Thursday, August 31, 2006

Being un-Malaysian.

Congratulations Stella Ong Suk Lin, you are 63% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Hrmf.. i stolen that thingy from Glennie's website.. being how un-malaysian or malaysian are u. Suprisingly Glenn is 3% un-malaysian and i'm standing at 63% of un-malaysianized. wtf? lol. am i that un-malaysianized? lol. i duno. we shall find out. But I actually celebrated Merdeka yesterday nite. lol. With Allen n Glenn at Ikano. Some stuff there la.. some performance n some so called 'fireman' and a 10-minute fireworks show. and now, i'm 63% un-malaysian. pretty weird ain't it? Adding to that, i'm compared to Guy Sebastian! gosh. weird. We were in Ikano for the countdown.. and den.. i was like.. assisting the guys in chick eye washing. i know that sounded not right. lol. But, i was just assisting! i'm straight. lol. Shud have seen the wolf-faced allen n glenn yesterday. lol. sampai air liur meleleh!!! lol!!!!!

Anyway, i'm gonna drive to the gym in awhile. Meeting up piggie for salsa claz in California n den meeting up with Danny later on. And I'm still wondering where the heck is Glenn. lol. GLENNNN.. kau menghilangkan diri kerrrr??? lol. Mr. Clean Cut a.k.a Glenn. Guess I've gotta start dirty-ing Glenn from today onwards. watever sampah i can find, i'll juz throw onto him. lol! Glenn! start to be dirty, would ya? And these 2 guys will never let ass ashwini ashwin alone. Pembuli besar!

That's all folks with me n how un-malaysian am i n how comparable am i to Guy Sebastian. Gym-ing time! Chaoz.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Take That - Back for Good

I guess now it's time for me to give up
I feel it's a picture of you beside me
Got your lipstick mark still on your coffee cup
Got a fist of pure emotion
Got a head of shattered dreams
Gotta leave it, gotta leave it all behind now

Whatever I said, whatever I did,I didn't mean it
I just want you back for good
Whenever I'm wrong, just tell me the song
And I'll sing itYou'll be right and understand

Unaware but underlined I figured out this story
It wasn't good, but in a corner of my mind I celebrated glory
But that was not to be
In the twist of seperation you excelled at being free
Can't you find a little room inside for me

Whatever I said, whatever I did,I didn't mean it
I just want you back for good
Whenever I'm wrong, just tell me the song
And I'll sing itYou'll be right and understand

And we'll be together
This time is forever
We'll be fighting and forever we will be
So complete in our love
We will never be uncovered again

Whatever I said, whatever I did,I didn't mean it
I just want you back for good
Whenever I'm wrong, just tell me the song
And I'll sing itYou'll be right and understand

I guess now it's time that you came back for good

Can someone explain the meaning of this song to me? Bcoz I somehow don't get what it means.. not literally. I just logged on to the depression mode. The song carries a strong meaning and I really think one should not dedicate that if one do not mean it.

I'm listening to Cik. Amber's Ungu and Dygta songs.. they sing good songs and damn jiwang lagi. Depression mode turns deeper. isk.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

842006_FON_120 YOGYAKARTA!!!

I reached Mont Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort at bout 5 today. Was kinda dead til later.. it became a lil' better. Not till the emergence of Pop Shuvit. Or else, everybody wil be seated down on the wet grass field while watching the concert. So much of a concert. Had quite a dead crowd today. But later on.. became slightly better. Nobody was practically at the DJ Stage.. well.. I dont know later on dat nite.. coz i was at main stage only. Nothign much around.. Paintball was suppose to be named mini-paintball. erhm.. nothing much done.. juz a concert lo. :) but the Indonesian artist was gud la.. cannot deny.. they have powerful voice. serious shit. Adam was trying hard to entertain the crowd which I don't really find him entertaining. But Sarimah Ibrahim was quite a good host. She did made me laugh. :D However, i missed out on Kris Dayanti and Disagree. :( Blardi smart la.. they put these people all at the end of the show.. argh! juz to make people stay. donkk. I didn't manage to go on the hot air balloon ride.. duno wat gas n technical problem were they having la.. at the end.. i don't even know if the thing went up. isk. That's pretty much about it. Not really worth RM80 but it's all going towards a good cause. lol. i hear too much of that already for the day. Anyway.. if anyone would like to donate to the Yogyakarta Quake victims.. do type fon 5 and send the sms to 32782,i think :x . Each sms will donate RM5 to the Yogyakarta Quake donation.

That's all for the nite. Time to sleep and church tomorrow morning and freaking work after dat. 2-10pm tmr roadshow in Low Yat.. Humans please come and support me by signing up credit cards n personal loan and.. erhm housing loan and erhm.. investment.. and erhm.. unit trust.. and erhm.. car loan etc etc etc. lol.

