at home.. I drove back to KL today.. with so much of distrations on the highway. damn.. the highway is under repair like.. FOREVER. in the day worst.. they close the road here n there.. n the blardi lorry drivers drive like it's their grandfather's road. fuckers! I nearly bang into a lorry earlier thanx to the bastard who juz simply cut into my lane without realising i'm coming at 110 kph making my handbag n stuff fly onto the air *fucking bastard* Morons like that causes accidents on the highway everyday. damnit.

I reached Sheraton Subang at bout 1.30pm and registered myself as applicant and only got my interview at 4pm. Geez.. long wait. The interviewer was a nice indian lady.. hrmf.. well.. i don't know if she's nice enough to give me the job tho. lol.


Slipped-Disc *spelling mistake*

And so I thought this wil be a usual weekend for me in melaka. Till Sunday morning, when i got all dressed up to meet amelia in MP, I got a hit on the lower part of my spine. Damn. Was painful but it was bearable.. i thought it was nothing much and just a small twist on my back.. so happily i can still go to MP.. n meet up with amelia.. till i felt kinda pain when i was in Coffee Bean.. Then, my rescuer came.. WEI SHUN! She called out of no where.. enquiring on my location. and so, i told the problem to her... and she recommended me Dr. Yong, a singseh in Melaka Raya. Went over there..n waited like damn long. imagine the clinic, got numbering. meaning to say.. i was at number 26 n display is oni number 14. That many patients they have. So, my turn finally came.. den doc touch jer den told my urat lari.. den went behind n got this blind malay man.. he urut my back.. sampai i terjerit jerit kesakitan.. den after a whole long term of suffering... they did acupunture on me. using the botol botl to suck my back. and til now i still have the bulat signs on my back. argh.

Next morning, i was stil in pain. when i decided to actually go consult a specialist, an ortopedric.. how the heck to spell dat? -the bone specialist. he told me dat i'm having a slip disc. Now, people will start asking me wat's a slipdisc? argh. It's the spine... where the spine is made up of a series of bones.. between the bones, there will be some sorta 'cushion' in order to elakkan geseran between the bones.. and the 'cushion' on my 4th bone of my spine, ran out of position and is hitting towards my nerve. Doctor then told me to go for physiotherapy. I felt like a sick idiot. My first day of physiotherapy.. i was given an ultrasound treatment and then some infra-duno-wat thingy.. den next was traction. It's where my body is being tied tightly to the board/bed i was lyin on .. and the thing that was tying me is conected to a machine. The machine will pull and pull and pull.. the function is to straighten my spine. when it was pulling, i dont feel much pain.. juz felt like being pulled. then, the 20 minutes of pulling is over, the terapist came.. and she realeased me from the thing.. and thats when my body kinda like dropped on the bed.. and that's when i felt 1 blardi sharp pain.. well.. pain enuf to make me drop tears. The terapist seeing me in such pain, took out the traction part for me for the following days. I didnt the ultrasound and the infra thingy.. till today.. today i m feeling a lil better.. i m not sure if it's coz of the therapy or is it coz of the pain killer? hrmf.

Tmr i hafta drive back to KL with this blardi pain in my back. :( and to attend a walk-in intervew in sheraton subang.. anyfurther ah? Thanx to Glenn. lol. but it's a marketing executive position. a post that i was looking for. :) not blardi sales exec. :)

Anyway, wish me luck on my journey tomorrow!


Monday, September 11, 2006


I had a great weekend! :)
  • I clubbed on Thursday in Rum Jungle
  • Makan-ed 'dai-lok-min' in Petaling Street
  • Went shopping in 1 Utama on Saturday
  • Had dinner in Italianies
  • Clubbed in Thai Club
  • Slept over in Crown Regency
  • Got up at 12pm n went out at 3pm to Jaya
  • Shopped in Jaya and went to Sunway
  • Waited almost an hour to be fed in Yuen Steamboat opposite Sunway Pyramid
  • Laughed til my tummy burst thanx to Mr. Akinozawa Hii. lol.

Sadly, the training ending on Wednesday. meaning to say, Wed is the last day for me to see all of 'em :( sad sialz!!!!!! it was fun la this training thing. Get to meet so many new frenz :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Training 6-9-2006

Additional head-crashing info -
  • Islamic mortgage loan and Calculation
  • Islamic Letter of Offer
  • Conventional Mortgage Loan Letter of Offer
  • Reading of Title(geran), Sales & Purchase Agreement, Letter of Offer
  • Credit Card types and sales

That's only today. Have not even include wat i absorbed yesterday. Gosh, i'm running out of space in mind! Going to club with the other consultants tomorrow. lol. budak budak HLBB ni.. memang nakal semacam. lol. Tmr is another day of full training. Pengsan. Budak tepi aku.. namanya, Yang.. he tido like nobody's business. lol. den can wake up n inform me dat he slept off. lol. Was like blardi obvious. haha.. but farnee fler la. kept me entertained during the boring lectures. lol. I am seated in between an ex-budak HSBC and ex-budak OCBC. All da traitors. lol. Siap Yang using HSBC pen. lol. nasib i tak pakai KMDC pen. whaah..

