Thursday, September 21, 2006

:: Me dUn wAnnA wOrK ::

Me have been lazy-ing at homie for the past 4 days. Let me see what Have i been up to
  • Seeing the doc
  • Going for Physiotherapy daily
  • Watch tv
  • Makan
  • Having Glennie, Allenor, Ass n Mr. Herbalife visit me n my spine

Finally after 4 days at home.. I drove back to KL today.. with so much of distrations on the highway. damn.. the highway is under repair like.. FOREVER. in the day worst.. they close the road here n there.. n the blardi lorry drivers drive like it's their grandfather's road. fuckers! I nearly bang into a lorry earlier thanx to the bastard who juz simply cut into my lane without realising i'm coming at 110 kph making my handbag n stuff fly onto the air *fucking bastard* Morons like that causes accidents on the highway everyday. damnit.

I reached Sheraton Subang at bout 1.30pm and registered myself as applicant and only got my interview at 4pm. Geez.. long wait. The interviewer was a nice indian lady.. hrmf.. well.. i don't know if she's nice enough to give me the job tho. lol.



^PuRpLe BuTtErFlY^ said...

well happens whn u hol 2 long...ahhaha dulu mase aku gi beijing pun samer..lagi malas den u cuz i cuti for 8 days..miahaha..

screw da drivers n yah i understand ur feeling...some ppl drive leaving their brains at the bonnet!!

if u get da job u gonna take it ah?? wat co? indiann??? told u, u got some "chemistry" wiv indians not surprised if u're married 2 one!!! wkakakakaka....

u're meeting me tmr mannnnn.... bluueekk...faster get ur frens 2 crack their head n tink whr 2 go on sat nite.... =( if not u haf 2 belanja me CB edi...note itz a in Bear...not D okaayyy...

aLittleMisfit said...

come back malacca i belanja u yamchar...

that is if u can get me out!

** stella ** said...

misfit.. u duduk rumah jer la. anti social betul.. dat time we all togetehr gather go out oso u dont wanna come.. or more like 25% to add to my 75%. isk. batang hidup pun tak nampak! isk isk isk!

meliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh yeh.. tmr seenig u.. but i stil havent discuss wit pig who to pick. lol!!! the blardi drivers .. i dont think they put their brains in their bonet.. infact.. i think.. they don't even have 1.

wat indian indian ni? lol. i oso think i wont b suprised if i marry to an indian sialz. and by the way.. it's not an indian company.. it's a japanese company.. my ex-client sialz. Panasonic.

Anyways.. juz to tell u.. i still dont see the difference between a B and a D. Isn't both the same? I prefer a D la.. me no go school. me duno the a b c d. but me like D. :)