Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fucking pissed

I didn't have my pc on for awhile due to craziness of it. And today it happens to work and i happen to go to the usual sites that I visit some time ago and I happen to see some topics which I am not pleased to see. I don't know why but I am fucking pissed, I AM. Over yet? Not too sure.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The 'Bang'

I was on leave on last Friday. Thinking nothing much to do.. mights well juz go out n have a drink on thursday nite. It was after gym that i went for dinner with wee nee. Then back to her apartment coz she wanted to changed before meeting Nick and Daniel for yam char session in Bangsar. It was bout 12.15am when i drove out of Phase 5 of Pantai Hill Park. And went down the straight ONE WAY road. bout 40kph. Then, came this idiot who turned out from Phase 6 i think the place is.. without even bothering looking if there was a car coming. I wasn't able to break on time, adding to it, i was coming at 40 and it was a downslope and it was raining a lil bit, road was wet. Then... *BANG* there goes my baby saga. The fucked up lady driver driving the fucking stupid limited edition wira juz couldnt care less to stop and look! *damnit* Banged my right side headlamps and side lamps.. and dragged all the way to my door, next to me.And the idiot instead of straightening her wheels and reverse so that i can move front. She juz reversed without straightening and then bang more on my back door and side. FUCKING STUPID ISN'T SHE??? All i could do was to wind down the windows and talked to her. I TALKED, NOT SCREAMED. So not me 2 years back. I would have screened down and start screaming. She was like.. hey u were coming so fast.. bla bla.. and i was like..
"hello, miss, this is a straight 1 way road. No matter if i'm coming fast or
slow, u've gotta like look before turning out!" and she went like " hey, it's
not my fault. We go to the police station, fair k?"

in my mind, i was like.. this fler an idiot or wat? kinda obvious it was her fault. She wants the balai, the balai will be then.
We met at the balai after i waited for nick, daniel and richard to come over. Thank God they were there with me. Wee Nee and I were both like.. shite! wat the fuck juz happened.
We then met at the balai.. she started her report, den me. Then went up to see this sarjan.. Zamani was his name. She went in first n took like freaking long time, i guess to convince the sarjant that it wasn't her fault. What a dumb act of hers. After a long wait, my turn.
Sat down, he gave me 2 model cars which i laughed when i saw. Then, I started my story was of coz 1/4 of the ding dong's story. Finished my story in a few words. And chatted with the sarjant and another police fler next to me. First he asked if Daniel was my boyfriend as he stepped into the office with me, but got asked to go out. Then he said wanna check my tapak tangan, claiming he knows to see the lines on the hand. Which i juz open my palmed n shown him. He said, "Ni confirm la ada boyfriend" *wtf* Then he continued.... the convo as below,
Z : Muka cam latipah...
S : Har? Latipah? sapa? staff? *with my head looking around for
Z : Takder la! ex-gf i.
S : Oh. *duh*
Z : U duduk kat mlk, kat ner?
S : Bkt Beruang.
Z : Oh, yaker? Latipah duduk kat Bkt Katil.
S : Oh.

We then all went down to go take a look at my car. And the fucking dumb girl decided to settle and pay me. stupid freak. Shud have like paid me earlier and settle on the spot instead of wasting my time coming to the police station rite. Damn, I've yet to meet ppl so dumb. Now she has to pay for my car, her car and the summon. DING DONG!
Btw, her car was wrecked! *lol* Oh ya, my car's damage was lesser than what the bang was. *lol* It isn't that bad. But hers???? wahahahahahaha. Whole bumper dropped down, the bottom of her car went inwards. Rough est. from Nick her car was like gonna cost bout 1K or more and I believe too. It is proven that old car is better than new ones. Mine kebal like kereta besi, hers like tin milo. That made me even reluctant to sell off my baby saga.

I'll be updating on Singapore later. Was a fun trip and ADVENTUROUS one, literally!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hong Kong Dilemma

I finally got back my internet connection but my computer giving way. Guess it's on the way up to meet Jesus as well. argh. I got back from Hong Kong on the 10th of December. What a not-so-happening trip it was. The worst thing that happened was that my blardi camera actually went to up to meet Jesus first before my computer right there in China. The homeland of my camera. Stated "Made in China". THen I was using my sis's cam all the way with her new memory card. We happily took bout 1200 pictures.. juz to find that when we got back.. the pics are unable to be transfered to the pc. Which, I've yet to know the status of it til now. 10.52pm of 20th December 2006. So now, i'm sadly blogging without my PICTURES!!! OMG OMG OMG! i've got like tonnes of pictures to be uploaded here.. but now like.. freaking disappointed!!! damn.
Anyway, the whole HK thingy was a failure. A fucked and screwed up trip. We reached HK apprx 1130am on 6th december. The so called "free and easy" day wasn't that 'free' anyway. there's this optional tour that brought us to bout 3 places.. and cost us a lump sum of HK$360 = RM180. Looking at the huge amount of RM900 since there's 5 of us.. I asked d tour guide if I could take mrt around. Guess wat.. the smart bastards actually booked us a hotel practically at the end of the world. Walk out of the hotel.. and all u see is a small 7-11. Taxis? No. Buses? No. MRT? No. Fuck. So like it or not, pay the fucking RM900 n get on the 'optional' tour.
Given like 2 hours on ladies' street INCLUSIVE of lunch hour! we've practically got like 1 hour to walk the whole damn place. and it's a freaking long street. Ladies street is like only one of teh street tehre. argh. I'm so blardi pissed with the whole thing. The konon 'Lan Kwai Fong' where they brought us.. the mentioned that will bring us A-round Lan Kwai Fong. Which literally meant A-ROUND = 1 round. We went down the bus, took a walk AROUND lan kwai fong and brought us back to the bus. I was like WTF? might's well no need to bring us here. *gosh* Next day.. brought us to jade factory la, Tea factory la.. all those stupid fuckign places with overpriced goods.

