Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm typing this from office. See how bored I get? Til I blog during office hour. The computer clock shows 10.21am and I'm already rotting. How am I suppose to go through the whole day? til 5.30 pm? To worsen situation further, another KIT Meeting at 2.30pm. The so-called Keep-In-Touch meeting... has no effect of keeping each other in touch, it's a personal thingy n' it's to be developed, not meeting-ed. People like AY, will never ever and ever has this particular trait in her. Imagine a person who tells an employee who's resigning due to a sick father that, "your father must understand, career comes first. Everyone will die someday". Hope she gets that from her daughter/son in the future. Inconsiderate-selfish-idiot. I am practically transferring what I wrote in my physical-diary yesterday DURING OFFICE HOURS AGAIN while handling EDS MSC (M) Sdn Bhd's TOEIC test yesterday. Here goes.

As I'm writting this, I'm so freaking tired and pissed off with my job. I'm in the midst of administering a dumb TOEIC test for EDS. I wished I was a test taker instead of an administrator! Imagine having to sit in the room for 2 and half hours doing nothing but look and stare at the examinees? Fucking boring isn't it? What's my designation again? Sales and Marketing Executive (Project)? Uh, Fuck it. I'm more like a dumb-T-O-E-I-C-administrator. Oh yeah, I'm assisting in "selling" NYU project. Yeah, by becoming a post-girl, going from post box to post box dropping a fucking NYU brochure. Not to forget, walking into factories. I don't get the point of me droping brochures into any fucking office lots available when I'm not even a single bit involved? Am I really too young to sell? or perhaps it's just you being too old? *shrugs shoulder* i duno *roll eyes* Oh , Fuck it again! I sold Key Performance Indicators, Business Continuity Planning, Marketing Communications and even technical programmes like Reliability Centered Maintenance ! and u think I'm too young to sell Strategic Enterprise Management? oh, FUCK YOU. If you think I have lack of experience to sell, educate me, you dumb! You don't even give me a chance to learn, you selfish-ignorant-female-dog.

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