Sunday, July 12, 2009

KL Urbanscapes 2009

I finally went to Urbanscapes this year. I missed the one last year coz nobody I knew wanted to go!!! except Allen that went quietly without telling me :/

This year i had work in the earlier part of the day, arriving in KLPAC at 6pm only. Just to be all stressed out about their parking. all the cars are parked literally LINTANG-PUKANG!!! the parking was horrible, insufficient place and so cramped up!

But none the less, it was a colorful event. :)

there were baloons everywehre!!!!! *happie*

here are some photos that i taken from people coz i dont have a camera. sad.

Aggie havent' gimme her photos yet. argh!thus, so lil' photos now.


Sasha, me and Aggie!

More baloons!!!