Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clubbing in Bali! =)

It's like freaking cheap to club in Bali! OMG! they only charge my drinks at 35.000 Rp. And, buy one free one. so translate it to about RM 6-7 per drink. OMG. freaking cheap rite!

IF AND ONLY IF, you aren't local. the cover charge of 50.000Rp is applicable only to the locals. Foreigners enter free. and guess wat? my friend all happily walk into Bounty Discotheque, the bouncer flers stop me. :| ask me where am i from. :| i mean hellllooooo... do i look balinese? :|

heh. pergi mana also local |: thailand .. i bcome thai... savanika.... bali ....i bcome balinese. :|

before KO.

THe colorful alcohols

the gang. :)

these people... know i half KO already.. purposely make stupid face and poke my cheek. :|

my dad sees this, im dead. :| he will think i have done tons of vices. :|
i dont smokeee la paaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! only 1 stick :| thanx to daryl la!!!

shake ur bon bon, shake ur bon bon, shake ur bon bon! and i seriously dont know what is up there and wat the heck am i looking at, i think i was just too drunk:|

the 2 alcoholics slurping their arak madu.

half naked hunks with good bodies. :| not those u see on the picz though. there are ALOT of hunky ones :| good looking lagi =")

AND NO! MY HAND"S IS NOT TOUCHIN ANDY"S WATEVER. :| Stupid gary. see the picture properly before comment leh :|

the sexy guys and the innocent girl.



Yo, yo!I got to move it, move it! You got to move it, move it!

Me and the two sexy guys. :) hairy ass and hairy ah lan. :)

Bali so damn fucking happening loh :)

BANGKOKKKKKKKKKKKKK & KRABIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII i'm cominggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time for Bali

Surf shops everywhereeee

mat salleh buyin surf board

more surfboardddd

streets of Kuta - poppies lane 2

cik tourist walking around with camera while kena con.

after effect of fucking con manicure

stupid CONLADY!

our first night dinner :D

the blast memorial

me! - Choco banana gelato

camwhore outside of room 429

from esc

Bali... here i come.. finally!

i got no idea why this pic is damn fucking small

our 1 million Rp dinner in Jimbaran. beautiful scenery


our first day.. all cramped in 1 mini mpv. pengsan

our favourite lunch spot. AMerican lunch in bali :| well, except babi kechap.

they even provide the "needed" things in the hotel.

Our daily beverage :)

yet, another.

our disappointing snorkeling spot

Beli la banana boat SPF 30!

preparing to get "burnt"

3 lil' boys - daryl, ashwin and allen

aud, andy and thomas learning surfing

a common sight in bali

glenn tak tahan after this.


api kechak dance



tanah lot


tanah lot

kintamani with the gang. :) all of us.


daryl's laundryyyy

me washign my bajyu in the bath tub :|

our beloved hotel - barong Kuta Hotel

I'm gonna update on Clubbing in Bali in the next post.