Thursday, October 02, 2008

Small small World

The world is getting smaller and smaller as everyday goes by.

It is always somebody know somebody or somebody is someone's somebody. OMG!

Last time.. i found out. Tan Sin Choy was a relative of Diana Hong.

then... i found out.. chaiyen is frienz with my 2 ex class mates in high school and primary school. Pao ying & Swee Lin.

wat else?

oh. my cousin's newly wed husband is close friend with my colleague.

too many. i juz can't relate it now.

then.... juz only.. someone on my msn msg-ed me. someone who has already been in the list and i couldn't bothered to chat. or at most, i close the chat box if he msg-ed.

Then.. today from a distance i saw someone msg.. i open.. and i thought it was a friend.. named Andy Kway... and i had a closer look.. eh no woh! just look like andy.. but name is Stanley Kway

And i asked la if he has a bro... named andy.. tengok tengok.. memang the brother pun. argh. small world. no wonder attitude sama. :|

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