Monday, August 14, 2006

Finally i'm updating on Phuket. Been kinda bz dis few dayz.. when i'm in mlk.. i dont have my pics wit me! argh! PHUKET is like damn lawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. freakingly beautifulllll.. cantik giler giler .. duno how to express d. damn lawa la. argh! haha.. i wanan go there again! but the sayang thing is i duno how to swim. kah donk. wasted.. :( or else u see la.. i telan 1 gallon air laut. lol.

On the first day when we reached phuket.. we ran for the meter taxi.. which cost us bout 408Baht.. apprx. RM40.80 for the trip to hotel.. those taxi drivers who come n bug us will usually charge us at rm60.. nasib piggie pandai n know bout the meter taxis. :D
Reach my Salathai Resort... got ppl help to carry bag to room all.. damn nice.. damn gud service n damn lawa. argh! that's my resort!
=) sawadeekap. :D .. den.. on dat day.. we went n shop along Patong beach.. lol. the people there damn minat malaysian. trust me. lol. we shopped like hell at patong there.. n damn lotz of kwai lou.. blardi lots of ang mo lang.
and that's me swallowing some mushroom soup.. their specialty la.. but kinda sedap even tho it tasted weird.. it was 30Baht. :)

Next day.. we went to Phi Phi Island!!! lagi lawa.. adohai!Believe or not.. i actually went snorkelling. lol. but holding on to piggie. and i really meant HOLDING on to her .. not even a chance of letting go her hands. lol. I can't swim! forgive me! argh! but it was really beautiful. We went on a cruise for 1 n half hour to Phi Phi Island.. trying to burn ourselves at the rooftop of the lil boat. Which we obviously berjaya burned ourselves. my skin is peeling now. lol. sendiri carik pasal.. but fun wat! lol. That's how we barbequed ourselves under the hot burning sun... lol. We had a long day out playin under the sun dat day. next day we went to dead-phuket-city. Practically has got nth there esp when it was a sunday. everything was practically close. Oh ya! i sat a brand new Isuzu 4WD as my taxi from salathai to the city. Gudness. their taxis are like.. damn blardi gud.. erhm compared to malaysia's taxi? malu sialz. :p Reach the city we met another taxi driver.. his name is Dang.. n 1 blardi nice guy la. brought us all around.. paid like 400Baht la. but ok la.. for whole dya. brought us to their 'pasar malam' which like we spend most of our money on stuff n food. u juz get excited with their food coz they look so.. WEIRD. lol. n things are cheap! damn cheap! and u think 4 for RM10 earings are cheap here? U get 1 for RM1 there! lol. den we went to Chelong for Sea Food! lol. We had lobster, crab n fish for 1500Baht. lol. yes, i'm broke after that. look at my lobsterrrrrr..and oh yes.. those are the ah kuas.
Then the next day.. we packed.. n headed to Phuket International Airport. :( so sad.. coz i didnt wanted to end my holdiys so fast.. thinking bout work the following monday is enuf to kill my thoughts. argh! :( n oh ya.. i sat an Altis Taxi to the airport. lol. damn clean n lawa k.


and.. End of journey. :(


Anonymous said...

We really did a major bbq on the cruise man..I have a bad burn on my chest sial...thanks to u man for not blocking the sun away from me...hahaha..anyway, Phuket was nice...nicer than the city Bangkok!!Kap-Kun-Ta!!...hahaha....

Wacky_weilee :)

** stella ** said...

it is Kap kun kaa!!!! lol.. since when was it Ta? since when u visit my blog? lol. eh my back still black sialz! black! lol. macam kena bakar arang siot. lol. u were overly exposed to the sun. dont blame me. blame ur bikini a.k.a blame urself. :p

Anonymous said...

Nola...just remembered that u say wanna blog bout it...then i was searching wat was the URL for your last I leh...Why dun u call "DANG" and ask him KAP-KUN-TA or KAP KUN KAP?hahhaa....i forgot ta or kap la..sounds the same ma....kekekke


** stella ** said...

it sounds the same but it's diff! lol. Dang forgot to give us his business card la wei. lol. i oni got the phuket airport driver's card.. the trip from airport to salathai. lol. infront of me on my desk lagi.. Mr. Kana Meesuwan(Kung) lol!!!!!!!!! macam telefone melaka! 06-2766730! lol

aLittleMisfit said...

eh! where's all the pretty nude sunbathers picture u promise to LYN Malaccan?

ps: er... but we dont want ur pic la.

** stella ** said...

bodo mia misfit.
i aint giving any pictures or my pictures. i oredi gave 3 in lyn.. so dats it. no nudes.

Anonymous said...

hello we got yr little trip souvenirs for us from uncle n.
thanx a lot ya..(sob sob)
thanx for the good times.
keep in touch!
peace! :D LKC