Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Post Burfdae!

I had a long weekend back in Melaka. Chilled out with Midz, Glenn, Allen, Ash, Siew Lin, Gary, Chee Wee and Jamie at Pak Putra while telan-ing our pizza naan, potato naan, tandoori chicky and some other stuff. Celebrated my burfdae at home. No fotos taken but only a video. My dad had this *kepala angin* thing and wanted to get a camcorder to be brought to Hong Kong. Oh yeah, I'm flying off to HK this wed.. *excited* We'll be picked from our home at 4AM!!! Our flight is scheduled at 8am.. guess gona reach HK in like 5-6 hours.. i duno. nv been anywhere near there! Gonna hang out in Disneyland HK.. which i believe half the day will be spend on queueing up! Bad time to go to HK. den.. some parts of HK and Shenzen... places like that. Will be updating with photos later when I land back in Malaysia! :)

By the way, I had a lil' celebration today at MidValley with my ex-colleagues from KGC.. my bebudakbudak. *happy* We had a makan in All Star. Wanted to land our bontots in Pasar Ikan Manhattan but we were informed by the waiter that there's these bunch of kids who have done reservation! kids nowadays.. have realy really high taste.. and loaded too. *back then I only know KFC and McD, not even BK!* I had my chicken tachos there in All Star.. RM22 and tak sedap! *eik* Ryan who wanted to FFK couldnt do much coz the location is opposite his beloved RAM office. *lol* Thanx Theng, Az and Shannie that came for me! :) *sayang*

These are my pressies that I've got! From left to right.. greenie baggie from Amber and Datuk Az, Hershey's dark choco from Siew Lin and Gary, Bearie bear with 2 candies from Shannie and Ryan Dennis Pestana, and my brownie brownie stone cold steve austin baggie bag from Midz, Glenn, Ash, errr..allen? I hafta clarify with Midz again. *lol* Thanx yawl for the gifts! :) Another 2 gifts I accidentally left in Melaka. From my aunt and my adik! A shirt and a penguin!

The Mafias of ex-KGC. Ryan, me, Theng theng, Dtk Az and Shannie.

Mr. Blogger got kinda stucked again. Uploaded fotos but nothing came out. So, i pending here for loading of flickr. And these are the results. IMG_5776

This happens when u have camera along with you and beautiful x'mas deco everywhere! *pweety*

The artistic piece of art from Ryan Dennis Pestana

The box that Ryan and Shannie used to kidnap the bear!
IMG_5767 Ryan stealing back his gift!

And *cheng cheng cheng* couple of the year! :)

I juz done my packing for HK and gonna be dozzing off on my thinning mattress.

Nitty nites! *zzz*


aLittleMisfit said...

so happy... no wonder dont want us... :( queen abandon rakyat!!!

go HK sooooo happy.... leave us poor MTian behind... ahahahahah..

Allen said...

wei,the stone cold steve austin bag is from me also..isshhh like tat lar! haha

Anyway, enjoy ur trip..and take lots of pics of chicks k..heheh..

Purple Rose said...

omg!!! stella ong suk lin!!! kau ni stalker babi sial!!! how could you do that??????
and oi, jangan lupa buah tangan kat disneyland tuh!

irodim- said...

and hey!

stone cold bag from daryl oso!


what la latttttttttt!

tomoro we're going to roll chicky.. u in HK eat what chicky?


Anonymous said...

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** stella ** said...

Misfit: I NEVER ABANDON MY RAKYAT. queen oni took time off to go travelling to bring in contracts and projects into our country. It's for our own good.

Allen: i not sure who's in ma! ahha.. now i know la. lol allen and daryl! lol! did i miss out anyone else ah?

ungu: i beli benda benda kecik jer ungu.. ur besau besau mia chip & dale kenot la.. 1 key chain oredi HK50. i nak pengsan. bodo mia disneyland.sounds more like moneyeatingland. jagung steam cost HK10 sialz! with no butter or salt! btw, y stalker n do wat? *whistle*

i to the r to the o to the d to the i to the m: i know yawl got free chicky roll.. i got expensive hk roll. i eat lotsa chicky. n HK balik duck chicky duck. ish. till i see donald duck oso i think of roasted duck!