Thursday, April 10, 2008

Safety Net Thwarts Suicide

Read today's newspaper! Wah lao... damn teruk loh people nowadays.. see the picture also know
the fler one ah beng fler.. but again.. not ah beng also nowadays in deep shite with ah longs. damn crazy lah people nowadays. Go pinjam so much of money.. den kenot do anyting go to GENTING to hope for more money.. ended up trying to jump down. No wonder Genting's so haunted. :|

Gamble, gamble and gamble.. what's so fun of gambling when u know the chances are 50/50? Argh. if gamble dont susah others nvm, but gamble d.. wanna commit suicide la.. this la that la.. then ended up parents in misery, loved ones in misery. not say they are the ones in misery, coz they would have gone down by then. damnit. CRAZY.

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