Friday, June 04, 2010

Gili Trawangan!

hello guys!!!! i am finally updating my blog .. after gazillion of years! :D

Just got back from Bali and Gili Trawangan in Lombok!! Fantastic place! almost impossible for me not to blog about it. The last time when wei lee suggested bali, i was like.... er no? don't really liked the place. overly commercialized and full jam packed with humans.

But, Gili Trawangan?

That was heaven! the only setback was the journey there ,... the 2 hour ride in the van that goes on bumpy construction roads constantly that gave us all headaches, bodyaches and whatever aches that you could think of! The Gilicat boat ride with 900 horsepower makes u giddy and go cucckoo! but heck! end result.... BEAUTIFUL!

Gili Trawangan has no motorbikes, no cars, no vehicles! the only mode of public transportation is the horse cart! and the only mode of private transportation is bicycle! :) I *heart heart heart* the island! The people are super friendly and the place is very safe. :)

There isn't any police on the island, only persatuan. If found stealing, the person will be stripped naked holding a board "saya mencuri" and forced to run around the island where locals can feel free to whack the person. Only then , the police from the mainland lombok will come and take them to prison. Sinbad, regan and myself lepaked at one of the warong from 9.30pm till1.30am chatting with the locals. We ordered some food with super sedap sambal lombok and ended u asking if we could have customized order for the sambal. The pool lady gotta go make the sambal at 12++am! best part of it all, it comes with a recipe! :)

Back in Kuta, it's full of cars, jam, pollution and i missed Gili T already! A perfect getaway! Kuta is a shopper's paradise la. u could find almost anything there I was basically enjoying the massages in kuta for 1/4 the price in malaysia! green grass sa has the best massuer around town i believe :)

Enjoy the pictures!

leaving malaysia!


Tikar Thief!


Babi Guling

Satay kambing

Bounty Discotheque

Arriving at the beautiful Gili Trawangan!

the super sedap banana pancake for breakfast :)

the best hotel hosts ever! Hassan and Dewi with their youngest son, Arthur. The elder son, Arfie was too malu to take pictures :)

This is how petrol was being sold in kuta :)

kuta waves :)