Thursday, September 07, 2006

Training 6-9-2006

Additional head-crashing info -
  • Islamic mortgage loan and Calculation
  • Islamic Letter of Offer
  • Conventional Mortgage Loan Letter of Offer
  • Reading of Title(geran), Sales & Purchase Agreement, Letter of Offer
  • Credit Card types and sales

That's only today. Have not even include wat i absorbed yesterday. Gosh, i'm running out of space in mind! Going to club with the other consultants tomorrow. lol. budak budak HLBB ni.. memang nakal semacam. lol. Tmr is another day of full training. Pengsan. Budak tepi aku.. namanya, Yang.. he tido like nobody's business. lol. den can wake up n inform me dat he slept off. lol. Was like blardi obvious. haha.. but farnee fler la. kept me entertained during the boring lectures. lol. I am seated in between an ex-budak HSBC and ex-budak OCBC. All da traitors. lol. Siap Yang using HSBC pen. lol. nasib i tak pakai KMDC pen. whaah..

Life is alright as I am concern now. Hopefully all turns well and i make lotz n lotz of cash here. :D


toonie mimi said...

When u make lotsa lotsa cash adi.. jangan lupa si toonie mimi kat sini ya? hehehe

*kiss kiss kisssssss*

aLittleMisfit said...

when he sleep... poke something in his nostril. Sure lagi farnee... If he "ter"sedar.. look at him like some sort of freak!

balik balik no camera...

** stella ** said...

wat u tokign misfit?

mimi! if i dapat banyak banyka la :( til now i duno how
in order to get the money.. in a month.. i must hit 4 new creditcard, 500K mortgage and 20K unit trust.. if i dont hit any of them.. i get nothing :(

aLittleMisfit said...

500k mortgage and 20k unit.. habis habis.. ei! my 1 mil loan approved already ar?

-irodim- said...

You can one la lat, use ur charms!!

** stella ** said...

lol. HLBB is killign me. today know bout new incentive n commission scheme. teruk kena tipu. shud have went to other banks. :( so many from other banks regretted. :(

misfit: approved d. u collect from the nearest tai-e-long k? lol.

anthraxxxx said...

tuanku, use your boobs.

** stella ** said...

bodo mia hamba. gua pancung n cincang ur head sialz. jaga lu. lol.