Sunday, August 20, 2006

842006_FON_120 YOGYAKARTA!!!

I reached Mont Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort at bout 5 today. Was kinda dead til later.. it became a lil' better. Not till the emergence of Pop Shuvit. Or else, everybody wil be seated down on the wet grass field while watching the concert. So much of a concert. Had quite a dead crowd today. But later on.. became slightly better. Nobody was practically at the DJ Stage.. well.. I dont know later on dat nite.. coz i was at main stage only. Nothign much around.. Paintball was suppose to be named mini-paintball. erhm.. nothing much done.. juz a concert lo. :) but the Indonesian artist was gud la.. cannot deny.. they have powerful voice. serious shit. Adam was trying hard to entertain the crowd which I don't really find him entertaining. But Sarimah Ibrahim was quite a good host. She did made me laugh. :D However, i missed out on Kris Dayanti and Disagree. :( Blardi smart la.. they put these people all at the end of the show.. argh! juz to make people stay. donkk. I didn't manage to go on the hot air balloon ride.. duno wat gas n technical problem were they having la.. at the end.. i don't even know if the thing went up. isk. That's pretty much about it. Not really worth RM80 but it's all going towards a good cause. lol. i hear too much of that already for the day. Anyway.. if anyone would like to donate to the Yogyakarta Quake victims.. do type fon 5 and send the sms to 32782,i think :x . Each sms will donate RM5 to the Yogyakarta Quake donation.

That's all for the nite. Time to sleep and church tomorrow morning and freaking work after dat. 2-10pm tmr roadshow in Low Yat.. Humans please come and support me by signing up credit cards n personal loan and.. erhm housing loan and erhm.. investment.. and erhm.. unit trust.. and erhm.. car loan etc etc etc. lol.

Good Nite!!!

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