Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I blardi miss uni life. Look at how much fun i used to have. Look at me now, stuck in a fucked up job in a fucked up organization with screwed up management. If only I could turn back time, I'll maximize my uni life. Suffering from depression now. Picture above taken in Taman Negara where I nearly got killed. :p
Thanx to Dal I'm still alive! and thank God I didn't kill him! :p The 4 girlz in the pic are my group of friends that I know since first year of Uni and they had been my closest group of frenz during uni life. :)

The cleaning-up process in Grace's house after an episode of steamboat havoc with Fa Ming and that gang. MAN! I TOLD YA I MISSED UNIVERSITY DAYS!!!!! argh. The pix itself shows how much fun we had! grrrrrr! That's Mien, Me, WeiLee, Amelia, Tat and Grace from left to right. :)

Cockitional Mathematics

An equation that you will never find in any mathematics or arithmatics book.

Pure Sales Person = Big Time Cock Talker

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


How I really, really and REALLY wish that she gets that from Dato' CQ one day. I'll jump in joy and happiness, cheered by certain people which names shouldnt be mention here.

You're Fired! .. ahh.. how sweet does that sound if it's directed to her. :)

The company will be blessed with peace and joy with the disappearance of her.

May you be fired soon. Well, you know it, it's a matter of now or later. :)

We all know what you did.
Differences of Managers
click on picture to enlarge for better view

I hop into JVC Electronics today and met 2 Japanese, Mr. Murata & Ms. Rika. They are like 2 of the nicest people I've met ever since I stepped into the marketing world. Very, very nice and humble people. Murata is the Director for Administration of JVC and Rika is the Snr Officer Accounts.

I had a discussion that lasted for about an hour and we came to a decision that they will be sending an amount of about 20++ pax. Rough estimation of 23 examinees, my commission will be RM12 x 23 = RM276 , fucking little but better than nothing.

RM 12 per examinee? WTF? Live with it, moron! You asked for it, who the heck
asked you to join this company?
That's what I tell myself. To appear more humble, I WAS MISINFORMED during interview, which explains why I took the job that pays RM12 per sign-up while leaving behind a job that pays RM350 per sign-up. Oh, how dumb can I be? Very, I guess.

Well, at least I had achievement in TOEIC as compared to the m-a-n-a-g-e-r. Is that how you spell manager? lol. Such a proud thing to make a remark on, a m-a-n-a-g-e-r that doesnt even know his/her own product and who becomes so 'chuak' when there's no one else to handle but herself. Why 'chuak'? Obviously, it's bcause he/she knows nothing bout it! As simple as A B C. A m-a-n-a-g-e-r who gotta turn to his/her employee on the early bird pricing of her/his OWN product when questioned by clients over the telephone. How respectful.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Money is not Everything?

A phrase that's so questionable. Is money really not everything? I gave a deep thought about it today. Adding from what Amelia told me today, I even disagree more to the statement. Money might not be everything, but money is almost everything. hrmf.

I went to the dentist today, did some scaling n mending n i was bombarded. I became superbly broke in a minute. RM210 - stated on the bill. Well, obviously, I needed money at that time to keep my teeth in good condition. Another thing, money can't buy health? Are you sure of the statement? Your body alone is not good enough, you ALWAYS need supplements, and supplements = money, and they are not cheap. You go for health check, are the doctors not charging? Nah, they are charging a HUGE fee. I had an op 3 years back removing some not-too-sure what was it, a HUGE fee was charge, again. If money can't buy health, I might be suffering worst condition.

If money is not everything, how do I get a place to stay? I need money for my rental, or I might have to sleep under the bridge. If money is not everything, why do people start businesses? To gain problems and headache? *rolls eyes* If money is not everything, how do I pay my bills? Live on debts? If money is not everything, how do I repay my study loan? If money is not everything, why do even all of us go to work while facing some fuckers in office? If money is not everything, how do I eat and drink? And if love and health is everything, why do people in certain countries suffer from poverty?

Money IS everything.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The faces above are among the life and blood of KMDC.
From left to right : Sharm, Tzu-Sinn, Nicole, Mellissa(resigned), Chris(resigned), Chean Hu, Uncle Noel, Me, Mien, Kooi Chin, Kelly Clarkson, Boon(AY's best friend), Bitch, Ong (resigned) and Alistairrrrr.
There are others who's not in the pic: Kavi, Mas, Siauw Ing, Terence, Ben, Lena, Raj, ShuYi, Joanne. Erhm.. anyone else?
Images of the Dark Side

As I promised..

so u see..

dat's the screwed up bitch and that's our Mr. SY Wong, the MD for KMDC. He's the angelic guy who's old and yet he sees things in a wide perspective. A very wise gentleman that is rich with knowledge.

