Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hong Kong Dilemma

I finally got back my internet connection but my computer giving way. Guess it's on the way up to meet Jesus as well. argh. I got back from Hong Kong on the 10th of December. What a not-so-happening trip it was. The worst thing that happened was that my blardi camera actually went to up to meet Jesus first before my computer right there in China. The homeland of my camera. Stated "Made in China". THen I was using my sis's cam all the way with her new memory card. We happily took bout 1200 pictures.. juz to find that when we got back.. the pics are unable to be transfered to the pc. Which, I've yet to know the status of it til now. 10.52pm of 20th December 2006. So now, i'm sadly blogging without my PICTURES!!! OMG OMG OMG! i've got like tonnes of pictures to be uploaded here.. but now like.. freaking disappointed!!! damn.
Anyway, the whole HK thingy was a failure. A fucked and screwed up trip. We reached HK apprx 1130am on 6th december. The so called "free and easy" day wasn't that 'free' anyway. there's this optional tour that brought us to bout 3 places.. and cost us a lump sum of HK$360 = RM180. Looking at the huge amount of RM900 since there's 5 of us.. I asked d tour guide if I could take mrt around. Guess wat.. the smart bastards actually booked us a hotel practically at the end of the world. Walk out of the hotel.. and all u see is a small 7-11. Taxis? No. Buses? No. MRT? No. Fuck. So like it or not, pay the fucking RM900 n get on the 'optional' tour.
Given like 2 hours on ladies' street INCLUSIVE of lunch hour! we've practically got like 1 hour to walk the whole damn place. and it's a freaking long street. Ladies street is like only one of teh street tehre. argh. I'm so blardi pissed with the whole thing. The konon 'Lan Kwai Fong' where they brought us.. the mentioned that will bring us A-round Lan Kwai Fong. Which literally meant A-ROUND = 1 round. We went down the bus, took a walk AROUND lan kwai fong and brought us back to the bus. I was like WTF? might's well no need to bring us here. *gosh* Next day.. brought us to jade factory la, Tea factory la.. all those stupid fuckign places with overpriced goods.

Then we were on our way to Shenzhen. For a first timer in China, I have to say.. the roads there are pretty much KELAM KABUT. and drivers are very disrespectful of each other.. honking here and there with no reasons. And the cyclist there are the heroes around the road. Even the buses gotta be scared of them. *serious shit* But things are cheap there tho. But thanx to my dad who wants to get back to the hotel early.. we cannto shop. argh!!!!! I'm enough pissed, but i'm even more pissed when we actually had our own time but my dad screwed the whole thing up. Well, practically me and my sis were like freaking mad. Oh yeah.. forgot to mention about the 'free and easy' 3-hour thingy in shenzhen. same thing happend in Shenzhen as it happened in HK. this time was Renminbi240 = RM120. Juz for 3 hours of Windows of the World. Damn.

Spend 2 nites in shenzhen and moved to Disneyland on Saturday. Again.. we stopped by some tea and herb shop. finally reach disneyland at bout 11am. The place wasnt that huge anyway but the humans flooding the place. Gosh! like semut!berlambaklambak! we were included in the lambak tho. *lol*Only my family and another couple actually stayed a nite in the Hollywood hotel. Which we didn't actually knew it cost like RM1K per nite tehre. and the place is as dead as putrajaya. Imagine walking out of the hotel and all u see are trees! So much of a disneyland.

Spend another half a day in disneyland the next day.. and then we headed to the airport. And back to Malaysia. What a holiday.

Went to Genting last weekend. My dad's wish tho. He and his gambling habit. Me n my sis walk walk walk and walk and at the end.. spend money on shopping. Gosh. We practically didn't do anything in Genting but walk around and shop and got oursleves tired and be on bed. And go back the next day. ONly my dad was like in the casino from the time we reached til the time we went to bed.. he was stil in the casino. The next day when we got up.. my dad's not in the room d but in the casino. What a gambler my dad is. gosh.

Now I can't wait to go Singapore this saturdayyyyyyyyyyy. Blardi jakun man. First time in my life i'm going to singapore and my hometown is in Melaka.. which is practically 3-4 hours away only. I'm gonna celebrate Christmas there and I'm like freaking excited. Even more excited then when I was suppose to leave in HK. Guess it was the itenaries. is that how u spell? lol. *me england fail* I'll be on leave on Friday and the following tuesday! yay!

And now, i'm going to go yam char with nick, daniel and nick's fren. Tata Adios!


yuensern said...

It's itinerary. Anyway a big chunk of south Malaysia is under water. Just pray that the highway to Singapore is not flooded.

** stella ** said...

i prayed n it worked! lol!