Saturday, November 18, 2006


Just thought of posting up few pics before I get my ass into the bathroom and get myself scrubed! *lol*

Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland.... did by Midori aka budak jepun. Midori's the girl kepit-ed between me n siewharong. *ops* i meant.. ong siew har aka sotong epal. Blurest chick u ever get. *lol*
We were having our yam char session in Asian Havana the other time.. but juz got the urge to post it up now. lol. sori midz.

This pulak me n my sister. eeerrr.. again.. juz some kinda urge. *lol*

Erhm... that's practically me n my sis cam-whoring AGAIN. guess it's a hobby we both share. But the cut n paste thingy is done by her! The bluish curtain is my room in kl!

Other 2 lines of pics are in mlk :) i miss mlk. suppose to b there in melaka now.. n attending the LYN gathering tonite. :(

*Hehe* Some genting pics, some kancil car pics, some beddie pics n some poyo pics. oh ya.. n my the stupid pig's in too. lol.

Piggy Ong is it's name and 'she' possess a Malaysian IC too but buatan bkt beruang by my sis. Weird sis i've got uh? Piggy's just ONE of her babies at home. i lost count. Perhaps Piggy has about another 14-15 sisters? *lol*

Okay! that's it! time to bathe and go for baby Anushri's 1-yr-old burfdae! =D


-midori- said...

Being kepit-ed by two hot chicks. I feel so insecure ok? Hehehe..

Apa sorry sorry, macam u owe me money only.. *lol*

No wonder u two are sisters, tabiat sama! haha

Eh lat, I got things to tell u eh! Asal u not online?? *pouts*

** stella ** said...

ahha.. certain tabiats oni k. i dont keep tons of pigs with me. onli a few cows. haha.

lol. not i downa to come onilne.. d computer wouldnt allow me too! :(