Friday, June 23, 2006

Images of the Dark Side

As I promised..

so u see..

dat's the screwed up bitch and that's our Mr. SY Wong, the MD for KMDC. He's the angelic guy who's old and yet he sees things in a wide perspective. A very wise gentleman that is rich with knowledge.

On the other hand, is the bitch who earns like hell and not contributing a single shite. I wonder why is KMDC still hiring her. Useless piece of shit. See her figure in the picture , isn't it a lil' unstable? Explains why i said she is demonized? lol.

I know, i know! my drawing is horrible! wahahha.. but u've got the idea rite? it ain't that bad afterall :p

This pix is taken during the MOU signing ceremony with David BALDerson, obviously the only white guy there with the other high-ranked people except the female beside him. Konon-high-ranked.
That's Chean Hu(Fin. Mgr), Valentino (Biz Dev Mgr-resigned), Mien (ED), Dato Teoh (Paramount Director), David, Bitch, Dr. Wong(MD), Sherliza(Corp Sales Mgr-resigned) and Mr. Lim (HR Dir)
and me? outside the room. *rolls eyes*


anthraxxxx said...

muka innocent tapi perangai cam setan.

anthraxxxx said...

on 2nd thought, she does look like a piece of shit.