On the other hand, is the bitch who earns like hell and not contributing a single shite. I wonder why is KMDC still hiring her. Useless piece of shit. See her figure in the picture , isn't it a lil' unstable? Explains why i said she is demonized? lol.

I know, i know! my drawing is horrible! wahahha.. but u've got the idea rite? it ain't that bad afterall :p

This pix is taken during the MOU signing ceremony with David BALDerson, obviously the only white guy there with the other high-ranked people except the female beside him. Konon-high-ranked.
That's Chean Hu(Fin. Mgr), Valentino (Biz Dev Mgr-resigned), Mien (ED), Dato Teoh (Paramount Director), David, Bitch, Dr. Wong(MD), Sherliza(Corp Sales Mgr-resigned) and Mr. Lim (HR Dir)
and me? outside the room. *rolls eyes*

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Wednesday! , finally.

The topic says it all! How difficult for me to touch a Wednesday. Imagine 3 torturing days in the office are like 3 hell-burning-days. Well, AY is the devil. Imagine with 2 horns n 1 big sharp trident. I guess the devil lives in her. gosh. Satan-worshipper. I'll try to get her fugly pix n put it up here in order for everyone to know who's the annoying bitch is.

Tmr's another day to go tru. Guess it'll be easier as I'll b spending time in KMDC instead of freaking-dead-PCB office. I have 2 major task to perform before I end this week, 1st, Thursday-killing job, and 2nd, Friday-killing job. And, I'm done for the week. and here comes the weekenddddddd!! uh yeh! man, i'm loving it! Danny's going back homie this weekend.. guess kurang 1 footie kaki. I turned into some kinda footie World Cup Freak suddenly. Imagine it's the girls who asked the boys to come out for a drink to watch footie. Eik! the world is changing, ain't it? lol. Will try to catch Fast & Furious - Tokyo Drift end of this week. Hopefully. lol. it happens ya know when u make plans. Best plans are carried out un-planned!

I would need to crawl to my bed, to be exact, a blardi thin mattress which i can feel the floor at my back, in a moment. Not my fault, it's screaming at me asking me to go to bed. Alright, that's all folks!

Monday, June 19, 2006

A Blue Monday

Today was such a blue monday. Well, all days in KMDC was blue anyway. Spent 9-5.30 .. erhm 8 and half hours stuck in office today, inclusive of lunch hour. Gosh, i grew fungus on me. Situation was freaking cold in office. AY n me didn't talk a single word, as the usual, til she needed me to pass things to Kelly.

I will be hanging by at KMDC tmr, at least i dont need to be in PCB. damnit. I'll be bringing a lil' cake for Mr. Alistair! kaka.. the small choco cake wit a little kid on top juz to tease him. :) and perhaps, another small wish on Happy Belated Birthday. :)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Had meeting on Wednesday from 930am - 12pm! Sales meeting then project meeting.
Project meeting = kena bamboo meeting

Ms. Andrina Yeo, oh, Mrs., didn't even realised a person like you can have a family.

You found out that I emailed Jason Choi of BASF-Petronas and got a reply from him. So? Here goes the convo :

AY : Print out the email! X
SO : ok
AY : Are you and Jason Choi close frens?
SO : No
AY : Then, why you're writing like that????? This is not formal! If I were a manager of a company, I would have deleted without reading it! **Hello dumb-woman! If you've not read it, how would you know the content of the email containing my not-formal-letter before deleting it? At least, I managed to make you open my damn mail.**
This is the email template.

AY : Why are you sending email without my consent? I'm alright with you selling but you must inform me! **Remember when you told me, I'm not allowed to sell? I'm doing it quietly coz if I close a sale, I'll go directly to Dr. Wong, the MD to claim my part of commission if you don't wanna give it to me. You aren't giving me my TOEIC commission anyway. AY, you're invisible in my vision. Go beyond my limits, and you'd better be prepared. **

SO : ok, will inform you.

That went on-and-on till the blardi-old-frickle-minded-screwed-up-horrendous-problematic-female-dog was satisfied bamboo-ing me.

Then, next thing was to be sitted in Mr. Watermelon's programmes briefing in ICT1. It's a name informed by others, well, it suits him anyway. :) He kept yakking bout his Masters products which I'm not a single bit interested. He talks likes this withs alls the S everywheres ins his sentence. See how annoying is that? Oh yeah, it's that bad. He's AY's best friend in KMDC. Explains all? Gosh, the briefing was so blardi bored till I nearly dozed off. One by One left the room queitly, dont you realised that or don't you get the hint Mr. Watermelon? Ahakz! Perhaps, just like AY, you'll never realised things. Same type of birds flock together anyway.

