Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cameron Highlands!

I have got no mood to blog about anything else except my getaway with my wonderful friends.

After a long time that I've been wanting to go... FINALLY!

Few of us... myself, midori, daryl, siewhar, ashwin, jamie and audrey in 2 cute lil myvi... we drove all the way up. :) it's nice to have roadtrips with the kakis sometimes :)

Anyways... here are the pictures! and 90% of 'em are courtesy of midori!

First thing we did when we arrived in cameron was to have lunch! lol! and the food was pretty good despite the breakdown in communication. lol! bunch of bananas. THANK GOD WE HAVE SIEWHAR! :D

Our balcony in the apartment was overlooking the BBQ area... and that;s wat we did on the first night. Barbeque.. :)


The Pros trying to start the fire. berjaya ok!

A chilled breakfastin camerons :)

very scenic in cameron in the Boh Plantation area :)

siew har hiking up with her high heels :D

the scone that is sedap and super duper expensive! that 2 thingy costs RM12~

Win, Lose or Draw!

2nd night! Steamboat! with the grandma recipe. lol!

Midori's super nice cookie! *hearts*

Our last morning in cameron :)

Pic of the girls! :) the jakuns of starbucks in cameron! :D