Good Nite!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

YOGYAKARTA Quake Aid 2006

I am a Force of Nature

Guess wat??? I was on my way to work today at about 8am... n den.. cheng cheng cheng... well.. i was waiting for the chance to call for the Yogyakarta concert free give away tickets. I knew it was coming so I got ready's number on my mobile. The moment i heard.. dial 03-95433311 to win tickets to bla bla.. i terus tekan call button on my fone. and it got trough!!! lol!!! and i sorta like have to fight for the tickets with this girl, Sabrina. Each of us must say a detail on the concert turn by turn starting with me coz i called first.. it went for awhile.. n den cheng cheng cheng, I WON!!!! lolz! 2 tickets to Yogyakarta concert!!! man i can't wait! lol. I can only collect the tickets from ASTRO between 10-12pm tomorrow. jialat. gotta run out from office. kekekeke.. happens. :) RM80 per ticket man..I won tickets worth RM160! yay! I'M GOING TO YOGYAKARTA CONCERTTTTTTTTT!!! lols! Juz too excited that's why kena blog bout it.

On the other hand.. i had roadshow today in Lowyat.. was full day for me today from 10-6.. with extra.. i finished at 7+. but only so lil sales. :( 4 credit card signups and a personal loan worth of 10K.. n that is with 2 handover from CheeSeng.. yang baik sangat. If not i'll stand at 2 only. Now, I feel what the other direct credit card sales people feels. Damn. It sucks so badly. The amount of rejection u get in like 10 minutes can reach 50. damn. worst den KGC's cold call work. damn. But I feel lucky la to have Chee Seng as my snr in my branch. He's one guy who can give u all the support n encouragement. Willing to share...arhhhh.. pokoknya.. blardi nice guy :)baik maximum. Glad I do not meet ppl like AY anymore. My boss.. Rosalind a chinchai lady n very very nice person n willing to talk n teach me as well!! :) unlike my ex-fucked-up-boss. :)

That's all folks for the day! =)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Day . . .

Today is my first day at work in HLB, Hong Leong Bank, Taman Putra branch. argh! I left home like 7.15am.. thinking that the jam will be horrible. Oh yes, it was horrible at the front part towards the turn off to kl town.. but in cheras.. miracally.. no jam! lol. n i reached office at 8am .. i start work at 8.45am. :)

It was an alright morning.. defnitely better den the first day in PCB. People welcomed me and it was quite warm.. with Chee Seng's introduction.. telling ppl not to bully me.. n den ppl told him not to manjakan me. hrmf.. lol. quite an ok morning :) Den Chee Seng went for roadshow in Low Yat,... erhm.. sellign credit card.. which i will be doing tmr.. lol. hopefuly la.

At the laterpart of the day... i went over to HL HQ. Had training in HQ today.. but training was only at 4.30. but me n my boss were there like.. 3.40 pm! lol. den we didn';t know what to do.. went yam char with my boss at the opposite malay stalls. Till bout 4.15 we started walking into the training room.. with other PFCs and Branch managers. Had a session of training with CIMB Principal.. den had refreshment.. den training continuessss.. TILL 8PM!!!! .. imagine.. first day at work til 8pm. lol. argh! haha.. but worst part was.. JT International gave me a call today to ask me to come for an assesment n interview session with them on this thursday! i was like What The FUCK!!!! i had like 2 weeks holiday and no company bothered calling me for what ever fuckin interview or blardi assessment. Must all these happen on my first day at work? argh! donk! It was a Trade Market Analyst position!! I WANT IT. but i can't go for the asseemnt.. it's like dis thursday.. a.k.a 4th day at work.. wat go on MC? Crazy shit. That'll b a fucking bad impressino on me. argh! wat if i didnt get the trade analyst shite job? :( argh! I applied for the position like.. some donkey years ago.. n now onli call me for interview? i almost fainted when i got the call! argh! luckily i didn't thanks to the boredom of the training. Who wanna call me next on my 2nd day job? BAT? lol. farking shite. I was being told last time that i was shortlisted by BAT for the trade marketing executive.. n den bam! no interview. kah donk. double donk. argh! I guess I'll just stay with this PFC thingy.. n see wat i can do here.. wat opportunities i can have here.. argh! hopeufly i MAKE MONEY. i had to reject JT. argh :( so the sedih. :(

anyway.. i've gotta go sleep now.. n go to work tmr morning hopefuly with a happy feeling. lol. :) Good night everybody.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Finally i'm updating on Phuket. Been kinda bz dis few dayz.. when i'm in mlk.. i dont have my pics wit me! argh! PHUKET is like damn lawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. freakingly beautifulllll.. cantik giler giler .. duno how to express d. damn lawa la. argh! haha.. i wanan go there again! but the sayang thing is i duno how to swim. kah donk. wasted.. :( or else u see la.. i telan 1 gallon air laut. lol.