I'm typing this from office. See how bored I get? Til I blog during office hour. The computer clock shows 10.21am and I'm already rotting. How am I suppose to go through the whole day? til 5.30 pm? To worsen situation further, another KIT Meeting at 2.30pm. The so-called Keep-In-Touch meeting... has no effect of keeping each other in touch, it's a personal thingy n' it's to be developed, not meeting-ed. People like AY, will never ever and ever has this particular trait in her. Imagine a person who tells an employee who's resigning due to a sick father that, "your father must understand, career comes first. Everyone will die someday". Hope she gets that from her daughter/son in the future. Inconsiderate-selfish-idiot. I am practically transferring what I wrote in my physical-diary yesterday DURING OFFICE HOURS AGAIN while handling EDS MSC (M) Sdn Bhd's TOEIC test yesterday. Here goes.

As I'm writting this, I'm so freaking tired and pissed off with my job. I'm in the midst of administering a dumb TOEIC test for EDS. I wished I was a test taker instead of an administrator! Imagine having to sit in the room for 2 and half hours doing nothing but look and stare at the examinees? Fucking boring isn't it? What's my designation again? Sales and Marketing Executive (Project)? Uh, Fuck it. I'm more like a dumb-T-O-E-I-C-administrator. Oh yeah, I'm assisting in "selling" NYU project. Yeah, by becoming a post-girl, going from post box to post box dropping a fucking NYU brochure. Not to forget, walking into factories. I don't get the point of me droping brochures into any fucking office lots available when I'm not even a single bit involved? Am I really too young to sell? or perhaps it's just you being too old? *shrugs shoulder* i duno *roll eyes* Oh , Fuck it again! I sold Key Performance Indicators, Business Continuity Planning, Marketing Communications and even technical programmes like Reliability Centered Maintenance ! and u think I'm too young to sell Strategic Enterprise Management? oh, FUCK YOU. If you think I have lack of experience to sell, educate me, you dumb! You don't even give me a chance to learn, you selfish-ignorant-female-dog.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I decided to move the blog to blogspot. The friendster blog cukup the cacat. Well, it's either it's not enough user-friendly or i'm the noob. hrmf! :) Well, anyway, welcome to my blog. :) My first post in :D My ex-post are at

Had a tiring day yesterday and today. I spend my whole day working yesterday, 8am-5pm.. but left only at 5.30pm.. thanx to WATERMELON! gosh. Kesian piggie waiting for me at Bangsar LRT station.. fetched piggie afta work n headed to damansara perdana wit Cat's Whiskas in mind. Stepped into Cat's Whiskas and walked round n round n walk out n walked back to car. Me n piggie got stucked in A&W thanx to Jet, case lembap. Met up with Danny in SS2 Murni n had dinner. den goes the England and Paraguay match! First, we thought we'll leave Murni the moment after dinner in order to get the tickets for Omen in Cineleisure. Thanx to the England match with Gammara heading the goal into it's own goal, we got stuck in Murni.. watching footie. Well, that was til half time and we headed to Cineleisure and reached there at 10.10pm in front of the counter. We looked up juz to find that Omen show is at 10pm. There's when my hand raised n hit danny. :) hahaha.. well, as usual, malaysian time.. the movie will never start on time. So, bought the tics n into the cinema! Skery skery Omen.. but not too bad la. :) i can handle means not too skery. haha. We left for hartamas after movie to have our mamaking session. Reached home almost 4am. slept at 5am and woke up at 8.30am next day to go to church! which is today. :

Reached church at bout 10am when service is suppose to start at 930am. Joined Ivan in Parousia Hall today with all the youth. Man, i feel freaking old. I'm youth no more you see. Bugged Ivan to bring me to Young Adults on Sat eve. nyek nyek nyek! at least, i feel more in-place. :p Met up wit Ah yee and Poh poh after church and went to uncle Tony's sis's house somewhere in Subang. Den moved on to Sheila Ah Yee's place in putra heights. very nice house indeed with cute lil' 3-yr-old Aden. or is that how u spell dis lil boy's name? Aden has beautiful dreamy eyes wit long eye lashes. :) so cute! >.< after Sheila's place, we headed over to grandaunty's house. It felt like chinese new year where we go house-hopping! haha.. was coz of grandma's in town.. so brought her to relative's house which i myself didn't know where they were staying before this! Reached home bout 9pm n almost dead. and now, i'm sitting here in front of the pc n typing dis blog while thinking, shite, tmr is a Monday. A bluie bluie monday.. man how i hate my job.