Friday, May 30, 2008

Jump! Jump! Jump! =D

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Hillsongs United was in my church, Glad Tidings PJ yesterday. They rocked the whole church, a whole sum of 3000 people attended! It was awesome! The spirit everyone had was awesome. We jump, praised, sing our lungs out and shouted! :D

A lil small cut of video that I managed to capture on my non-high-tech camera. Thus, the quality like this. lol. Btw, recording weren't allowed actually. :|

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive!!

I was in Mines Exhibition Centre for Millionaire Mind Intensive for the past 3 days over the weekend. From Friday to Sunday, 9am-11pm. Think that , that was tiring? U'd be shocked to see how energetic the crowd was at 11pm! Coz, we were all kept at level 10 energy all the way through.

It was a motivational course and at the same time a fun one! Harv's co-trainer, Robert, was one heck of a funny man. :) He made the whole thing so interesting. Of coz, Harv, the master of all, was one hell of a crazy sales man. He's GOOD! He does psychology closing like nobody's business. He's crazily good. Man, I'd wish I would be able to close my clients in that psychology manner. He's GOOD!

He made us think, made us dance, made us shout, made us do mantras!, made us did exercise, made us break arrows, made us burn RM100, made us cry, made us think, made us change our minds! And, he sells his training course, "Quantum Leap" at RM20K and still alot signed up. If I'd have the money, I'd sign up as well. =| Problem was, my credit card also got no such credit limit to swipe it. lol!!!

Anyways.. I wanna post up some picture of the arrow that I broke. It's really in the mind that makes u think u can't break it using the soft part of your throat. It's crazy! :) but we did it!

And, It's really fun seeing like a huge one family in the course. Everyone became like a friend. Everyone became like someone we knew. We just talk! Even during lunch time, when we see next table, has the orange tag on the hand, we just talk! It's like one big happy family! THERE WERE 4800 ATTENDEES!!! And, best part of it all, I've come to know this couple, Ravi & Lynn. I sat next to them on the first day... we bonded so well, we seem to have known each other so long. Saturday, I sat some other places and the whole of Sunday, I was with them again! :) And, now, i'm suppose to go Kuantan to spend my holidays with them. lol. They're one nice couple. :)

It's not just about the course that i've attended. I've made new frenz, people that makes changes in my life. :)

My fear is the Fear of Failure. And I broke through it. I'll make it in life.

The Tag that I had to wear for 3 days. No taking out or watsoever. So, i tido with it, makan with it, mandi also with it. Thus, Got selotape all over it.

My broken arrow.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am sick.

First it was midori... now.....I am down with
  • fever
  • sore throat
  • running nose
*sob sob*

poor me. And, i have a presentation tomorrow. :(

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bukit Putih!!!


Today, I went hiking up Bukit Putih in Cheras! It was a 2 hours up and 2 hours down hiking. Tough trail i tell u :| Well... the end part was worth it. THere was a beautiful waterfall upthere! :D which we went n dip n me with no extra clothes... and got wet during a game.. walked down drenched. lol.

THanx to Tati and Willie that they brought up sandwiches n all. we had egg and sardine sandwiches. :D

Now, my knees's like gona break! lol. It has been quite a bit since i last did this. and it's kinda fun though it's kinda pain also la. lol.

Anyways, Uploaded some of the pictures here :D

And... with this super hike... we'd thought to ourselves.. that we have lost some weight! lol. but.. to the horror.. lol!! after we reached the hillside.... we went to PJ SEAFOOD! :|

and there.. we had... chicken, fish, 2 types of crabs, beancurd!!! omg. lol. we ate like babi. so back to square 1. lol. but the butter crab was freaking delicious! And, we spend RM290 on dinner :|

Again, a group pic! at station number 3!

FInally!!! We saw the sign, 30 minutes to water fall! Obviously with our speed, we took bout 40 i think. lol. and all the people hiking was so helpful and so encouraging! lol. an aunty passed by and said.. VERY NEAR ALREADY!! JIA YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol and best part when hiking down, we met an uncle... who we consulted in to ask for a shorter route. lol. He brought us till one place where there was 2 split, LONG DISTANCE and SHORT DISTANCE. We told uncle, we're taking the SHORT one. And uncle was like ok, i'll take the long one. see ya! thanx! den we finally managed to sampai the bottom.. and guessed wat! about 5 minutes later, we saw uncle. :| That was how fast he hiked!! lol!!!!!

At the waterfall finally!!!! Me and my boss, willie chai!

Our lunch in the broken hut. lol. kinda cool u know.

CIVILISATION! lol. We all rush and bought 100+ each. lol!!! after we reached the foothill

The 2 cute couple, Melvin and Sandra

Our SEAFOOD dinner! :D

Bersih, habis!

Looks at chai's plate! lol!

Anyways, i had a very productive day today. Was a very fun outing! :D

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Levi's & Guess Warehouse Sale

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Friday, May 02, 2008

National Achievers Congress 2008!

I had no time to update on National Achievers Congress 2008. It was a motivational seminar organised by Success Resources. With renowned speakers world wide coming to Malaysia to speak in a 2 day event. This includes people like Joe Girard, Blair Singer, T. Harv Eker, Roger Hamilton, Dr Clement Chiang and others!!!

Joe Girard if you all don't know is the number 1 sales man in the world, making his mark in the guiness book of record, with an average sale of 6 cars per day in the automobile industry! He was about 60+ and freaking full of energy!!! seriously.. he was comfortable on stage, made some people cry, and he was just awesome!

Incase you guys dont know who is Joe Girard, google him out. He's the 3rd person from the left in the picture above. Blair Singer, is the partner of Robert Kiyosaki. Robert himself is coming down in NAC 2009! How cool is that?

Probably not cool to most of you guys out there, but it's damn cool to be able to attend to a world renowned sales people, being in the sales line. Those who do not appreciate them, are most probably people who has never did sales as a career.

T. Harv Eker brought up this particular phrase that made me think. Then, i shared it around coz I really thought it made hell lots of sense!
There is no such thing as a no-sale-call!!! The question is who is going to close the sale! YOU OR HIM??? It's either you make the sale by selling him some products or he made the sale by selling you the reason on why he doesn't want to meet you! Either way, IT IS A SALE!
Tell, me if that doesn't make sense, coz it does to me.

Now, take a look at the prices of the tickets in order to participate in this congress!
Crazily expensive. And they had close to 3,000 participants. Imagine the profit! OMG! Btw, I was seated in Gold Level 1.

The energy was crazily high and everybody was very very much motivated!