Sunday, June 11, 2006

I decided to move the blog to blogspot. The friendster blog cukup the cacat. Well, it's either it's not enough user-friendly or i'm the noob. hrmf! :) Well, anyway, welcome to my blog. :) My first post in :D My ex-post are at

Had a tiring day yesterday and today. I spend my whole day working yesterday, 8am-5pm.. but left only at 5.30pm.. thanx to WATERMELON! gosh. Kesian piggie waiting for me at Bangsar LRT station.. fetched piggie afta work n headed to damansara perdana wit Cat's Whiskas in mind. Stepped into Cat's Whiskas and walked round n round n walk out n walked back to car. Me n piggie got stucked in A&W thanx to Jet, case lembap. Met up with Danny in SS2 Murni n had dinner. den goes the England and Paraguay match! First, we thought we'll leave Murni the moment after dinner in order to get the tickets for Omen in Cineleisure. Thanx to the England match with Gammara heading the goal into it's own goal, we got stuck in Murni.. watching footie. Well, that was til half time and we headed to Cineleisure and reached there at 10.10pm in front of the counter. We looked up juz to find that Omen show is at 10pm. There's when my hand raised n hit danny. :) hahaha.. well, as usual, malaysian time.. the movie will never start on time. So, bought the tics n into the cinema! Skery skery Omen.. but not too bad la. :) i can handle means not too skery. haha. We left for hartamas after movie to have our mamaking session. Reached home almost 4am. slept at 5am and woke up at 8.30am next day to go to church! which is today. :

Reached church at bout 10am when service is suppose to start at 930am. Joined Ivan in Parousia Hall today with all the youth. Man, i feel freaking old. I'm youth no more you see. Bugged Ivan to bring me to Young Adults on Sat eve. nyek nyek nyek! at least, i feel more in-place. :p Met up wit Ah yee and Poh poh after church and went to uncle Tony's sis's house somewhere in Subang. Den moved on to Sheila Ah Yee's place in putra heights. very nice house indeed with cute lil' 3-yr-old Aden. or is that how u spell dis lil boy's name? Aden has beautiful dreamy eyes wit long eye lashes. :) so cute! >.< after Sheila's place, we headed over to grandaunty's house. It felt like chinese new year where we go house-hopping! haha.. was coz of grandma's in town.. so brought her to relative's house which i myself didn't know where they were staying before this! Reached home bout 9pm n almost dead. and now, i'm sitting here in front of the pc n typing dis blog while thinking, shite, tmr is a Monday. A bluie bluie monday.. man how i hate my job.

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