Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Red Box Karaoke - Tale of the Pokey Brothers

I was in Red Box Karaoke with vince and his gang. The supposedly other friends.. ALL FFK maximum. Boeing 747. Terutamanya, Carly George! :| biggest plane u can ever find. can fly the whole world also no need to isi minyak. :|

Anyways... we sang our lungs out! Sitting between Vince and Mel.. i nearly got my ear drums burst :p hahahahaa *kidding*

Anyways some photo of that night :

Vince and I

Mel and I. such an ugly photo.:|

THE POKEY BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! story behind the pokey brothers musn't be revealed. lol

Talk to the hand

This was funny shit. lol. the so called theme for the time was Halloween. so we were told that one of their staf will scare us by jumping into our room. best part.. i think they "forgot" that the door was a glass door, aka, WE CAN LOOK OUT FROM THE INSIDE.

Ada pulak.. they got ready to jump in to scare us infront of the door. duh. obviously we know he was gonhna jump in anytime. so... we HAD to act like we were like terperanjat when we saw the 'vampire'. thus.. that gambar poyo.

I will be updating soon on my Bali holidays once i get the pics from the rest of my peeps. :)

End of post :)

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