Thursday, August 31, 2006

Being un-Malaysian.

Congratulations Stella Ong Suk Lin, you are 63% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Hrmf.. i stolen that thingy from Glennie's website.. being how un-malaysian or malaysian are u. Suprisingly Glenn is 3% un-malaysian and i'm standing at 63% of un-malaysianized. wtf? lol. am i that un-malaysianized? lol. i duno. we shall find out. But I actually celebrated Merdeka yesterday nite. lol. With Allen n Glenn at Ikano. Some stuff there la.. some performance n some so called 'fireman' and a 10-minute fireworks show. and now, i'm 63% un-malaysian. pretty weird ain't it? Adding to that, i'm compared to Guy Sebastian! gosh. weird. We were in Ikano for the countdown.. and den.. i was like.. assisting the guys in chick eye washing. i know that sounded not right. lol. But, i was just assisting! i'm straight. lol. Shud have seen the wolf-faced allen n glenn yesterday. lol. sampai air liur meleleh!!! lol!!!!!

Anyway, i'm gonna drive to the gym in awhile. Meeting up piggie for salsa claz in California n den meeting up with Danny later on. And I'm still wondering where the heck is Glenn. lol. GLENNNN.. kau menghilangkan diri kerrrr??? lol. Mr. Clean Cut a.k.a Glenn. Guess I've gotta start dirty-ing Glenn from today onwards. watever sampah i can find, i'll juz throw onto him. lol! Glenn! start to be dirty, would ya? And these 2 guys will never let ass ashwini ashwin alone. Pembuli besar!

That's all folks with me n how un-malaysian am i n how comparable am i to Guy Sebastian. Gym-ing time! Chaoz.


Anonymous said...

Hey...stellaaaaa....... Wa rindu lu laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Muarkakakakakakakk

** stella ** said...

okay.. sapa ni?