Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Amelia!

That's the burfdae girl! And I can't believe it that it has been a year already! that pic was taken during her 22nd burfdae last year! and it's freaking 1 year? lol. time flies really fast.
Happy Burfdae to you, Happy Burfdae to you, Happy Burfdae to Melia, Happy
Burfdae to you! Happy Burdae to you, you were born in the zoo, with the monkeys
and kangaroos, happy burfdae to you!
The pic taken was in TGIF, Jalan Sultan Ismail. *nyum nyum*.. so long nv yak in tgif. Case tarak 'lui'... aka vitamin M.

And this is amelia caught standing ON the chair while the TGIF people sing n cheer n hentak kaki on the floor. haha.. malu melia. but nvm la. we sukak! Melia.. the one melia was holding the duno wat the thing is to give speech.. no pics la! oni got video. tak sempat wanna upload to you tube! haha.

Anyways melia, have a great birthday!

Happy Happy Merry Birthday! *muacks muacks huggies huggies*

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Just thought of posting up few pics before I get my ass into the bathroom and get myself scrubed! *lol*

Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland.... did by Midori aka budak jepun. Midori's the girl kepit-ed between me n siewharong. *ops* i meant.. ong siew har aka sotong epal. Blurest chick u ever get. *lol*
We were having our yam char session in Asian Havana the other time.. but juz got the urge to post it up now. lol. sori midz.

This pulak me n my sister. eeerrr.. again.. juz some kinda urge. *lol*

Erhm... that's practically me n my sis cam-whoring AGAIN. guess it's a hobby we both share. But the cut n paste thingy is done by her! The bluish curtain is my room in kl!

Other 2 lines of pics are in mlk :) i miss mlk. suppose to b there in melaka now.. n attending the LYN gathering tonite. :(

*Hehe* Some genting pics, some kancil car pics, some beddie pics n some poyo pics. oh ya.. n my the stupid pig's in too. lol.

Piggy Ong is it's name and 'she' possess a Malaysian IC too but buatan bkt beruang by my sis. Weird sis i've got uh? Piggy's just ONE of her babies at home. i lost count. Perhaps Piggy has about another 14-15 sisters? *lol*

Okay! that's it! time to bathe and go for baby Anushri's 1-yr-old burfdae! =D

Thursday, November 16, 2006

This Sux!

Computer's still crazy, work still sucks as usual and i've got like loads to study with loads of exams. Which part of em dont suck? argh

Good Nite.

Yeah, i'm a lil cranky.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Some Random Post

Some random pics to prove my boredom which am trying hard to kill. Posting from the lembap pc of my sis' in melaka. The new and non-performing pc of hers. lol! thus, lack of dumb photos to load.
My kudos cuzzies! Mr Pretty Ivan, his sis Michelle, Becky and my donk donk sis. We were in our relative house at the beach in Melaka.. nice sun set view at the back but with horrible camera photo quality.

stel ang
My sis jiak pa boh min kia cho... did this piece of 'art'. Juz a random pic.

Juz another lapuk random pic of 2 poyo flers cam-whoring in the car.

A pucat ghostly pic taken in Renaissance Hotel during Uncle James' 60th Burfdae Party. Don't know why it came out that way.. Scary tho.

My uncle bergaya posing with his 'nightlife' baju while enjoying his meal. This is my uncle which all my friends will never understand what he's trying to say except Danny.. lol.. his claimed good friend. lol. Just a random pic.

Another random lapuk pic of my sis in Genting. Posing with a semi-naked statue. The status seems to be saying, " look at me, dont u think I'm beautiful?"
And that was the hair which i commented as tempurung. lol. =X

End of posting and prepartion of going back to KL. argh. =(