Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Day . . .

Today is my first day at work in HLB, Hong Leong Bank, Taman Putra branch. argh! I left home like 7.15am.. thinking that the jam will be horrible. Oh yes, it was horrible at the front part towards the turn off to kl town.. but in cheras.. miracally.. no jam! lol. n i reached office at 8am .. i start work at 8.45am. :)

It was an alright morning.. defnitely better den the first day in PCB. People welcomed me and it was quite warm.. with Chee Seng's introduction.. telling ppl not to bully me.. n den ppl told him not to manjakan me. hrmf.. lol. quite an ok morning :) Den Chee Seng went for roadshow in Low Yat,... erhm.. sellign credit card.. which i will be doing tmr.. lol. hopefuly la.

At the laterpart of the day... i went over to HL HQ. Had training in HQ today.. but training was only at 4.30. but me n my boss were there like.. 3.40 pm! lol. den we didn';t know what to do.. went yam char with my boss at the opposite malay stalls. Till bout 4.15 we started walking into the training room.. with other PFCs and Branch managers. Had a session of training with CIMB Principal.. den had refreshment.. den training continuessss.. TILL 8PM!!!! .. imagine.. first day at work til 8pm. lol. argh! haha.. but worst part was.. JT International gave me a call today to ask me to come for an assesment n interview session with them on this thursday! i was like What The FUCK!!!! i had like 2 weeks holiday and no company bothered calling me for what ever fuckin interview or blardi assessment. Must all these happen on my first day at work? argh! donk! It was a Trade Market Analyst position!! I WANT IT. but i can't go for the asseemnt.. it's like dis thursday.. a.k.a 4th day at work.. wat go on MC? Crazy shit. That'll b a fucking bad impressino on me. argh! wat if i didnt get the trade analyst shite job? :( argh! I applied for the position like.. some donkey years ago.. n now onli call me for interview? i almost fainted when i got the call! argh! luckily i didn't thanks to the boredom of the training. Who wanna call me next on my 2nd day job? BAT? lol. farking shite. I was being told last time that i was shortlisted by BAT for the trade marketing executive.. n den bam! no interview. kah donk. double donk. argh! I guess I'll just stay with this PFC thingy.. n see wat i can do here.. wat opportunities i can have here.. argh! hopeufly i MAKE MONEY. i had to reject JT. argh :( so the sedih. :(

anyway.. i've gotta go sleep now.. n go to work tmr morning hopefuly with a happy feeling. lol. :) Good night everybody.

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