Friday, June 23, 2006

The faces above are among the life and blood of KMDC.
From left to right : Sharm, Tzu-Sinn, Nicole, Mellissa(resigned), Chris(resigned), Chean Hu, Uncle Noel, Me, Mien, Kooi Chin, Kelly Clarkson, Boon(AY's best friend), Bitch, Ong (resigned) and Alistairrrrr.
There are others who's not in the pic: Kavi, Mas, Siauw Ing, Terence, Ben, Lena, Raj, ShuYi, Joanne. Erhm.. anyone else?


Chris said...

Ur so darn rite, gal! The devil is oblivious to herself but visible to others. Imagine us, poor souls who are and were her colleagues. I can't think of how she treats her family members when she treated us like gritty dirt.Wat a BIATTTCH!!!! Thumbs up for nodding ur heads! ;D

-irodim- said...

siap got kelly clarkson.. hehehe. rite now i know who's the BIATCHHHH!

** stella ** said...

she's in hadyai now. company paid trip but didnt inform the colleageus who are actually invited to participate. argh!