On the first day when we reached phuket.. we ran for the meter taxi.. which cost us bout 408Baht.. apprx. RM40.80 for the trip to hotel.. those taxi drivers who come n bug us will usually charge us at rm60.. nasib piggie pandai n know bout the meter taxis. :D
Reach my Salathai Resort... got ppl help to carry bag to room all.. damn nice.. damn gud service n damn lawa. argh! that's my resort!
=) sawadeekap. :D .. den.. on dat day.. we went n shop along Patong beach.. lol. the people there damn minat malaysian. trust me. lol. we shopped like hell at patong there.. n damn lotz of kwai lou.. blardi lots of ang mo lang.
and that's me swallowing some mushroom soup.. their specialty la.. but kinda sedap even tho it tasted weird.. it was 30Baht. :)

Next day.. we went to Phi Phi Island!!! lagi lawa.. adohai!Believe or not.. i actually went snorkelling. lol. but holding on to piggie. and i really meant HOLDING on to her .. not even a chance of letting go her hands. lol. I can't swim! forgive me! argh! but it was really beautiful. We went on a cruise for 1 n half hour to Phi Phi Island.. trying to burn ourselves at the rooftop of the lil boat. Which we obviously berjaya burned ourselves. my skin is peeling now. lol. sendiri carik pasal.. but fun wat! lol. That's how we barbequed ourselves under the hot burning sun... lol. We had a long day out playin under the sun dat day. next day we went to dead-phuket-city. Practically has got nth there esp when it was a sunday. everything was practically close. Oh ya! i sat a brand new Isuzu 4WD as my taxi from salathai to the city. Gudness. their taxis are like.. damn blardi gud.. erhm compared to malaysia's taxi? malu sialz. :p Reach the city we met another taxi driver.. his name is Dang.. n 1 blardi nice guy la. brought us all around.. paid like 400Baht la. but ok la.. for whole dya. brought us to their 'pasar malam' which like we spend most of our money on stuff n food. u juz get excited with their food coz they look so.. WEIRD. lol. n things are cheap! damn cheap! and u think 4 for RM10 earings are cheap here? U get 1 for RM1 there! lol. den we went to Chelong for Sea Food! lol. We had lobster, crab n fish for 1500Baht. lol. yes, i'm broke after that. look at my lobsterrrrrr..and oh yes.. those are the ah kuas.
Then the next day.. we packed.. n headed to Phuket International Airport. :( so sad.. coz i didnt wanted to end my holdiys so fast.. thinking bout work the following monday is enuf to kill my thoughts. argh! :( n oh ya.. i sat an Altis Taxi to the airport. lol. damn clean n lawa k.


and.. End of journey. :(

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Lil' Party!

Finally!!! TIME TO BLOG! lol. had been pretty bz spending my holidays :D .. Let me babble bout my party in KMDC! lol. Actually I blog the other day oredi but the damn connection showed the next page... CANNOT FIND SERVER. damn mr. server.

First shot...

Before During After
That's a yummy mango cake by Secret Recipe! sedap giler.. fresh giler.. syok giler.. n fattening giler! lol. damn the calories. Da cake is da bomb! lol.

Free Image Hosting at
Poyo me and my mango cake! :)
My colleagues in KMDC had dis cake cutting ceremony to celebrate me being out of KMDC. lol. haha.. So sweet of 'em!!!!!! muacsk muacks muackss.. like it or not.. i'm giving kisses to yawl! lol. pls imagine some saliva on your faces aight? lol. meleleh-leleh!!! wahhahaa....

My sayangness colleagues came up with mango cake at bout 530pm! :D and oh! i blew candle! but i didn't grow a year older k. i'm STILL 22. And, Sharm reminded me to not wish for the wrong stuff. wahhaa.. i didn't sharm! i didnt waste my wish on her. :p

See Below!! Those are the pretty faces who celebrated for me! :D Tapi Kavi takda :( she gigi sakit. keke.. kesian kavi.. kavi went back early on dat day.. but ganti-ed today with KFC. argh. 5000 calories down my tummy. lol. for all the hard work i did in california. lol.
The damn foto wouldnt load..i'm kinda stuck at this part of my blog..argh!

Free Image Hosting at ok.. from left to right.. from top to down.. start with Kooi Chin, Shuyi, Siauw Ing, Sharm, Noel Solomon!, Kelly, Alistair!, Maslinaaaaa, Tzu-Sinn, Nicole, the celebrity for the day and Leena. :D and at the front is my mango cake. lol.

Sorry! I had to use imageshack to load the fotoz.. coz the stupid blogspot image uploader can't upload my pics! argh!!

