Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Lil' Party!

Finally!!! TIME TO BLOG! lol. had been pretty bz spending my holidays :D .. Let me babble bout my party in KMDC! lol. Actually I blog the other day oredi but the damn connection showed the next page... CANNOT FIND SERVER. damn mr. server.

First shot...

Before During After
That's a yummy mango cake by Secret Recipe! sedap giler.. fresh giler.. syok giler.. n fattening giler! lol. damn the calories. Da cake is da bomb! lol.

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Poyo me and my mango cake! :)
My colleagues in KMDC had dis cake cutting ceremony to celebrate me being out of KMDC. lol. haha.. So sweet of 'em!!!!!! muacsk muacks muackss.. like it or not.. i'm giving kisses to yawl! lol. pls imagine some saliva on your faces aight? lol. meleleh-leleh!!! wahhahaa....

My sayangness colleagues came up with mango cake at bout 530pm! :D and oh! i blew candle! but i didn't grow a year older k. i'm STILL 22. And, Sharm reminded me to not wish for the wrong stuff. wahhaa.. i didn't sharm! i didnt waste my wish on her. :p

See Below!! Those are the pretty faces who celebrated for me! :D Tapi Kavi takda :( she gigi sakit. keke.. kesian kavi.. kavi went back early on dat day.. but ganti-ed today with KFC. argh. 5000 calories down my tummy. lol. for all the hard work i did in california. lol.
The damn foto wouldnt load..i'm kinda stuck at this part of my blog..argh!

Free Image Hosting at ok.. from left to right.. from top to down.. start with Kooi Chin, Shuyi, Siauw Ing, Sharm, Noel Solomon!, Kelly, Alistair!, Maslinaaaaa, Tzu-Sinn, Nicole, the celebrity for the day and Leena. :D and at the front is my mango cake. lol.

Sorry! I had to use imageshack to load the fotoz.. coz the stupid blogspot image uploader can't upload my pics! argh!!

These are the people in kmdc and pcb.. u guys know that you guys are coming into my blog d rite? u are all prepared rite? lol.

That's Uncle Noel!!!, i'm in between kak yatie and gopi, Mas hugging me :p, and siauw Ing!!!! :D

Don't be malu-fied with da pics k. lol.

SOme pix i load using blogger picz n some picz i load using imageshack again.. coz of some stupid stuff with the server thingy again.. it's killing me.. 3.19am and i'm struggling to upload the pics. argh!

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The above pic.. is Mien the ED, the celebrity, Kavithaaaaa and Sharmmmm.. smile! u're seeing urself on my blog. :p

no, i'm still not done. :)

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And.. this is Alistair.. tengah meng-kayu while i tengh meng-pose.

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On my right is ms. Tzu-Sinn,my proclaim 'superior' from my blardi boss and on my left is Mr. Raj. :)

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And... this is my resource centre a.k.a the library. Ms. Maslina is the Ms. Librarian.. the fierce ms. librarian.. dat starts staring n shouting if anyone mysterious goes near the books. lol

and... the final piece.. the videooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. lol.


aLittleMisfit said...

whooaa... u ARE SO LUCKY with the cake!

lucky that i didnt stand behind you! ahahahahaha

** stella ** said...

gosh.. if u bhind me.. i sked my colleagues all tak dapat makan kek liow. jialat.

my coll not like u k!!! :p

wei i going back kl liow.. y nv meet me! hahaha

aLittleMisfit said...

i would meet you but you're too busy eating your cake

** stella ** said...

lol!! i meant in mlk la! the cake in kl la. donk. i in mlk for 5 dayz!