Life is alright as I am concern now. Hopefully all turns well and i make lotz n lotz of cash here. :D

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Today Stella started her training in the HQ in Jalan Perak, KL together-gether with the other Personal Financial Consultants(PFC) and the Executive Mortgage Sales(EMS) people. I get to meet loads n load n lotttttttttttttts of people all over Malaysia. The PFCs come from all over.. sabah, sarawak, kedah, penang, johor, melaka.. lol. :) It was quite a fun experience I can say. It was obviously kinda weird in the beginning n like so damn kekok coz like duno anybody. But, to my suprise, Tze Lay is also a PFC! She flew all the way from Sarawak! Tze Lay is my ex coursemate. :) Went around and made frenz with a number of 'em. :) But frankly, I forgot some of their names, the chinese names.. it takes quite alot of 'ram' in my head to remember all the names in like less den 5 minz? lol. i guess 10 days will do good in remember em. :)

Today's training is bout work ethic, dress code, vision n mission.. bla bla.. history. I nearly fell asleep. Guess, i doze off at some point. lol. A 2-3 second head knock down .. like how the jet plane goes up n down.. there's how my head went for awhile during Bryan's training. lol. But Raj was farnee, farnee trainer.. from the BPO division doing AMLA. The 3rd trainer today.. Mr. Low i think.. i forgot :X he was kinda boring too.. but it became interesting when he started to talk n how to identify the cheques. Lol. at least somethign in my job scope that I need to know. :)

Tmr's the beginning of the real hard core training. Today was juz a mild introduction of HLBB. Tmr is the start of mortgage sales. Here comes the leasehold, freehold, conventional, islamic.. bla bla bla that will come bombarding to my head. Need to add extra 'ram' into my brain tonite. Need some installation to be done. I wish i was stayin in the Crown regency with the other outstation PFCs. i bet they had fun in the apartments. :( further to add, do not need to get stucked inthe blardi jam of KL early in the morning. Damn. If i would have stayed there, i could juz get up for work at 8.15 n b in office by 8.45. syoknya. The fucking jam in Jalan Ampang was killing this morning. I left home at 730am. I reached the turn off from MRR2 into jalan Ampang at 8am. and the short distance took me like almost 45 minutes from jln ampang to HQ. Damn!

Today after al the training.. Dr. X, i forgot his name.. paiseh.. the Head of Training gave a short briefing to us new PFCs. He asked bout our background n where we came from and all. When it was my turn, i told i used to be a sales and marketing executive. The convo went like that :

Dr. X : What were u doing before this?
me : I was a sales and marketing exec.
Dr. X : Wat were u selling?
me : I was selling training programmes to corporate clients.
Dr. X : Oh! Which company?
me : KDU Management Development Centre
Dr. X : Ooooooooohhhhhhh!!! Ms. MIEN!!! Mien is a nice lady! Why did you left her company?(laughing)
me : Yeah, Mien is a nice person but the problem is the manager that I'm reporting to is not nice. (cheeky smile)
Dr. X : (laughing) Mien juz changed her corporate look right? She juz took a new snapshot for her new bulletin!!! am i right?
me : Yeah, she did (laughing)
Dr. X : I gonna tease her.

Gosh.. he knows mien! and to add to that, he even know another PFC's secondary school's headmistress! and she is from Muar! gosh.. and he actually admited that he knows alot of ppl. Best part, he even said.. i might even know your parents. then he laugh away. lol. Farnee HOD i must say. but seems like a nice person. :)

HLBB isn't that bad afterall. :) starting to like it bit by bit. :) will learn to like wat i'm doing and learn to make money out of it. :D

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Jiwang Attack

Some songs just bring out the jiwang in you. Phrases like;

Lying close to you feeling your heart beating
And I wondering what you are dreaming
Wondering if it's me you are seeing
Then I kiss your eyes and thank god we're together
I just want to stay with you in this moment forever and forever

I don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I miss you baby, And I don't want to miss a thing

I'll Be the greatest fan of your life

You're My Survival, You're My Living Proof

When I look at you, I see something rare, a rose that can grow anywhere. There's no one that I know that can compare. What makes you different, makes you beautiful.

Whatever it takes or how my heart breaks, I will be right here waiting for you

Now tell me. How to not feel jiwang when u have lyrics like these? Fyi, me damn emo n fucking sensitive. Explains it all?