Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The 'Bang'

I was on leave on last Friday. Thinking nothing much to do.. mights well juz go out n have a drink on thursday nite. It was after gym that i went for dinner with wee nee. Then back to her apartment coz she wanted to changed before meeting Nick and Daniel for yam char session in Bangsar. It was bout 12.15am when i drove out of Phase 5 of Pantai Hill Park. And went down the straight ONE WAY road. bout 40kph. Then, came this idiot who turned out from Phase 6 i think the place is.. without even bothering looking if there was a car coming. I wasn't able to break on time, adding to it, i was coming at 40 and it was a downslope and it was raining a lil bit, road was wet. Then... *BANG* there goes my baby saga. The fucked up lady driver driving the fucking stupid limited edition wira juz couldnt care less to stop and look! *damnit* Banged my right side headlamps and side lamps.. and dragged all the way to my door, next to me.And the idiot instead of straightening her wheels and reverse so that i can move front. She juz reversed without straightening and then bang more on my back door and side. FUCKING STUPID ISN'T SHE??? All i could do was to wind down the windows and talked to her. I TALKED, NOT SCREAMED. So not me 2 years back. I would have screened down and start screaming. She was like.. hey u were coming so fast.. bla bla.. and i was like..
"hello, miss, this is a straight 1 way road. No matter if i'm coming fast or
slow, u've gotta like look before turning out!" and she went like " hey, it's
not my fault. We go to the police station, fair k?"

in my mind, i was like.. this fler an idiot or wat? kinda obvious it was her fault. She wants the balai, the balai will be then.
We met at the balai after i waited for nick, daniel and richard to come over. Thank God they were there with me. Wee Nee and I were both like.. shite! wat the fuck juz happened.
We then met at the balai.. she started her report, den me. Then went up to see this sarjan.. Zamani was his name. She went in first n took like freaking long time, i guess to convince the sarjant that it wasn't her fault. What a dumb act of hers. After a long wait, my turn.
Sat down, he gave me 2 model cars which i laughed when i saw. Then, I started my story was of coz 1/4 of the ding dong's story. Finished my story in a few words. And chatted with the sarjant and another police fler next to me. First he asked if Daniel was my boyfriend as he stepped into the office with me, but got asked to go out. Then he said wanna check my tapak tangan, claiming he knows to see the lines on the hand. Which i juz open my palmed n shown him. He said, "Ni confirm la ada boyfriend" *wtf* Then he continued.... the convo as below,
Z : Muka cam latipah...
S : Har? Latipah? sapa? staff? *with my head looking around for
Z : Takder la! ex-gf i.
S : Oh. *duh*
Z : U duduk kat mlk, kat ner?
S : Bkt Beruang.
Z : Oh, yaker? Latipah duduk kat Bkt Katil.
S : Oh.

We then all went down to go take a look at my car. And the fucking dumb girl decided to settle and pay me. stupid freak. Shud have like paid me earlier and settle on the spot instead of wasting my time coming to the police station rite. Damn, I've yet to meet ppl so dumb. Now she has to pay for my car, her car and the summon. DING DONG!
Btw, her car was wrecked! *lol* Oh ya, my car's damage was lesser than what the bang was. *lol* It isn't that bad. But hers???? wahahahahahaha. Whole bumper dropped down, the bottom of her car went inwards. Rough est. from Nick her car was like gonna cost bout 1K or more and I believe too. It is proven that old car is better than new ones. Mine kebal like kereta besi, hers like tin milo. That made me even reluctant to sell off my baby saga.

I'll be updating on Singapore later. Was a fun trip and ADVENTUROUS one, literally!

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