Tuesday, April 08, 2008

When You're Gone

I'm in Melaka this whole week, prospecting for the upcoming Walton seminar this saturday.. but today i woke up late, made some calls to some prospects, then fetch my sis at 4pm. Ended up in KTV from 5-7, makan wantanmee and ojian.. reach home also 830 already. So much of, proclaimed "working".

Anyways, main reason for this post is I got emo while watching Avril Lavigne's When you're gone video in the KTV. I know abit lembap for me to notice it now.. but it was a really nice vid. A very emotional one. As she says... the video "is about being with someone you love, and you have to say goodbye, and all the little things you miss about them". It is really sad not being able to say goodbye to the person you love, even though u don;t want to. Why would we ever wanna say a goodbye that might mean forever to our loved ones. Like the lady which is featured in the video.

Another touching part of it is the old man who has lost his wife. Looking at how he looks at the pictures of he and his wife when they were together, her clothes... juz brings back the memories he has. And, all he could do, is just cry....because he misses her so much. And, she went away before him. Yet, some people in this world, simply do not treasure the person who is next to them. And only when they're gone, they'd start to realise how much they wanted them by their side.

I tengah emo. I think the video is damn nice lo.

Ok. Chao.
When You`re Gone Video

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