Then we were on our way to Shenzhen. For a first timer in China, I have to say.. the roads there are pretty much KELAM KABUT. and drivers are very disrespectful of each other.. honking here and there with no reasons. And the cyclist there are the heroes around the road. Even the buses gotta be scared of them. *serious shit* But things are cheap there tho. But thanx to my dad who wants to get back to the hotel early.. we cannto shop. argh!!!!! I'm enough pissed, but i'm even more pissed when we actually had our own time but my dad screwed the whole thing up. Well, practically me and my sis were like freaking mad. Oh yeah.. forgot to mention about the 'free and easy' 3-hour thingy in shenzhen. same thing happend in Shenzhen as it happened in HK. this time was Renminbi240 = RM120. Juz for 3 hours of Windows of the World. Damn.

Spend 2 nites in shenzhen and moved to Disneyland on Saturday. Again.. we stopped by some tea and herb shop. finally reach disneyland at bout 11am. The place wasnt that huge anyway but the humans flooding the place. Gosh! like semut!berlambaklambak! we were included in the lambak tho. *lol*Only my family and another couple actually stayed a nite in the Hollywood hotel. Which we didn't actually knew it cost like RM1K per nite tehre. and the place is as dead as putrajaya. Imagine walking out of the hotel and all u see are trees! So much of a disneyland.

Spend another half a day in disneyland the next day.. and then we headed to the airport. And back to Malaysia. What a holiday.

Went to Genting last weekend. My dad's wish tho. He and his gambling habit. Me n my sis walk walk walk and walk and at the end.. spend money on shopping. Gosh. We practically didn't do anything in Genting but walk around and shop and got oursleves tired and be on bed. And go back the next day. ONly my dad was like in the casino from the time we reached til the time we went to bed.. he was stil in the casino. The next day when we got up.. my dad's not in the room d but in the casino. What a gambler my dad is. gosh.

Now I can't wait to go Singapore this saturdayyyyyyyyyyy. Blardi jakun man. First time in my life i'm going to singapore and my hometown is in Melaka.. which is practically 3-4 hours away only. I'm gonna celebrate Christmas there and I'm like freaking excited. Even more excited then when I was suppose to leave in HK. Guess it was the itenaries. is that how u spell? lol. *me england fail* I'll be on leave on Friday and the following tuesday! yay!

And now, i'm going to go yam char with nick, daniel and nick's fren. Tata Adios!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Post Burfdae!

I had a long weekend back in Melaka. Chilled out with Midz, Glenn, Allen, Ash, Siew Lin, Gary, Chee Wee and Jamie at Pak Putra while telan-ing our pizza naan, potato naan, tandoori chicky and some other stuff. Celebrated my burfdae at home. No fotos taken but only a video. My dad had this *kepala angin* thing and wanted to get a camcorder to be brought to Hong Kong. Oh yeah, I'm flying off to HK this wed.. *excited* We'll be picked from our home at 4AM!!! Our flight is scheduled at 8am.. guess gona reach HK in like 5-6 hours.. i duno. nv been anywhere near there! Gonna hang out in Disneyland HK.. which i believe half the day will be spend on queueing up! Bad time to go to HK. den.. some parts of HK and Shenzen... places like that. Will be updating with photos later when I land back in Malaysia! :)

By the way, I had a lil' celebration today at MidValley with my ex-colleagues from KGC.. my bebudakbudak. *happy* We had a makan in All Star. Wanted to land our bontots in Pasar Ikan Manhattan but we were informed by the waiter that there's these bunch of kids who have done reservation! kids nowadays.. have realy really high taste.. and loaded too. *back then I only know KFC and McD, not even BK!* I had my chicken tachos there in All Star.. RM22 and tak sedap! *eik* Ryan who wanted to FFK couldnt do much coz the location is opposite his beloved RAM office. *lol* Thanx Theng, Az and Shannie that came for me! :) *sayang*

These are my pressies that I've got! From left to right.. greenie baggie from Amber and Datuk Az, Hershey's dark choco from Siew Lin and Gary, Bearie bear with 2 candies from Shannie and Ryan Dennis Pestana, and my brownie brownie stone cold steve austin baggie bag from Midz, Glenn, Ash, errr..allen? I hafta clarify with Midz again. *lol* Thanx yawl for the gifts! :) Another 2 gifts I accidentally left in Melaka. From my aunt and my adik! A shirt and a penguin!

The Mafias of ex-KGC. Ryan, me, Theng theng, Dtk Az and Shannie.

Mr. Blogger got kinda stucked again. Uploaded fotos but nothing came out. So, i pending here for loading of flickr. And these are the results. IMG_5776

This happens when u have camera along with you and beautiful x'mas deco everywhere! *pweety*

The artistic piece of art from Ryan Dennis Pestana

The box that Ryan and Shannie used to kidnap the bear!
IMG_5767 Ryan stealing back his gift!

And *cheng cheng cheng* couple of the year! :)

I juz done my packing for HK and gonna be dozzing off on my thinning mattress.

Nitty nites! *zzz*

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I'm a year older! I'm 23 already! argh... feeling old already.

Happy Birthday to me tho. :p

Thanx yawl for the gifts!! :)