Friday, June 16, 2006

Had meeting on Wednesday from 930am - 12pm! Sales meeting then project meeting.
Project meeting = kena bamboo meeting

Ms. Andrina Yeo, oh, Mrs., didn't even realised a person like you can have a family.

You found out that I emailed Jason Choi of BASF-Petronas and got a reply from him. So? Here goes the convo :

AY : Print out the email! X
SO : ok
AY : Are you and Jason Choi close frens?
SO : No
AY : Then, why you're writing like that????? This is not formal! If I were a manager of a company, I would have deleted without reading it! **Hello dumb-woman! If you've not read it, how would you know the content of the email containing my not-formal-letter before deleting it? At least, I managed to make you open my damn mail.**
This is the email template.

AY : Why are you sending email without my consent? I'm alright with you selling but you must inform me! **Remember when you told me, I'm not allowed to sell? I'm doing it quietly coz if I close a sale, I'll go directly to Dr. Wong, the MD to claim my part of commission if you don't wanna give it to me. You aren't giving me my TOEIC commission anyway. AY, you're invisible in my vision. Go beyond my limits, and you'd better be prepared. **

SO : ok, will inform you.

That went on-and-on till the blardi-old-frickle-minded-screwed-up-horrendous-problematic-female-dog was satisfied bamboo-ing me.

Then, next thing was to be sitted in Mr. Watermelon's programmes briefing in ICT1. It's a name informed by others, well, it suits him anyway. :) He kept yakking bout his Masters products which I'm not a single bit interested. He talks likes this withs alls the S everywheres ins his sentence. See how annoying is that? Oh yeah, it's that bad. He's AY's best friend in KMDC. Explains all? Gosh, the briefing was so blardi bored till I nearly dozed off. One by One left the room queitly, dont you realised that or don't you get the hint Mr. Watermelon? Ahakz! Perhaps, just like AY, you'll never realised things. Same type of birds flock together anyway.

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