Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Great FJ Benjamin Branded Sale!!!

2 May : Preview Sale for HSBC Cardmemebrs only

3 & 4 May : Open to Public

Brands Offered

Banana Republic



Gap Kids


Guess Watches

La Senza

Marc Ecko

Nautica Watches

Nike Timing

Paint 8


Time : 10am to 8pm


Level 3

Bangsar Village II (New Wing)

(Above MPH)

ZARA Warehouse Clearance!!!

Date : 1-4th May 2008

Time : 10am-7pm

Brands Offered


Massimo Dutti

Pull and Bear

Ted Baker London


Crystal Ballroom

Level 1 Corus Hotel

Jalan Ampang

Kuala Lumpur

Friday, April 11, 2008

Kena Con!

Yesterday my family and I open this box of Mini Poppers. There were 3 poppers in every individual pack in the box. Thus, we happily makan the thing. Suddenly when i was about to open the next pack, i realised something was wrong! That stupid pack only contained 2!!!! Me and my sis was like.... eh! we kena con ah? lol. then we thought... probably it's written on the box, 17 mini poppers or so... thus we turn around the box to check.. and we saw 18! X(

Damn dumb lo! stupid unilever. packaging also can fail. :|

Prove.. i know its hard to see the non-existence of the other biji of mini popper. but, better than no picture rite!!!

I was chatting with kian at 1am....

Self-explanatory. :|

kian khian: wat u doing
suklin83: missing u la
kian khian: >hugs<
kian khian: come here
kian khian: :*
kian khian: *winks*
suklin83: lol
suklin83: nono
suklin83: u're coming.
kian khian: im not cumming yet... still early
kian khian: :D
suklin83: lol!!!!
kian khian: u cum 1st
kian khian: :p
suklin83: then dont cum!
suklin83: wtf/ LOL
kian khian: ROFL
suklin83: hey
suklin83: after you..
suklin83: lol
kian khian: no no lady 1st :p
kian khian: *wink*
suklin83: nono.. i insist.
suklin83: lol
kian khian: i insist back
kian khian: :D
suklin83: wah yoh
suklin83: kenot like that leh
suklin83: i say u cum means u cum firs tla!!!
kian khian: gentlement cannot cum 1st
kian khian: must lady 1st ma


damn stupid one lo kian. lol.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

When you getting Married?

I met Michelle on Tuesday in Infineon. First question from her,

Stella! When you getting married?


I am only 24 loh! sweat. -,-"
Appreciate Life

I was on facebook yesterday and noticed a new group being formed on my homepage. A general update on "Malaysia" network on facebook. It says, " In loving memory of a true friend, brother and son. You will be missed". Out of curiousity, I landed a click on the link. And.. i ended a search on the guy who was called to be with Him. I dont know him, but I felt so sad. I felt like there was so much in him that it was too early for him to go. He was only 20. He had an accident while working out, falling and knocking his head and fell into a coma. I was like...????

I read alot about him yesterday night and today morning. It seems like he's a kinda person who lives life to its fullest, appreciating every single moment of his life. But, he was just taken too early to be in a better place. He's only 20..... have not even managed to go through half of the life.

Now that he's in a better place, may he rest in peace.
Safety Net Thwarts Suicide

Read today's newspaper! Wah lao... damn teruk loh people nowadays.. see the picture also know
the fler one ah beng fler.. but again.. not ah beng also nowadays in deep shite with ah longs. damn crazy lah people nowadays. Go pinjam so much of money.. den kenot do anyting go to GENTING to hope for more money.. ended up trying to jump down. No wonder Genting's so haunted. :|

Gamble, gamble and gamble.. what's so fun of gambling when u know the chances are 50/50? Argh. if gamble dont susah others nvm, but gamble d.. wanna commit suicide la.. this la that la.. then ended up parents in misery, loved ones in misery. not say they are the ones in misery, coz they would have gone down by then. damnit. CRAZY.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

When You're Gone

I'm in Melaka this whole week, prospecting for the upcoming Walton seminar this saturday.. but today i woke up late, made some calls to some prospects, then fetch my sis at 4pm. Ended up in KTV from 5-7, makan wantanmee and ojian.. reach home also 830 already. So much of, proclaimed "working".

Anyways, main reason for this post is I got emo while watching Avril Lavigne's When you're gone video in the KTV. I know abit lembap for me to notice it now.. but it was a really nice vid. A very emotional one. As she says... the video "is about being with someone you love, and you have to say goodbye, and all the little things you miss about them". It is really sad not being able to say goodbye to the person you love, even though u don;t want to. Why would we ever wanna say a goodbye that might mean forever to our loved ones. Like the lady which is featured in the video.

Another touching part of it is the old man who has lost his wife. Looking at how he looks at the pictures of he and his wife when they were together, her clothes... juz brings back the memories he has. And, all he could do, is just cry....because he misses her so much. And, she went away before him. Yet, some people in this world, simply do not treasure the person who is next to them. And only when they're gone, they'd start to realise how much they wanted them by their side.

I tengah emo. I think the video is damn nice lo.

Ok. Chao.
When You`re Gone Video