These are the people in kmdc and pcb.. u guys know that you guys are coming into my blog d rite? u are all prepared rite? lol.

That's Uncle Noel!!!, i'm in between kak yatie and gopi, Mas hugging me :p, and siauw Ing!!!! :D

Don't be malu-fied with da pics k. lol.

SOme pix i load using blogger picz n some picz i load using imageshack again.. coz of some stupid stuff with the server thingy again.. it's killing me.. 3.19am and i'm struggling to upload the pics. argh!

Free Image Hosting at

The above pic.. is Mien the ED, the celebrity, Kavithaaaaa and Sharmmmm.. smile! u're seeing urself on my blog. :p

no, i'm still not done. :)

Free Image Hosting at

And.. this is Alistair.. tengah meng-kayu while i tengh meng-pose.

Free Image Hosting at

On my right is ms. Tzu-Sinn,my proclaim 'superior' from my blardi boss and on my left is Mr. Raj. :)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

And... this is my resource centre a.k.a the library. Ms. Maslina is the Ms. Librarian.. the fierce ms. librarian.. dat starts staring n shouting if anyone mysterious goes near the books. lol

and... the final piece.. the videooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. lol.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Last Day ... and the Fucking bitch...

Yesterday was my last day in KMDC. I had a good day on the first half and 1 email from the bitch killed my day. Some fucking memo shit. Telling me I won't get my commission due to some memo shit that came out on June 22? fuck la. I asked earlier but it fell on deaf ears. Damn u bitch. U will not have a good life in future, I promise. U will suffer shits , man! I'm blardi annoyed by the blardi bitch. My MD is a good guy offering to pay me certain amount from his own pocket which I rejected, obviously. It's not all about the money. It's about the bitch. I wan her to go down. I went to office today.. and waited them to finish meeting n finally managed to get to see my MD after waiting for about 5 hours. MD was a kind man n wanted to settle things without hurting anyone. But, AY has got to be taught a lesson. I do not understand why must the MD go down to her standards. Please be a man n stand up with your position. Do what you have got to do and please, make things the right way. You know for obvious reasons that AY is coming towards me on purpose, and you know that I have my own valid reasons and stand, but u're not doing anyting about it. why is it so? You are a MD and she's a manager. do somethign! You told me that the company needs her and her credibility. Tell me what kinda credibility? All she does is come in to work at 10.30 am EARLIEST, den go for breakfast with the company secretary(she knows who she SHOULD be close with to cover her ass), then come back.. make some few phone calls and giving people some hard time, then goes to gym during lunch time, fyi, her konon lunch time can go from 2-3 hours. Next, she'll go for tea time and then finally back to office pretending she's a hardworker n work til 7pm. oh fuck la. blardi puppet. stop doing some fucking drama. You just can't give people some good time, can u? Juz bcoz the director do not know what you're doing, you're just happily using or more like making use of your freedom. You walk out n in to the office like it's your home. I bet the director would fucking fire you if he knows what you're doing. Damnit. You are a LIABILITY to the company. damn. You are the cost of the losses of the company. But I admit, you are good at one thing. TALKING COCK. Those shites brought you high up there. But, remember, you are full of shit. People can bring you down anytime. You can't even spell the word effective correctly, how to be a manager? You don't even know to use the microsoft office and you're calling yourself a manager? Damn. You are some blardi pussy who only know to boss people around and being nosy while disturbing people's life. You are a fucking looser that is so afraid that people will climb onto you. You are so afraid that people will be better than u. You are such a pity to the community. Your day will come. I believe you are also a queen control in your home n you would be bossing your husband around. I so can predict that. Man, your husband is gonna get a mistress out there, your children are all gonna leave you.. like how u told your ex staff that people will die eventually.. so u will die eventually too, why would your children needs to be with you? You are going to hell anyway. You dont worth a shit. Mr. MD can't do anything much, I know. But at least, I have informed him to open his eyes and look at your attitude. You obviously DO NOT have or POSSESS any credibility that he mentioned. THe company sacks you, it's the company's joy. We can work without you, bitch. You know nothing and you do nothing. You can't even tell the price of the early bird seats to the clients. Damnit! and you're telling you are the spearhead for the event? wahahahaha #!@*(#&!@*(#&@* damn u. You are good for nothing. I am fighting for my right no matter wat. I am filing a lawsuit against you. I am going to the Malaysia Labour Law. Fuck you bitch. I have never hated someone so badly in life. Man, you make me commit sins. But I guess my sins will never reach yours coz you're just too good for anyone to achieve it. I learned my lessons that hard way. I believe I have learned lots of things and attitudes and how to deal with it. You are no more my boss, I don't give a shit about you anymore. I'll do what I have to do, and I make sure you get into shit. Think I'm some girly girl? Think again. Bitch.